Hi loves,

Thank God it’s Friday but not only that I’d like to Praise God coz it’s my Birthday :)

The day started out a bit rainy with gloomy gray skies, so I thought to put together an outfit that would match the mood of the day.

This boat neck sweater was just the perfect piece! I paired it with a gray high waisted pencil skirt with a slightly thick fabric. Overall this outfit was great at keeping me warm throughout the day’s temperamental weather.







Outfit Details:

Boat Neck Wrap Front White Sweater | Romwe

Carrie Skirt | Gina Tricot

Gray Suede Pump Heels | H&M

“There Shall be Showers of Blessing”
There Shall Be Showers of Blessing by Daniel W. Whittle, 1883

First Verse
There shall be showers of blessing:
This is the promise of love;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
Sent from the Savior above.

Last Verse
There shall be showers of blessing,
If we but trust and obey;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
If we let God have His way.


Have a blessed weekend,






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Hi luvs,

Yesterday officially marked 1 year since I’ve been doing the Max Hydration Regimen. I’m so happy and humbled that a year ago I decided to embark on this journey. It has been an amazing one to say the least. I have learnt so much, not only about my hair but myself. I have also crossed paths with so many of you and you guys are beyond amazing. Your support, love and inspiration throughout this journey has enriched my life.

For me the Max Hydration Method Regimen is not only a regimen that allows those of us with Kinky 4c, “nappy”, low porosity hair to be able to wear our hair in a Wash & Go, but it has given us a new possibility and a new option. It has proven that our hair is versatile and really, there is still so much learning and research that needs to be done when it comes to caring and managing our type of hair.

Simply accepting the limitations and boxes that have been given to us by society and our community at large, on what can be done to “our” hair, is doing ourselves injustice.

The world is filled with infinite possibilities and we can only discover new ways of living and seeing things if we accept change and are open to “thinking outside the box” and trying new things.

The natural hair community/movement is still very young and there is so much that can be done to help us progress and advance the techniques for taking care and managing our hair, so let’s not accept the status quo.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

 -Albert Einstein

Special thanks to Pinkecube for sharing the Max Hydration Method, I wouldnt of embarked on this amazing journey if it wasn’t for your contribution, dedication and passion to 4b/4c hair.

I created a video documenting my journey before and after I began doing the Max Hydration Method Regimen, I hope you enjoy :)

Thank you so much for everything,

Love & Blessings Always,






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Hi luvs, Happy Easter :) I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter Holiday with your loved ones :)

Since the weather has been getting better, I’ve been really excited about spring! Especially considering I can finally put some of my winter clothes to rest and bring out some of my lighter pieces.

So today I decided to put together a fun outfit for Easter, something that you can wear to church, brunch, a family gathering, easter party or even a dinner date.


The highlight of this outfit is definitely the polka dot pattern, asymmetrical ruffles and mermaid shape of the skirt. So I decided to keep it simple with a black off shoulder top and to add a pop of color with some red heels.

Easter OOTD she inside skirt


Outfit Details:

Black Polka Dot Ruffle Asymmetrical Skirt | Sheinside

H&M Off the Shoulder Top Similar

ASOS Newlook Red Ankle Strap Heels Similar

I also created a little OOTD video featuring this outfit, you can watch it below:

I wish you blessed Easter Day,



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Hi luvs,

I often get asked how I refresh my 2nd and 3rd day wash and gos. And recently someone asked me if I could do a video showing how I refresh/style my old wash and gos.

Honestly, I don’t really do much, I just re-wet my hair in the shower and apply some gel and that’s it. Rewetting my hair reactivates the gel and I just add some more gel for better hold.

If you dont want to wet your hair, you can just fluff your hair and style or spritz your hair with a little water from a spray bottle and style.

When it comes to styling my hair I rarely style it I just wear it down like in the picture below.


However, I love wearing my hair in updos, and I wore my hair that way a lot last year, but they are not the best style for my fine already low density hair and edges. Therefore I keep them to a minimum, at least until I reach a length where they won’t be putting a lot of strain on my hairline.

But here are some different ways I wore my hair up recently:



If you want to see a demo on how I refresh and style an old wash and go you can checkout the video below:



I hope this helps,




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Hi luvs,

Happy Sunday!!! Today I’d like to share with you my experience with Sodium Bentonite Clay from the company Cosmetics Derigueur. From the very beginning of my MHM Journey I’ve been using Calcium Bentonite Clay from the Aztec Brand. Sometime last year while browsing through instagram I saw a post by beamairye on Sodium Bentonite Clay, I was very intrigued and did a post about it here on the blog.

So when she reached out to me recently to do a review on Sodium Bentonite Clay from her company Cosmetics Derigueur, I was very excited!

Cosmetics Derigueur Sodium Bentonite Clay

The Sodium Bentonite Clay arrived within about a week of her shipping it out to me and I think that is really fast considering that I do live outside the United States.

The Sodium Bentonite Clay looks very similar to the Calcium Bentonite Clay in terms of texture but has a richer deep gray color in comparison. For my application I decided to use DubaiDee’s Milk recipe. (Which by the way I’ve been in love with). The following recipe gives you a very runny consistency and I wanted something a bit more thick and creamy so I added 3 tablespoons of the Sodium Bentonite Clay to my mixture.

Clay Recipe:

1/2 a cup of regular cow milk

1 tablespoon of Clay

1 tablespoon of Honey

What I learned about this clay is that a little goes a long way. Usually when I make this recipe with my Calcium Bentonite Clay it lasts me 1 application. But with theSodium Bentonite Clay  it lasted me two applications. Which means I’m saving a lot more on this clay, AWESOME!

Cosmetics derigueur Sodium Bentonite Clay Consistency

Upon applying it to my hair I noticed my hair absorbed it very easily and was drinking it all up! It also has great slip and I couldn’t stop running my fingers through my hair LOL. Upon application it left my hair very elongated and my curls defined.

cosmetics derigueur sodium bentonite clay in hair


After I rinsed it out my hair felt very soft and conditioned. I really love this clay and I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to Calcium Bentonite Clay LOL

And here are the final results of my hair after the Wash And Go



If you’d like to see a demo on it please check out the video below:

If you’re interested in Sodium Bentonite Clay its currently on sale at Amazon for $10.97

Much love & Blessings,




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