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Happy Hump Day, I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. In today’s feature of “Behind The Youtube Vlogger“, I would like to introduce you to the lovely lady behind DiscoveringNatural, Sola. If you are new to natural hair or transitioning you should definitely check out DiscoveringNatural. She is always posting a wealth of information on her social media, she is very resourceful and she loves to share her knowledge about natural hair. She not only chronicles her own natural journey but of her two beautiful daughters as well. Read on and get to know her…

Sola DiscoveringNatural
Tell us a little bit about yourself


My name is Sola and I am a Blogger, Vlogger and Natural Hair Enthusiast. I am the founder of, an online resource blog for Transitioners and Natural Hair individuals.  I love inspiring people to love their natural hair and teach their children how to love their natural hair.


Sola DiscoveringNatural NaturalKids


What or who inspired you to start a YouTube Channel?


My children inspired me to start a YouTube Channel. I have two beautiful girls and I wanted them to have a record of this journey that I am taking. I also wanted to give them a record of how to care for their natural hair. By so doing, I hope to inspire others to love their hair.


Describe your Channel


My Channel, DiscoveringNatural, is mainly a natural hair channel. I share how I care for my natural hair and my girls’ natural hair. I also share different styles for transitioning and natural hair


How long have you been on YouTube?

I have been on YouTube since August 2012.


Solo DiscoveringNatural Afro


What camera and software editing tools do you use?


I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i to record my hair videos and Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS for my vlogging.
I edit my videos with CyberLink Director and PhotoScape.


Where do you get inspiration for your videos?


I get a lot of my inspiration from talking to people and answering questions about natural hair.


What is the most frustrating thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?


I don’t have any frustrating thing about being a YouTube Vlogger.  I truly enjoy making videos.


Sola DiscoveringNatural Updo


What is the best thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?


Being able to interact with different people all over the place. I get my message across to people that I would have never met. I also love the online friendships I have developed with other Vloggers.


How do you balance time between your personal life and YouTube schedule?


I try to make videos when it is not affecting family time. I put out at most 3 videos a week, so it is not really overwhelming.


Have you met any of your viewers in real life?


Yes I have… at church. LOL.  I do hope to meet some  more during the upcoming International Natural Hair Meet up day on May 18th.


Do you have any interesting story to tell about your YouTube life and real life crossing paths?




Please mention one video that you have made that is your favorite, and why? 


My favorite video is my Big Chop video.



Because that was the start of my natural journey, my “fully natural” journey.

How long have you been Natural? Describe your Hair Journey.


I have been fully natural for 6 months now. I have been relaxed since I was 13 years old. I BEGGED my dad to let me perm my hair. After what it seems like forever, he let me.  I started transitioning in November 2011, and transitioned for a year, before doing my big chop. This is the best decision I could have ever made for my hair.


What is your favorite Natural Hair Style?


Bantu Knots


What is the best thing about being Natural?


I  love that my hair is so versatile. I can wear it in SO many styles. Not boring.

Sola DiscoveringNatural KnotOut

What is the most frustrating thing about being Natural?


The time it takes to style my hair.


What advice do you have to those who are newly natural or are considering going natural?


Be patient and learn about your own hair. Also, make sure that if a product does not work for you, check the ingredients and make sure that there is not an ingredient that is causing the issue.


Sola Discovering Natural
List 9 random things that your viewers may not know about you.


I actually did a random video:



Another thing is that I am a Programmer Specialist… yes.. a nerd… a geek.. or whatever. I love computer programming. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years now. LOL! Yes… believe it … I am old. LOL..


Who are some of the other YouTube Vloggers that you enjoy watching?


There are SO many … if I mention them all, you would read on forever. LOL! I do a favorite video each month and highlight vloggers that I loved for that month. Check it out.


What is your advice to those just starting out or thinking about starting out on YouTube? 


Do it because you love to, not have to. Be yourself. Watch your lighting.


What would you like to tell your viewers? 


I appreciate all their support and love. Thank you so much.


 Where else can we find you on the web?


You can find me on Facebook  - DiscoveringNatural  Each day, I share information about a topic related to natural/transitioning hair.
Instagram – DiscoveringNatural
Twitter – Sawahtwit
Pinterest – DiscoverNatural

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