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I hope and pray that you’re having a day full of love and blessings :) Today, I wanted to share another MHM FAQ,  specifically on using Ayurvedic powders/treatments with the Max Hydration regimen.


image source : Mellisa Vegenista

I often get asked if Ayurvedic herbs can be used either in addition to the Max Hydration Regimen or as a substitute for the clay step because of their cleansing and conditioning properties.


Could I use amla powder, Brahmi powder or shikakai powder instead of the clay rinse?

One of the principles of the Max Hydration Method is to limit the amount of protein treatments done on the hair especially for Low Porosity hair which tends to be protein sensitive. Ayurvedic herbs do contain protein to help strengthen, condition and nourish the hair.  Because the Max Hydration Regimen involves a regular cleansing cycle, every 1 to 3 days, using these powders that often could lead to protein overload. Therefore, I would suggest if you’re interested in using ayurvedic herbs with the regimen to use them as part of a protein treatment every 2 to 6 weeks. This also applies for henna and indigo, you can find a post I did concerning this below:

MHM FAQ Dyeing Natural Hair & MHM

That being said, high porosity hair could benefit from adding Ayruvedic herbs as a regular part of their regimen. As far as substituting the powders for the clay, clay is an important step in the regimen because of its ability to pull toxins out of the hair, which makes it a good clarifier. So, unfortunately the powders would not make a good substitute for the clay.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will see you next week :)

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Hi luvs,

It seems like this week is all about the clay step :) I have two more tips I wanted to share, today’s tip is the differences between Calcium Bentonite Clay vs Sodium Bentonite Clay.

This one is from beamairye


I switched from Calcium bentonite to Sodium Bentonite and I’m loving it.

She had posted this on her instagram page beamairye and it was reposted on the official maxhydrationmethod instagram page.  I was very intrigued by her gorgeous hair and of course was curious as to why she  preferred the Sodium Bentonite Clay. Luckily someone asked her why the switch and she was kind enough to explain :)

There are many different types of bentonite clay, named based on the element that is combined with the montmorillonite (the healing component in all bentonite clays). The 2 most common are sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. Sodium bentonite has stronger detoxification properties because of its charge. The difference I noticed is that sodium bentonite has a milder smell, my hair felt softer during application and I got curls further up the stand more quickly. I used calcium bentonite for the first 2 months 3-5x a week and had defined curls 1/2 way up my strands. After one use of sodium bentonite 1/3 of head had defined my curls from root to tip.

In case you’re interested the brand she uses is Cosmetics Derigueur Bentonite Healing Clay, she said she ordered it from amazon (currently out of stock). But you can check their website for promotions when they restock cosmeticsderigueur 

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Hi luvs,

Today, I wanted to share one of my biggest Curly girl inspirations, Aketafitgirl. For those who have followed the Max Hydration Method thread from the beginning on Black Hair Media Forum, the very first forum post that Pinke ever posted was titled “Wash and Go’s dont work on nappy hair” and from that post you will see that Aketafitgirl‘s curly girl method journey was a big inspiration to the Max Hydration Method.

When I first stumbled upon Aketafitgirls, channel I was just mesmerized by her gorgeous hair, her love for the Lord and her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. She is a phenomenal woman.  I kept wondering why I hadn’t discovered her sooner :)



If you haven’t checked out her channel please go and follow her journey, she is truly inspirational.

I get questions all the time from naturals starting the Max Hydration Method, who say they see curl definition when their hair is wet but once it dries it gets frizzy again. Or after a while it frizzes up, I just wanted to let you know that it just means your hair is still dry, and that is completely normal in the beginning of your hydration journey. Please, don’t be discouraged on how long it takes you to reach max hydration but rather focus on the progress you see in your hair everyday.


aketafitgirl before and after the Curly girl Method 

The video below shows Aketafitgirl’s curly girl method week 1 on Dec 18th 2011

These were her thoughts back then:

  • She said that her hair dried and set into a curl pattern and then after an hour or two it started to get frizzy.
  • Some sections of her hair when wet had curl pattern but after it dried it got frizzy.
  • She didn’t think it was something that was going to happen in a week but perhaps in a couple of months. Building moisture levels, especially on chronically dry afro textured hair is something that takes time and patience.
  • It takes work and it’s not for the faint of heart. She was referring to managing the hair on a daily basis and building moisture levels.

And here is her hair and regimen on Dec 26 2013

She is a great example of what consistency, hard work and patience can do.

She is truly You Tube’s best kept secret, she has so many great tips on her channel and every once in a while I love to go back to her channel to be inspired and to hear her words of wisdom.

Aketafitgirl curly girl method, max hydration journey inspiration.


If you’ve just started the Max Hydration Journey or have been on it for a while, please don’t get discouraged. Take this time to learn, love and enjoy your hair :) With consistency, patience and hard work, you will reach your goals :)

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Hi luvs,

I hope you’re having a great day :) Today, I’ll be answer another MHM FAQ that I get quite often regarding how long it takes to reach Max Hydration and what to do after, this time specifically in regards to using products on the MHM recommended list.

second_day_hair_maxhydration_method_msdeekay.jpg Here’s the question below:

I’m just discovering this regimen and I’m so interested though I’m not too sure about buying the products just yet. What I’d like to know is after you’ve reached maximum hydration, (which I assume is within 7 days of doing the regimen) do you have to continue using those specific products for a simple wash and go, or any style. Like for example, I use the kinky curly knot today for the MHM, can I go back to my regular conditioner right after when I’m OK with my results and the same for the gels?

There has been a lot of confusion concerning the initial 7 day MHM challenge. The initial 7 day challenge was created for those just starting out the regimen in order to help them boost their hydration levels. Because most people just starting out the regimen, especially those with low porosity hair, start off with severely dehydrated hair. The initial 7 day challenge will help boost the hydration levels quicker. Although it is beneficial, it is not necessary to start with this challenge, which involves doing your hair everyday for the first week of starting the regimen. Max Hydration will not be reached within 7 days of doing the regimen. Depending on your hair’s condition, hydration levels and how often you hydrate your hair, reaching Max Hydration will take at least a month and even longer for most people. I have a whole post detailing how long it takes to reach max hydration, the signs and factors necessary to reach max hydration if you haven’t read the post, you can read it here:

MHM FAQ | What are the signs of Max Hydration?

The MHM recommended product list is one of the factors that contribute to help build moisture and hydration levels. This is because the products on the list are specifically chosen based on the fact:

  • That they do not contain ingredients that can either cause build up on the hair and prevent the hair from easily absorbing moisture.


  • Products that contain ingredients that are drying and can steal moisture from the hair.

Depending on your hair’s porosity, sensitivity to ingredients and hydration levels, if you simply went back to using products not on the MHM recommended product list, eventually over time, your hair may start to dry out and frizz again.

I compare it to being on a clean diet or healthy lifestyle journey and then after reaching your fitness and health goal, start going back to an old diet. Your body will slowly and eventually go back to the condition it was before you started the healthy lifestyle journey.

That being said I’ve seen other naturals do the MHM regimen with products not on the recommended list, with great results. Because of this, my advice would be to make your own informed decision, based on how your hair reacts to different ingredients in products, your porosity and hydration levels. Once you learn what your own hair thrives on and doesn’t thrive on you can make the necessary adjustments to the regimen.

I hope this helps and I wish you a wonderful hydration journey :)

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Hi luvs,

Last week I posted some tips on the clay step for the Max Hydration Regimen, if you missed that post you can check it out here or the video here. One of the tips I mentioned is to try other clay recipes and types of clay other than Bentonite Clay.

I know a lot of people love terresentials mud wash but would like a cheaper alternative. If you’re one of them, you’d probably love Naptrual85′s DIY version since it’s comparable.


AN who is doing MHM shared her experience with it she says:

I decided to try naptural85′s mudwash recipe as it uses Rhassoul clay and it’s comparable to Terresentials. Dee, it’s awesome! The rosehip oil gives so much detangling slip and my hair still curls as well. 

DIY Homemade Clay Hair Cleanser Shampoo Recipe | Mud Wash Comparable to Terressentials

4oz Aloe Vera Juice

1/2 oz Rhassoul clay

1 Table Spoon of rosehip oil

3ml Nettle Leaf Extract

1 ml of Linden Flower Extract

A few drops of Ylang Ylang Oil

The recipe above does contain Aloe Vera Juice, you can substitute it with water if you know your hair is sensitive to it.

If you’re looking to save on Rhassoul clay, you can also checkout the sites mentioned below :)

sysmjp3 says:

Monterey Bay Spice Company (herbco.com) also sells decently priced Rhassoul clay (red clay) with a bulk discount at 5 lbs.  

JCs grl says:

Camden-Grey beats that bulkapothecary.com I think. I ordered 5lb for $32. I use a Rhassoul clay/Bentonite Clay combo with a 70/30 mixture, respectively. I find it gives me that softness, but maintains some definition. Also, Bentonite Clay helps thicken the Rhassoul clay mix so it’s not so watery.

Do you have a clay recipe your hair loves? please share in the comments below :)

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful week ahead :)




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