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One trend that hit the fashion blogosphere by storm  is the infamous “Skort”. You know, the SKirt + shORTs = SKORT!

I’ve been seeing this popping up everywhere on fashion bloggers this summer. It seems like everyone and their mother owns one.

This trend reminds me of a denim skort I owned as a child. As a little girl I thought the idea was GENIUS. I could look all girly and cute without having to compromise my ability to get down right dirty. But as a grown woman the concept just didn’t click, not until I bumped into a lady at the grocery store the other day. She looked absolutely comfortable yet chic and I was sold.

Its that one piece that you can wear for a stroll to the park, hiking in the hills and then dress it up for a night out on the town. Depending on the type of work you do, you can probably put on a blazer, plus a silk blouse and make it look professional yet classy.


Images: Zara

Zara are the one’s credited to starting the Skort craze. Their designers did a good job modernizing an old concept and turning it into a sleek, edgy origami design. Perfect for the modern woman who does it all. Zara has the design in white, red, blue and black at $50

This design screams androgyny to me. I would like to see  a lady with a shaven side or a mo hawk rock this trend. For a perfect example of how to style this trend. Check out how a few fashion bloggers rocked the hell outa their Zara mini skorts.

fashion bloggers, summer trend, zara, origami mini skortFashion bloggers rocking the skort:: Images: thedailegh, incoloreddreams, serah-de-fashix, indieelectronicalternative

Of course other brands jumped on the bandwagon and came out with their versions of the skort. You can get a blue and black color block design from urbanog at $28.80, a coral pastel skort at sheinside $23.23 and a leather version from vagabond at piximarket at $47.

summer trend, skorts, sheinside coral skort, vagabond leather skort, urbanog colorblock skort

1.  urbanog $28.80 2. sheinside $23.23 3.piximarket $47.

What do you think of this trend? Love it or Leave it? Do you own one? how do you rock yours if you do. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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