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If you follow me on instagram  @msdeekay2012 and twitter @msdeekay2012, you are already aware of the fact that I cut my hair. Also known in the “Natural World” as Big Chopping or BC’ing.

Dee Big Chop

I have been contemplating cutting my hair for a while now, since March to be exact. The reason I wanted to cut my hair, is because I started experiencing SERIOUS Postpartum Shedding. If you’ve been following me, you are also aware that I had a baby in February.

Postpartum Shedding is a normal condition that begins post pregnancy. The new mom begins to “shed” or lose hair. The reason being, at this point in time your body is reserving all the nutrients in your body to create milk for your baby and also your body is recovering from the birth experience. The body knows that your hair and nails are the least important, hence gives them the least priority when it comes to nutrients. As a result of not receiving enough nutrients your hair begins to shed.

Shedding can also happen in times of stress, sickness or if you are undergoing a traumatic experience in your life.

At first the thought of cutting off all my hair scared me! I was not ready to let go of my hair. Therefore, I did try to take care of my edges. I tried to apply castor oil and moisturize the area more frequently. I also tried to deep condition my hair more frequently. I stopped doing my beloved updos and styles that could cause more stress to the area. I opted for wearing my hair in Afros and twist outs. However, the condition of my hairline did not improve. The hair in my hairline went from being short, to looking like “baby hair” to having complete BALD spots.  To top it off, my hair also became very unhealthy, dry and unmanageable. I would wash my hair on Sunday, have a good hair day on Monday; and on Tuesday my hair was hard to manage, dry and just a hot mess.

It was time for an intervention. On Wednesday, May 15th I just got tired dealing with it. I took some scissors and started snipping away. When my husband got back I asked him to finish off what I started by making me bald.

That first week, I could not leave the house without wearing a scarf on my head. Not because I hated it, but because I was completely bald. Which is what I wanted anyway, a completely new fresh start.

Now that some of my hair has grown back in, I love it and I think its cute. I feel happy, liberated and free. I do feel like I’m starting afresh on a new slate.



Image: source unkown via Organic Salon Systems on pinterest

First off I want to say, if you are pregnant do not freak out because of my experience. Every pregnancy is different and with different circumstances our bodies react differently. This is my second child, when I had my first child in 2009 I did not experience postpartum shedding. This was a totally new thing for me.

Some women experience no shedding, others experience very minimum shedding that it makes no difference at all. All I know is, this time around I have been much more stressed and this could have contributed to the severe shedding.

My next tip is to those of you who are thinking of doing the BC (Big Chop), weather if its cause you are craving a new short hairstyle, if you want to go “natural” or if you are experiencing something similar to me.

First go to a professional salon. They can look at your hair and asses the damage and also if you do decide to cut it, they can cut it in phases so you can see what length you want it. Maybe you can salvage some hair or maybe you don’t want to go as short. Secondly don’t cut your hair on Sunday night while you have to go to school or work on Monday morning. Cut your hair during a long holiday or vacation period. That way you get to transition yourself into your new look, get used to it and gain confidence before you go back to school or work.

If you have gone through the BC please tag me on my instagram @msdeekay2012 or send me your pictures to my email: I will feature you here on my blog, YT and give you a shout out on instagram.

Share your BC stories or your postpartum shedding story in the comments below.

Watch the two videos below to hear me talk about my BC and postpartum shedding experience. I also talk about what is in store for me now that I cut my hair.

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