Essie Swatch Review :: Peach Daiquiri + Mint Candy Apple

Hi luvs,

Since spring is here I’ve been wanting to add some color to my nails. I was looking to get some Nail Polish in some of the spring colors. I wanted to get some nice bright colors for the spring, like coral and mint.

They had a sale at H&M on Essie Nail Laquer. (For those of you in Sweden, you can find Essie at H&M, Kicks and Åhlens)

They usually retail at 139KR = $22 and they had them for 99KR = $15. If you live in the States, you can get them for $8 at Macy’s.

I wanted to get “Cute As A Button” because I’ve heard a lot of people raving about it. But I guess someone misplaced them on the rack coz when I got home I realized I had “Peach Daiquiri” instead. (Don’t you just hate when that happens!!!) and I happened to find out while I was painting my nails. (SMH) Anyway, I’ll get that one next time.

Peach Daiquiri is a bright dark pink that is more on the fuchsia side than peach. I love it but I was looking for something more on the peachy side. But I must say its a pretty bright pink, if you are looking for a nice shade of pink for the summer, I would go for this.

The mint I went with is called Mint Candy Apple its a cute bright shade of Mint. I think it complements Peach Daiquiri quite well if you are into mixing colors. If you are looking for a light mint then you need to try some of their other shades of Mint as this one is on the darker side of Mint.

Overall, I like that these do not need a lot of coats and they dry pretty quick. However, it chips really fast. It lasted me for only about 3 days and I thought it would last for at least 4 to 5 days.

I’ve definitely been converted into a Essie fan. I think its a nice brand if you want to splurge a little and spoil yourself. I’m looking forward to trying some of their other colors.

You can see how these look by watching the video below.

Thanks for stopping by and ’till next time,

much love and stay blessed,


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