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Hi luvs,

It has been a busy past couple of weeks and I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for visiting my blog. If you follow me on YouTube then you probably realized I haven’t uploaded videos over there for quite a while as well.

I did try to post on here as much as possible when I could and I have mentioned that once I’m ready I will update you guys on what’s been going on.

If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning then you probably know that I was pregnant when I started this blog. I was actually 31 weeks and in my third trimester. I’m very happy to say that I had a beautiful healthy baby boy on Feb 3rd. Naturally, he has kept my hands full. Plus I also have a three year old boy, so its been busy but definitely happy times full of blessings.

I hope in the coming weeks I can finally manage to dedicate more time here and on my YouTube channel as well, coz there is just so much I would love to share with you guys.

For starters I had a natural home water birth, this is something I had with my first child and because of that great experience, I decided to do it again with my second child. I will be having a post sharing information on that.

Since it has been about 7 weeks post pregnancy I feel quite ready to start exercising again. Exercising is something that I love doing and I will be sharing a fitness challenge with you all. I hope that you will jump in and join me in this challenge. The challenge is not to loose weight but to gain strength, endurance and to be healthy. If some of you would like to include weight loss as part of your goals that is great as well, but I love to look at exercising as a regular routine and a way to maintain optimum health. Details about the challenge will be coming up soon.

I also subscribed to curlkit, my first box was February “The Love” box and I have received the march box which was their “Anniversary” box. I will be sharing product details, reviews and my thoughts on curlkit soon.

I also hope to keep up with my regular features such as “Behind the You Tube Vlogger” so if you are a vlogger and would like to be featured please reach out or if you would like a particular vlogger featured do let me know and I will contact them.

Forthcoming are also all the posts that I love to share with you guys such as tutorials of the week, natural hairspiration, naturally fierce which features fashionable naturalista’s, weekly inspiration posts, Things I covet and some personal OOTD’s

If you guys have a request, suggestion or anything that you would love to see more of here on the blog please don’t hesitate to email me @

You can also connect with me on twitter, YouTube, instagram and pinterest

Below is a video of me talking about what is in store on my YT channel and appreciation to all my subscribers.  Pictures of the baby are included at the end of the clip.


Have a happy Easter and I will see y’all back here on Tuesday.

Much love to you all and thanks for being a part of my blog & vlog family ♥

~ Dee ~



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