Happy Valentine’s Day : Words Of Love

Hi luvs,

Hope you are having a special day, taking some time to spread and receive love. To me Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers, you can show love to anyone who crosses your path. Especially to those who may need a little love in their life…you never know whose life you may impact by that little act of love.

Also, let us not take for granted those who are near and dear to our hearts…lets use today to reflect on how we can improve our relationships with those who mean the world to us. It could be making a commitment to spend quality time with your family, calling long lost friends or even really paying attention and listening to the needs of those we care about.

Remember actions speak louder than words… all the roses, candy and gifts can make a  person feel special for one day but what really counts are the good memories we share with those we love. And most importantly, don’t forget to love and respect yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!



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