Things I Covet – Button Earrings

I’m loving these cute button earrings from 1MeNaturally on Etsy. There were so many styles and choices to choose from, it was really hard narrowing down my choices.

So here are my picks:

1MeNaturally is also a youtuber,you can find her at OneMeNaturally, she has a gorgeous Afro make sure you visit her and check out her natural journey.

Things I covet 12.01.12 Button Earrings 1MeNaturally


So what do you think of these button earrings from 1MeNaturally, Do you own them? if yes how do you rock ‘em?, if not how would you rock ‘em?

Leave your comments down below.

How to get featured on “Things I covet”:

This segment of the blog will be titled “Things I covet”. I will be posting anything that I would like to or wish to have that I find via my instagram and youtubing. I would really like to support fellow youtubers who have businesses. So If you are a youtuber and would like to get featured email me at and send me the link to your website or any materials about your products. If there is something I like I will definitely feature it here.

If you are not a youtuber you can simply follow me on instagram msdeekay2012 and if you usually post pics of your products I can choose from there or you can also send me an email with details as well.

’till next time


Ms. Dee Kay

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It is simply my personal opinion.


2 Responses to Things I Covet – Button Earrings

  1. Meosha Tall says:

    I came across your blog post on my shop Dee and just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I know you didn’t have to and it really made my day! Thank You! – Meosha

  2. Ms.Dee Kay says:

    Hi Moesha,
    No problem it was my pleasure, your creations are really lovely :)

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