Hairspiration: Nabiha Bensouda Pop/Soul Musician

As I sit here writing today’s post, I’m grooving  to music by an artist named Nabiha. Honestly, I just want to get off my chair and dance. Its the kind of music that makes you feel like you should be out there in the world doing something instead of staying indoors. Uplifting, inspirational music. My kinda music.

If you are into soulful music, infused with pop and rock, you’ll love Nabiha. Her music is fun, upbeat and catchy. The kind that will get you head bopping, prancing in your room dancing and singing along. You know that kind of Music you listen to when you’re having a bad day, or  feeling lonely and blue; and just want to sit in your room all day and dance it all away. That’s the kind of music I’m talking about.

Nabiha was born in Denmark to a family of both Danish and North West African Roots (Specifically Gambia, Mali & Morocco). Growing up in a multicultural setting has definitely had an influence on her music. She grew up listening to a broad range of music including her mother’s Malian lullabies,  disco, soul, reggae, rock, R’n’B, and electronic. This influence can be heard throughout her music.

For instance in her first single off of her debut Album, “Deep Sleep”,  she incorporates an African lullaby her mother used to sing to her as a child. Her music has been charting all over European charts including her native Denmark, Hungary, Belgium and UK. Her music has also been featured in shows like Mob wives and Basketball Wives.







You can vibe to one of my favorite song’s from Nabiha, “Deep Sleep”,  by watching the video below:

Nabiha on social media:

Official Website:

Facebook: nabihamusic

Twitter: @nabihamusic

Instagram: @nabihamusic

Youtube: nabihamusic

2 Responses to Hairspiration: Nabiha Bensouda Pop/Soul Musician

  1. Thanks for introducing us to Nabiha. As you know, every weekday evening, I feature a natural hair musician on my Facebook page, I had to feature Nabiha yesterday due to your blog post. I also put a link to your post, so sending traffic your way!!

    Love your posts!

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Aww thank you :) glad you like the posts. I really enjoy her music, hope your facebook friends will love her too!

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