Hi luvs,

I’m so excited to announce that the very first Max Hydration Party/ Workshop will be taking place on August 31st in Chicago. The event will be hosted by Lola Of editorinkinks who is also a member of the the Max Hydration Thread on BHMF.

The event will take place on August 31st between 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The admission is free for those who sign up through eventbrite, otherwise there will be a fee of  $10 at the door.

The event will be held at:

Martha’s Beauty Supply & Hair Braiding Salon

447 W Boughton Rd

Bolingbrook, IL


The theme of the workshop is “It’s more than a Wash-n- Go…It’s all about moisture.” If you’re in the area, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the regimen, get your questions answered, be inspired and mingle with other naturalistas.

There will be a demonstration of:

- The Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment (Pre-step of the regimen)

- The Max Hydration 5 step regimen.

The Maximum Hydration Product recommendation list will also be provided.

Tell your curlfriends and anyone interested in learning more about Max Hydration to attend. If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact Lola at editorinkinks at gmail dot com

editors in kinks mhm party

If you haven’t already join the Max Hydration thread on Black Hair Forum for support from others who are doing the regimen and for other great news such as this one from the community members. It’s such a positive/supportive community that extends to other social media platforms as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by ♥,

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max-hydration-color-treated hair-dyed-natural-hair


Hi luvs,

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend, today I’m going to answer another FAQ I get concerning the Max Hydration Regimen, today’s topic has to do with hair dye.

So let’s get to the questions:

1. Is it ok to dye your hair when doing the Max Hydration Regimen?

2. If yes, at what point in the regimen should one dye their hair?

3. Will the regimen affect my hair color? This is for the ladies who already have color treated hair.

Ok so before I answer these questions, let’s take a look at the effects Hair Dye has on hair.  Chemical hair dyes do alter the cuticle layer of the hair by breaking down the protein in the hair and making it porous.

As a result, chemically color treated hair has a hard time retaining moisture. In order to counteract this effect, synthetic protein treatments which include ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins and PVP are done on the hair in order to fill in the “gaps” and repair the damage.

For those of you who are doing the regimen or plan to do the regimen with hair that has been treated with chemical hair dye, the clay in step 3 of the regimen will detoxify the synthetic protein that has been deposited on the hair.  

This detoxification process will strip your hair and make it feel dry, straw like, stiff, brittle, sticky or oily. For this reason you may not like the feeling of your hair after rinsing the clay. This process usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

This process will also happen to hair that hasn’t been chemically treated but has build up due to consistent use of products with synthetic protein ingredients.

If you’re simply trying to dye your hair to get rid of grays, then you may want to consider Blackstrap Molasses. Blackstrap Molasses is known to be a natural remedy for reversing grays. Because graying of the hair is due to a decrease in melanin as a result of copper deficiency, taking molasses as a supplement helps reverse the graying due to its rich copper content.

blackstrap unsulphured molasses

It’s recommended to take 1 tablespoon of molasses daily first thing in the morning. It takes about 3 to 6 months to start seeing the results.

Taking molasses as a supplement is also beneficial to overall health, because it’s a significant source of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and selenium. Ever since I found out about the many health benefits of molasses, I have personally been taking it as a supplement, especially to help boost my iron levels.

If you’d still like to dye your hair while doing the Max Hydration Regimen whether you want to touch up some grays or would just like a change, it’s recommended, to use Natural/Herbal coloring alternatives.These do not chemically alter the cuticle layer of the hair or require use of synthetic proteins to counteract damage of the cuticle layer.

Some natural hair dye options include Henna, Honey, Chamomile Tea, Calendula Tea, Rhubarb Root, Coffee, Lemon, Nettle leaf, Rosemary, Sage, Hibiscus flower, Black walnut powder and Indigo.

You can find a collection of natural herbal dye recipes in the links below:

Some things to be cautious of especially when using Henna is to make sure you’re purchasing 100% chemical free pure Henna vs Compound Henna. This is because Compound Henna may contain other chemicals which may affect your hair.

Another thing to note when using Henna with the Maximum Hydration Regimen, is to limit its use to once a month and when you do, use it in place of the Cherry Lola because both are protein treatments.

When coloring your hair as part of the Maximum Hydration Regimen, you may opt to dye your hair either before starting the steps of the regimen or after the clay step. The clay will lift your cuticles which may result in better penetration of the hair dye.

Because the Maximum Hydration Regimen does involve regular washes, it may cause your color to fade at a faster pace.


If you want to see a visual demonstration, Kimmaytube has two great tutorials showing how she dyes her hair using both Henna and Indigo, you can watch them below:



Have you tried any herbal natural hair dyes or blackstrap molasses as a natural remedy for gray hair reversal, share your experience in the comment section below.
Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,
Much Love & Blessings,

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Hi luvs,

I’m very excited to share a new segment on the blog where every week I’ll be featuring naturals who are currently doing the Max Hydration Method Regimen. I hope this segment will inspire you on your own journey to healthy hydrated hair.

To kick off this segment I decided to start off by featuring Pinkecube the creator of the Maximum Hydration Method. If you’d like to learn more about her own personal journey and what inspired her to create the Maximum Hydration Method, then read on…


How long have you been natural?

I began my natural hair journey as of June 2006, so 7 years.

Why did you decide to go natural and what is your experience being natural.

Well, my mom decided I would no longer perm my hair after a mishap with the perm being over processed. I fell in love with my natural hair, but for a couple of years didn’t really know how to style it other than getting braided extensions or getting my own hair corn rolled.

The TWA stage was the hardest, me being at school, I would get teased and I really resented not being able to put my hair in a ponytail. So as soon as my hair was long enough I got braids all the time, thinking that the braids and cornrolls would help make my hair longer and that as soon as I was older, I would be able to get my next perm and put my hair in a long ponytail.



I remember one day I had taken my cornrolls out for the week, and when I saw the “cornroll out” thought it looked nice and wore it around the house. I always missed my loose hair, wishing I would wear it like that to school. But I thought people would think it was weird and think I didn’t do my hair. It was always like that, my hair became like this secret that I was beginning to privately appreciate and love. There was this one time after I washed my hair. I looked in the mirror and that was the first time I really sat down and thought, “oh, my hair is really curly! These are some really tiny curls! Wow!” I wore it around the house all day, a bit disappointed the curls went away after my hair started to dry and kept rewetting my hair, lol. That was the first thing that got me fascinated enough about my hair, and made me start getting curious and doing research.

I was very fond of youtube and found people with long or well styled natural hair, like longhairdontcare2011, Beautifulbrownbabydoll, SimplYounique, Hair Crush, mahoganycurls, FusionofCultures, Rustic Beauty.

These people made me realize I didn’t have to perm my hair to be able to wear it out and style it. I became aware of the term “natural hair” as well, and started learning how to care for my hair and I absolutely loved it. Relaxing was in the past, I was going to focus on getting my natural hair healthy, long and learn how to manage it.


What’s your hair type, porosity, texture, length?

I have low porosity, low density, fine stranded, 4c hair. The hair at my nape is 4a, and I have some few 4b strands near the front where my bangs are. But for the most part, my hair is 4c.

Some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM .

As I did my youtube search and experimented and got comfortable with my hair, issues were starting to arise.

I loved my hair, but was always unsatisfied with my hair’s growth rate and results in time consuming hair styles. I also felt like my hair wouldn’t grow if I didn’t protective style all the time, and that really took a lot of the enjoyment out of my hair journey. With the way my hair grew, longer in the back, and shorter on the rest of my head, I didn’t enjoy wearing my hair out because it always looked like a mullet. I hated the fact only the looser section of my hair grew faster. I would also constantly find information that said if I didn’t protective style my hair wouldn’t grow, which I found frustrating. Especially because of my fine strands, many of the time braids would cause the hair in the front to break.


When I tried wearing styles I went into my product junkie phase, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong because all my styles came out pretty badly. I hated spending 5-6 hours twisting or styling my hair only for the style to look like I just rolled out of bed. My best hair days were the only pictures I took of my hair, and even those days left me unsatisfied. I began to feel a rift at this point, because I became more aware that the advice being given wasn’t for my 4c hair, and it never would work. Even the few 4c naturals on youtube, either they wore their hair in protective styles all the time, or they had super massive, dense amounts of hair meant they could pull off styles I couldn’t.


I looked up videos and became intrigued about wash n go’s. They just seemed easier and less time consuming, although days I really tried to get definition turned out to be just as time consuming. I got less tangles and knots from them, despite how people usually said the opposite. Maybe because the results were so bad that I had to redo my hair everyday, that could have prevented me from getting knots. Most of all, I liked my shrinkage because it made my hair seem fuller, even though I still kind of had a mullet shape, because of the different levels of shrinkage.  It was when I first experimented with ecostyler gel in wash n go’s that my journey took a turn for the worst.

What Inspired you to create the Maximum Hydration Regimen?

Well, my fiddling with wash n go’s lead me to buying ecostyler gel, due to the many praises and recommendations this got from youtubers. It ended with a bald spot. There was one big about the size of a nickle, and then some general thinning that was starting to spread. I switched to wetline and had the same results. I just hated my hair then, it was very frustrating.  6 years natural down the drain for some gel that didn’t even give good results. Why did it have that effect on my hair but not others? I later realized it was the ingredients in the gel, that wasn’t suitable for my fine, dry hair strands.


The great changing effect of my journey was not until September 2013– it was almost a year of just dealing with having a bald spot. I tried all the oils, vitamins, massaging, and protective styling I could do. Nope. This is when I discovered the importance of moisture. I decided to wear a shower cap for 3 months straight to grow back  the bald spot.

November came by and the bald spot grew in 1.5 inches. But not only that. This 4c hair, grew out of my scalp curling from root to tip! I later discovered that what I had done was actually called “the green house effect”, and what my hair had done, was reach “max hydration”. That started my research on moisture, I found out about cherry lola treatments, and made a modified version that I was amazed at, because my hair was starting to get almost root to tip definition when I applied some oil to it. The cherry lola stuff is where I learned more about porosity, and heard the term max hydration.

Eventually I ran across Danabnatural and Aketafitgirl’s videos on Youtube and it fascinated me the changes they had in their hair and the transformations their hair made. I finally saw proof in others that frizzy hair can transform with moisture!

They motivated and inspired me to do even more research and found out explanations why my hair reacted so well to these treatments I had done before, how my hair worked and why other things didn’t. I wanted to shout it to the world. The first thing I remembered was this video of a youtuber announcing that “wash n go’s do not work on Nappy hair”, so I addressed it in the comment section of her video and then posted it on black hair media forum under the alias, “Pinke Cube”  as an open letter to the Natural community.

I went on to officially create this regimen and called it “the Max Hydration Method”. The focus is both type 4 kinky types and low porosity hair types, that need a little extra to be able to reach max hydration, and I have also been able to explain why low porosity hair behaves the way it does and how to control it.

My goal is to change the 4c/4b hair community, give people that level of complete control in their hair journeys. I want to take what I have learned and share it with everyone else so they can have easier journeys and not have to do any more guessing games about their hair. I want to eliminate “good hair” and “my Nappy hair can’t do that”. Most of all, rearrange our thinking that we do not have a curl pattern. Our hair is the MOST curly, and this method will reveal that on many beautiful heads of tightly coiled hair.



How long have you been doing MHM ?

I’ve been doing MHM since maybe mid March, but started putting the steps together late February.. I didn’t have all my products so I couldn’t start immediately. But I knew the regimen would work from my experience with my modified cherry lola treatment and 3 month GHE. I found as I did research I was finally finding connections that explained why my hair did behave the way it did before and why it responded so well to the GHE, that I already completely believed in it before even starting. Now, it has been almost 6 months. I have completed the full regimen about 32 times. This does not include days I would do step 1 and DC over a period of days.

What are Your experience with MHM so far.


Well, I just reached Max Hydration on July 23. It was my 30th completion of the regimen. It has been great, my hair has never been healthier. When I first started I had to trial and error which helped me to solidify my technique and the options I wanted to do. By end of my first month, it was smooth sailing and just continued to get better and better.  Now that I have max hydration, I style my hair faster, I don’t have to spend as much time doing the steps every time, and my hair is much easier to manage, detangle, style. It is practically effortless compared to before. I feel like my options have opened up and I can finally do all the things I wanted to do with my hair with no consequence. I can wear my hair out all the time, I can expect consistently perfect results in what ever style I do, my styles last longer and look better longer, my hair is retaining length without me even having to think about it, and I can finally share a beautiful aspect of my hair with everyone that I couldn’t get across before. My curls. It’s amazing how tightly coiled they are and I have always loved that, finally I can actually show that to others! I felt like all I had to look forward to before was the length I was going to retain “some day”. Now I enjoy my hair every moment of the day. Really. I touch my hair a lot.

Your views/experiences and maybe other people’s view of your hair before and after MHM

People didn’t understand why I insisted on being natural. I don’t think anyone appreciated my hair as much as I did. The effort I put into it never really shone through, so the beauty of it was hard to get across, unless I had one of the rare few days I straightened my hair and showed how long it was.

Now, I can wear my hair just the way it is and people see that beauty, and it speaks for itself. I get genuine compliments and stares of intrigue when I leave the house. Family members and friends are always giving me compliments and are curious. I just feel like I don’t have to force it anymore, it speaks for itself so I don’t have to “argue” or explain the beauty of my natural hair. I think we are heading into a place where “good hair” will be completely gone because of this.


There will be no more “but my hair can’t do that”, “my hair is too nappy for that”, or “Wash n go’s don’t work on Nappy hair”. It will change to “We all can achieve that look if our hair is moisturized.” That to me takes away this elitism about natural hair. A 4c girl who wears her hair in a fro, isn’t doing it because it is the only style that can be achieved on her hair besides a protective style, she is choosing to do that style among many others she can also achieve. So she is wearing a fro the same way someone with 3c hair can decide they want that look for the day. She can wear her hair out all the time, and it isn’t an issue with retaining length. She doesn’t have to manually twirl sections of hair to get definition, it is already apparent on her product free hair. So I think the perceptions are going to change in general about 4c hair, and level the playing field.


My view of my hair has really changed in the sense now I feel like my hair doesn’t have to be this hidden treasure. I don’t have to protective style all the time and then “prove” my hair is worth it by straightening it to show my length. I’m not length obsessed anymore, my hair is growing. People can all see the curls I saw in the mirror that day, and then some. I’m never going back to what I was doing before. I feel like sticking it out all this time was worth it, because I have finally achieved what I was waiting for–  a complete understanding and level of control of my hair journey. I wish this is what I had done at the beginning of my journey. 7 years? With this regimen, my hair would probably be beyond waist length, lol. Where as I was barely grazing brastrap at my 5 year mark. I definitely have reached a new understanding about my hair, and no one could ever tell me otherwise with the changes my hair has taken.

Any advice to anyone who is considering trying it for the first time or to other naturals in general.

Do the Max Hydration Method. Period. Research it, go to the website, go to the forum, go to Msdeekay’s site, look it up on youtube. Everything you need to know is there, stop fiddling over it and give it a try. If you think your hair is “too 4c” for this, get over it and actually try it. We’ve got people who described their hair as 5a doing this regimen and getting root to tip definition. The results will speak for itself, and you can tell us in a testimony. Have fun on the journey.

Official MHM site maxhydrationmethod.com

I hope you enjoyed reading Pinkecube’s Max Hydration Feature as much as I did putting it together. Leave your comments below and let me know what you think and please share her story if you can relate.
Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,
Much Love & Blessings,

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Hi luvs,

Today I thought I’d share some tips on a question I get quite often concerning the Maximum Hydration Wash and Go. The question is concerning how long it takes for the Wash and Go to dry and what to do in order to speed up the process. This is a very common concern especially with the colder season fast approaching. It’s quite understandable to want to have your hair dry before leaving the house or at least 90% dry and to avoid the possibility of getting sick.

First I will give some of my own experiences concerning drying time and then I will go ahead and give general tips from others that are helpful.



In the pictures above my hair is about 90% dry and just a little damp in the roots.  It takes my hair about 5 hours to get to 100% dry.

This seems to be the average drying time for most people. Actually, my hair wet with no product dries pretty fast in a matter of minutes. My hair with product in it, takes longer.

As you reach Maximum Hydration and your hair has built enough moisture, you’ll also have the ability to use less product. Using less product will result in your hair drying much faster.

A couple of things I do to speed up the process include:

1. Shaking my head right after I’m done with the leave -in and gel step in order to remove the excess water.

2. Spend time outdoors and let my hair air dry. My hair dries way faster outdoors, as compared to days where I spend most of my day indoors.

Some people have asked if it’s ok to diffuse or use a dryer to speed up the drying time. This is fine as long as you use the cool setting. Heat does dry out the hair and can result in setbacks in terms of building your moisture levels.

Protective Princess on YouTube who is also doing the Maximum Hydration regimen has just posted a video with some tips on what she does in order to speed up drying time. Some of the tips she suggests includes, wringing out excess water from root to tip, right after setting your hair with the gel. The video has so many tips and includes tips on preserving the style as well.

Rachelcpr also has two videos where she talks about some things she does to help her speed up her drying time. In the first video she talks about what she does during the Winter time. One thing she said she does is doing her hair during the night time and pin it up, so that in the morning her hair is semi-dry and not completely wet.

In the second video she demonstrates how she does her wash &  go and towards the end she demonstrates how she plops her hair with a t-shirt to remove excess water.

Do you have any tips to share on how you speed up your Wash & Go drying time? Or what you do differently for your Winter Was & Go routine? Please share them in the comments below.

Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,
Much Love & Blessings,

The Maximum Hydration Method

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Hi luvs,

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and are excited for the new week and month ahead. Today I just wanted to share a roundup of links to other bloggers and vloggers who have covered/reviewed the Maximum Hydration Method.

I thought it would be great to introduce you to some other naturals who have given the regimen a try and have documented their results or will in the near future.

First up I would like to announce that The Maximum Hydration Method has an official website, facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. Definitely follow along to find pictures/inspiration from other naturals doing the regimen and for more information on the regimen.

Official MHM site maxhydrationmethod.com

Now for the round up:

Blogger Alma Ruddock of Black Hair Information wrote an in depth review on the regimen, stating that MHM enables Ultra Defined Wash and Go’s for all hair types.

Alma Ruddock blackhairinformation-maxhydration

Blogger/Vlogger Lisa Irby of Napturally Curly has done a blog post and a video talking about her own experiences with the regimen so far. She declared MHM, The Best moisture routine for your kinks!

Blogger K Nicolle of Our Brown Beauty has also tried the regimen and asks the question “MHM: Hype or Helpful?” Want to know the answer? head over to her blog :)

There are also some international blogs covering MHM.

Steph has done a series of posts covering  MHM in spanish for those who speak the language. If you speak spanish or know someone who does, definitely check out her blog entrerizosyotrascosas


Bloggers Afrikan Butterfly and Meemee from Nigeria, have also covered MHM on their blog, the Kink and I. Memee will be doing MHM and documenting her results.

Blogger Kayla of What the Kink has also documented her 1 week experience with MHM on her blog…I will also be featuring her here on the blog pretty soon.

kayla what the kink_maxhydration-blog

Speaking of features, if you’re currently on the MHM journey and would like to get featured on my blog, kindly answer the questions below and send your before and after pictures to msdeekay2012 at gmail dot com. If you like, you may also blur out your face for privacy.

MHM Blog Feature Questions:

1. How long have you been natural?

2. Why did you decided to go natural and your experience being natural.

3. Tell us a little bit about your hair, like your hair type, porosity, texture, length.

4. Some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM .

5. How did you find out about MHM  and why did you decide to give it a try?

6. How long have you been doing MHM ?

7.  Your experience with MHM  so far.

8. Your views/experiences and maybe other people’s view of your hair before and after MHM .

9. Any advice to anyone who is considering trying it for the first time or to other naturals in general.

And anything else that you would like to add …( including social media links, blog, youtube etc)

Also, feel free to post your written testimonies on either my facebook wall Ms Dee Kay or MHM facebook page.

I would also love to hear from bloggers and vloggers who are planning to document MHM on their own platforms

If you’re documenting your results on instagram you can use the tag, #maxhydrationmethod. Or just tag me @msdeekay2012 or tag @maxhydrationmethod we are always featuring and spreading love to naturals trying MHM on our pages. The MHM family is pretty supportive and will often come to your page to offer support and share tips!

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed the roundup and I’ll be back pretty soon with a new post. I have lot’s in store :)

Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,
Much Love & Blessings,







The Maximum Hydration Method

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