Elegant Party Dresses with Sherry London

The holiday season is finally upon us and you know what that means?!!! Right??!!! More fun, parties, social gatherings and festivities. If you’re anything like me, the first thing that comes to mind when invited to a party is “What am I going to wear?” Well I got you covered!!!

The lovely people at Sherry London reached out to me and asked if I could share with you some of their lovely dresses. Sherry London is a UK based online store that sell tailored custom made dresses. They focus on bridesmaid, prom and special occasion dresses at affordable prices.

Here are some of my favorites from their wide selection of affordable, elegant gowns.


Green is not a color I would normally think of, when it comes to an evening dress but this floor length gown is EVERYTHING!!! and the color is fitting for the holiday season.


I’m obsessed with lace!!! Can you tell??!!! swooning over this backless mermaid gown.


Sometimes we just want to have a good ole time and dance the night away…this short, fun and flirty dress in classic winter white is perfect for just that.


This cocktail dress screams ELEGANCE!!!


 Sweetheart necklines are my absolute favorite! I also love the details on the sleeves of this evening dress.

purpleeveningdressI love how the bold sleeve gives character to this mermaid evening dress.

trumpetmermaiddressOk I am officially sold on the color green for a special occasion. This evening dress looks like it’s made for a Queen!!!

If you’re looking for some elegant yet affordable special occasion dresses do checkout Sherry London.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, I am truly grateful for you XOXO

Have fun eating all the good food and spending time with your loved ones.

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed in the post are solely my own.

Weekend Recap – November


One of my favorite rituals, is starting and ending the day lighting scented candles especially during my meditation sessions. It’s very calming, relaxing, improves my mindset and helps me start and end the day positively. Not to mention it’s a beautiful and simple way to make your space feel more welcoming and luxurious.



The one’s I have right now are from H&M they come in a pack and last me the whole week. The scent I’m trying right now is saffron. One fact about Saffron, it’s used in aromatherapy as an antidepressant. I can’t really describe this scent but I love it.


My Iphone has been having issues with the battery. I have to constantly charge it because it barely holds any charge. I woke up Sunday morning with only 10% battery charge, although it was “charging” all night!!! When I tried to connect my phone to charge, it wouldn’t charge it. I tried it with multiple cables, on different outlets and even connected it to my computer but nothing worked. I even googled the issue…

So I had to go to the Apple Store. I called to book an appointment but they said the next available appointment was on Saturday 28th!!! A whole week without a phone was a no go so I just decided to head to the Apple store…praying and hoping they would fit me in because it was an emergency.



There is only one Apple store in the whole of stockholm and it’s about an hour away. I had to take a metro, a bus and a train to get there.

Täby Centrum, Stora Marknadsvägen, 183 34 Täby, Sweden
+46 44 693 00



Thank God the lady who was there booking people spots was kind enough to book me a spot. The kids were busy entertaining themselves in the kids waiting section, playing on the ipads while we waited.

They were able to get it to work, they said the battery was loose…unfortunately I still have the battery drainage issue. They said I have to do a backup and re-install the OS and hopefully that will fix it. Apparently this is an issue with IOS 9.

I’m kind of disappointed in Apple Iphones, I have never had an iPhone for more than a year. After the six month point something always happens to it..Ok I cracked my phone at some point but all the other times something just quit working and I would have to get it replaced. I’m starting to wonder if every year you have to purchase a new one when they release new models. I highly recommend getting applecare when you purchase any apple products.

What are your experiences with the Iphone? What is the typical lifespan of any of the phones you have owned? Do you have better experiences with other brands?


It was lovely seeing all the christmas decorations and displays at the mall. Definitely got me into the holiday spirit.


Before heading home I did some grocery shopping and got myself a bouqet of roses.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – unknown

How was your weekend and how is your week so far? For my American readers what are you plans for Thanksgiving?

A tranquil spot for reflection



I found this absolutely stunning spot in the woods… I decided to stop, take it all in and enjoy some quiet time of reflection. It was absolutely refreshing to get in touch with nature and be in awe of the vastness and abundance of the universe. It was a perfect spot for reflection and meditation…when life consumes us we tend to forget to take the time to appreciate the simple things in life and just be grateful for the miracle of life.

The temperatures have started to drop dramatically, it’s been freezing, windy and rainy. I can smell winter in the air. This coat has been perfect, it feels like I’m walking around with a blanket draped over my shoulders…something I love to do when I’m lounging at home to keep me cozy.


“If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is Key.” – Buddha

Outfit Details

Coat Shein, Turtleneck GinaTricot, Faux Fur Scarf H&M old/Similar,

Jeans H&M old/Similar, Ankle Heels ASOS old/Similar

Fall Wishlist


Fall has been absolutely gorgeous seeing all the leaves turning into gorgeous shades of orange, browns and burgundy has been absolutely breathtaking…so much so, I’ve been inspired to create a fall wishlist featuring these beautiful fall colors.

fall wishlist romwe

“Fall the season that shows us how lovely it is to let the Dead things go…”- Unknown

Fall Wishlist

V Neck Dip Hem Apricot Sweater

Bodycon Wine Red Skirt

Black Platform High Heeled Boots

Black Belt Buckle Metallic PU Bag

Bagel Street Café


Eating healthy on the go can be quite challenging, it’s so easy and tempting to just pop in the first fast food joint you see and call it a day.

It’s very important for me to stay committed to my healthy eating habits when I’m on the go or just out having fun, so I’m always keeping my eyes open for wholesome delicious and healthy food options.

Enter Bagel Street Cafe, a lovely cafe that offers fresh and healthy lunch options. Their expertise – Bagel sandwiches!!! but I also love their salads….delicious, filling and fresh!

Location: Bagel Street Café
Årevägen 59, 162 65 Vällingby

“You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, easy, cheap or fake.” – unknown