10 Fashion & Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers I love on Vine

Move over Instagram, there’s a new kid on the block. While I enjoy spending my free time browsing and catching up on the latest fashion, happenings and inspiration on Instagram. This weekend, I’ve been hooked on Vine!

When I heard about Vine a couple of months ago, I simply ignored it. I had just started on Instagram and was loving Pinterest way too much to let another Social Media app take their place.

Something about browsing short video clips, just didn’t make complete sense to me. Now that I’ve been on YouTube for a couple of months, I decided to check out Vine for myself and see what the hype is all about.

In a nutshell, Vine is a video sharing app, that allows you to tell a story, in six seconds! I’m sure all the great Film Makers are cringing at the mere thought of this. However, if you are able to get past the silly jokes, there is huge potential for fashion and beauty bloggers/vloggers to take advantage of this app.

Since I just started out on this app and I’m still learning the ins and outs of it, I thought I would give you guys a round up of ten fashion & beauty bloggers/vloggers, who in my opinion have been able to utilize the app as a way to really bring forth their brand and personality.


1. @MeaganCignoli I found out about her vines through browsing the Editor’s Picks, and I must say, she is absolutely amazing. She is a Fashion & Portrait Photographer, whose vines are thought provoking and creative works of Art.

2. @psimadethis Whether you enjoy DIY or not, @psimadethis is a must folllow for a dose of DIY creativity and inspiration. On her vine, you get to see behind the scenes of some of her tutorials, & watch them come to life.

3. @manrepeller Leandra has a larger than life personality, that really shines through her vines. Following her vine is like being invited into a day in the life of the Fab “Man Repeller”.

4. @makeupandbeautyblog If you love make up, you must follow Karen. Her vines feature make up swatches and beauty products. As a bonus you get to see guest appearances from Tabby, her adorable cat.

5. @ZarnasRunway for everything from Nail art, Accessories, Shoes, Outfits and Eats.

6.@thekrisbliss for OOTD’s, Daily Happenings, Accessories, Soulful Music, Healthy Eats and just plain old fun. Kris is like that friend in your head.

7.@SunKissAlba this YouTube Beauty Guru posts vines on behind the scenes to her video shoots, OOTD’s and events.

8. @Brosiaaa another YouTube Beauty Guru, who uses her vines to invite you on her daily life happenings and funny tidbits.

9.@chescaleigh is known on YouTube for putting a comedic spin on thought provoking topics, her vine gives you six seconds of fun and laughter.

10.@micahgianneli If you enjoy her blog and sense of style, you will be delighted to get sneak peeks of her outfit posts on her vine.

And Of course I had to join in the fun, checkout my first vine below, showing some accessories, my 1 month growth post big chop and featuring my favorite lipstick from Mac, Rubywoo.

Shameless Plug, follow me on vine Ms DeeKay

Are you on vine?, I would like to check you out leave your handle in the comment section. Please share, some of your favorite beauty & fashion bloggers/vloggers on vine in the comment section as well.

Next week, I will share some of the ins and outs I have learnt through exploring Vine.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Much Love & Stay Blessed,


3 Responses to 10 Fashion & Beauty Bloggers/Vloggers I love on Vine

  1. Gozika says:

    For a while now I’ve been considering expanding into vlogging as well but I think it would be too much work to keep up with right now. I’m also more of a picture and still-life person but I love watching other people vlogging. In general though, I’ve noticed that with most people it’s either or = vlogging or blogging.

    xoxo Gozika
    Gozika recently posted..Gotta Love It!My Profile

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi girlie! It can be a lot of work I agree, but if you have a plan and stick to it, you can do it in a way that it doesn’t overwhelm you. I understand what you mean though, its hard to be successful in both. I do know though that a lot of vloggers do have blogs as well. I know at least two vloggers who are very successful at both, they are Wendy’sLookbook and Shirley B Eniang of MeeknMild. I think this vine thing will make a lot of people start vlogging as well because it is so short almost like photography since it is only six seconds therefore it is much easier to do a lot of them and more consistently. Because its almost like you can only use it to show something really quick, almost like a really quick moving photo. Checkit out and explore you’ll see what I mean :) I will be talking about how to get started on it next week and I think the week after that I will give tips on how it can be used by fashion/beauty bloggers.

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