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Today I thought I should share with you pictures of displays from my local mall. Now when I say local mall I mean right downstairs from my apartment. I know what your thinking, WHAT! you live at the mall? Well, the apartment I live in, happens to be an extension of a mall building, so I just take an elevator down and I’m at the mall. I know what you thinking right now. WOW YOU ARE LUCKY! I guess you can say that, but there are definitely pros and cons to living in the mall.

Lets start with the good stuff!

1. Doing groceries is super convenient.

2. When I want to shop for something, I can be at the mall super early before it gets crowded.

3. I get to go anytime I want.

4. Weekend plans are easy to make. The movie theater is right downstairs.

5. When I don’t feel like cooking, there is always the food court.

5. When I get bored, I can always go downstairs to people watch and window shop.

6. During the rainy season or winter, I don’t have to bundle up to go to the mall or the grocery store.

7. I get to know about all the sales, by simply taking a walk downstairs.

The Ugly!

1. You get tempted to buy much more often than you are inclined. Which leads to…

2. Not going to the mall as often, because you are afraid you’ll want to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND.

3. Eating out more often, since its just downstairs.

4. You get lazy about visiting other places or being outdoors.

Mmh, I’m actually surprised that the number of pro’s outweigh the con’s…LOL, Ok I guess you can get  a tad bit jealous afterall!

Most of the stores have switched up their displays to reflect summer collections. Which is great except it has been raining a lot this week, except for two beautiful days of sun. Hopefully, the next coming weeks will be more sun and no rain.


Accessorize is a cute little shop that sells, (YES, you guessed right) accessories. They often have glittery, shiny colorful jewelry.They also sell sandals, bags, and beachwear. Their display had items in turquoise, silver, white and nude. If you’re into shimmery, glittery things I definitely recommend this shop. Checkout their online store at, they ship worldwide.


Indiska (which is Indian in Swedish), is a Swedish apparel, decor and jewelry store with Indian Influence. It has items that are very quirky, colorful, boho and unique. I love their jewelry and candle holders. For their summer collection, they have maxi dresses, shifts and tunics. They are available in Sweden, Norway and Finland but they ship all across the EU.


Rizzo is a store that sells Italian made shoes and handbags. Their stuff is high quality and elegant. Their summer collection includes colorful high heeled sandals. They are available in Sweden, Finland and Norway. If you want style and quality, this is a great brand.

h&m-display-msdeekayI’m sure most of you are aware that H&M is a Swedish store that has gained International success. Their summer collection is boho, with influence from both the beach and the desert. They had shorts and Essie nail lacquer as the deals of the week. Beyonce aka Mrs. Carter is the face of their beach wear collection and there was a huge poster of her, right above the cash register. Her music was also on nonstop rotation in the store.


Lindex is another Swedish based apparel and fashion store. It is located in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, Central Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Middle East. The face of their summer collection is Penelope Cruz. Their theme is nautical, lots of stripes, red, whites and blues. Their deals of the week included various beauty essentials.

Of course there are a lot more stores, but the displays from these stores, are the ones that stood out to me the most. After all that window shopping, more like window snapping, I was famished. So I passed by the food court to enjoy some sushi from Ikki Sushi Bar….Delish!


Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

’till next time,

Much love and Stay Blessed,



2 Responses to Trending At The Mall :: Summer is Here

  1. Gozika says:

    Someone’s been busy shopping ;P How’s you girl. Is it warmer there :)!

    xoxo Gozika

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hahah, I wish! No I didnt get anything, just window shopped lol :) Sunday and Monday were really beautiful but today its cold, wind and rainy again.How are you? howz the weather down there? Have you moved out of your apartment yet?

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