Top Natural Hair Tutorials Of The Week :: Feb 14th – Feb 21st & Feb 21st – Feb 28th

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Hope you had a great weekend…I know it has been a week since I showed up here, but life has gotten the best of me. I’ve been super busy but you are all in my thoughts and I have been missing y’all tremendously. Hopefully, from this week things will settle down a bit and I will be able to post as often as possible on here and YT as well.

Here are some natural hair tutorials I really enjoyed within the past two weeks and I hope you do too ♥

Top Natural Hair Tutorials :: Feb 14th – Feb 21st

Video # 1 : Flirty Updo from Curls Bf’s Channel.

In this tutorial, Curls Bf show you how to achieve a beautiful romantic messy flrity updo. You can wear this do for a date, a night out or weekend outings.

BONUS: A beautiful style that is also protective!

Flirty Updo YouTube aroundthewaycurls

Image: Curls Bf


Video # 2: Natural Hair | Faux Curly Bangs from NaturallyNellzy’s Channel.

In this tutorial,  NaturallyNellzy shows you her technique for achieving beautiful fluffy curly bangs. If you love bangs and haven’t really figured how to achieve curly bangs with your natural hair then this tutorial is perfect for you.


Video # 3: BUNS GALLORE!! My Go-to Favourite Buns from PGneiicey’s Channel.

In this tutorial, PGneiicey shows you some of her favourite buns. If you love buns, this one is for you! Tonnes of options to bun your hair. Never wear the same bun again!


Video # 4: Jumbo Flat Twists Updo from NiaB.’s Channel.

In this tutorial, NiaB. shows you how to achieve this lovely protective style. Great  protective style you can wear mid week to work or school when you dont have much time to deal with your hair.

Bonus: Easy, quick protective style!

jumbo flat twist tutorial askniab

Image: askniab


You can watch the compilation of these four tutorials via the video below, clicking on the links in the videos will take you to the tutorials.

Top Natural Hair Tutorials :: Feb 21st – Feb 28th

Video # 1 : High Front Bun w/ Scarf Tutorial!! from KaShEeRaLaTaSh’s Channel

In this tutorial, KaShEeRaLaTaSh shows you how to style your bun with a scarf. A beautiful and unique way to wear a scarf.

Video # 2: NINA MAE MCKINNEY STYLE – BLACK HISTORY SERIES from tonidaley80′s Channel

In this tutorial, tonidaley80 shows you how to achieve an elegant style worn by the Iconic Nina Mae Mckinney. In honor of black history month tonidaley80 did a couple of tutorials featuring black Iconic women. Check out her channel for more historical inspiration.

Video # 3: 80: Another Havana Twist Tutorial from GranolaHeads2010′s Channel.

In this tutorial, GranolaHeads2010 shows you how to achieve an elegant updo incorporating havana twists. Great alternative to wear twists!

Video # 4: NATURAL HAIR: CHIC, SEXY, ELEGANT!!! UPDO— from lovelyanneka’s Channel

In this tutorial, lovelyanneka shows you how she achieves this chic, sexy, elegant updo. Very easy updo perfect for any occasion!

lovelyanneka's chic-updo

Instagram: lovelyanneka

You can watch the compilation of these four tutorials via the video below, clicking on the links in the videos will take you to the tutorials.


♥ The videos are in no particular order.
♥ Videos are chosen from my subscriptions and search results throughout the week.(Thursday to Thursday)
♥ The week starts on Thursday and ends on Thursday so that I can have time to create the video and upload it over the weekend.
♥ If you would like to be considered or want a particular video considered send me an email during the week title “Video of the week” include the name of the video, channel and video link. send to

So have you tried any of these styles or techniques? what do you think? share your experiences by leaving comments below.

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