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Hi all in today’s feature of  “Behind The YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger”, I am excited to bring to you beautiful Karry Of SimplyBeautiful1913…Enjoy♥

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 in a Rod Set

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 – YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger
Style: Rod Set

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Karry. My YouTube name is simplybeautiful1913. I am a recent college graduate who majored in business & marketing. I love fashion, I love to cook, and I love to travel. I also make jewelry which I sell locally but I have plans on putting it online soon, I do jewelry repairs as well.

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 jewelry creations

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger
Jewelry Creations


What or who inspired you to start a YouTube Channel?

My friends and random people inspired me to start a YouTube Channel. People kept coming up to me asking who was doing my hair, I would say I did and then they would ask me how, so I decided why not document the styles i’m doing so everyone can do them!

Describe your Channel?

My channel is about how to maintain healthy hair, whether transitioning or just wanting to try new natural hairstyles. I also have been dabbling into to makeup but most of the products I use are affordable so the everyday person can buy them.

How long have you been on YouTube?

I have had an account for the longest but I only started uploading videos about two months ago.

What camera and software editing tools do you use?

I use the Sony HD Handy Cam, and I edit with iMovie on a Mac

Sony HD HandyCam

Where do you get your inspiration for your videos?

I look at magazine pictures, natural hair websites, different YouTubers and past styles that I have done.

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 Protectleive Style

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913- Natural Hair YouTube Vlogger
in a Protectleive Style

What is the most frustrating thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?

Editing! Lol sometimes I can be very particular about what I want so it can take forever sometimes.

What is the best thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?

Getting my information out to people who need it and being able to help someone with the growth/health of their hair.

How do you balance time between your personal life and YouTube schedule?

I try to film videos during the day while I am at home and upload on Sundays because that is when I have the most downtime.

Have you met any of your viewers in real life?

Only my friends who frequently watch, but that would be really awesome!

Do you have any interesting story to tell about your YouTube life and real life crossing paths?

No sorry I don’t :)

Please mention one video that you have made that is your favorite, and why? 

My favorite video is the one about how to grow natural hair. Just a few tips can change the growth and length retention. It all starts with the products though.

How long have you been Natural? Describe your Hair Journey.

I have been natural all my life, but I used to use heat on it frequently. Once I got to college I experienced breakage in my ends and always had to get lot trimmed off, so I decided to stop flat ironing and keep my hair in its natural state.

What Is Your Hair Regimen and Favorite Products?

My hair regimen consists of washing in 4 two strand twists, detangling, and deep condition, moisturize and seal and then styling my hair. I wash at least every 7-10 days if I don’t have two strand twists.

My favorite products are:

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 Favourite Natural Hair Products




What is your favorite Natural Hair Style?

Flat twisted side bun, pretty much anything with a flat twist in it lol

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 - Protective Style

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 – Natural Hair YouTube Vlogger
in a Protective Style

What is the best thing about being Natural?

Being able to do anything with the hair, it’s so versatile and easy to change things up if you want.

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 two strand twists

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 – YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger
in two strand twists

What is the most frustrating thing about being Natural?

For me it’s detangling…sometimes it can be very hard to keep it detangled when trying to do smaller twists or flat twists.

What advice do you have to those who are newly natural or are considering going natural?

My advice would be to go to target or online to see what type of products are available for transitioners or natural hair. Check out YouTube channels of people’s journey when they became natural and try to read different blogs like Curly Nikki on the ways to be natural.


Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 protective Style

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 – Natural Hair YouTube Vlogger
in a protective Style


List 9 random things that your viewers may not know about you.

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 9 Random Things About Karry

9 random things about Karry
~ YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger~
Source: Pinterest

  • I want to work in the financial services industry, then start my own business making jewelry and have a shoe line, (I know the two don’t have anything to do with each other lol).
  • I still currently live at home with my parents so im filming all videos in my room lol,
  • I’m from the Midwest,
  • I have been out of the country twice and want to eventually travel the country again,
  • My favorite color is blue,
  • I’m a Shorty only 5’2,
  • I used to be a tomboy and still have my days lol I’m just now getting into makeup,
  • I always try to remain positive in life no matter what.

Who are some of the other YouTube Vloggers that you enjoy watching?

My favorite YouTubers’ are Naptural85, CharyJ,  Xgoldn (Ambrosia) and Kimmaytube.

What is your advice to those just starting out or thinking about starting out on YouTube? 

Have great lighting, not a lot of distractions in the background, smile, and try to reach out to other gurus to see if they would support you. Go for it!

What would you like to tell your viewers? 

I am so grateful for everyone supporting me, I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m very happy I did this. I also am aiming for more subbies! I plan on staying on YouTube for a while so if you were interested in my channel I would love your sub! :)

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 in a Bantu Knot Out on a Blow Out

Karry Of simplybeautiful1913 – YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger
in a Bantu Knot Out on a Blow Out

Where else can we find you on the web? 

I’m on Tumblr:  Simplybeautifulp

Facebook: KarrySimplybeautifulp

Twitter: @karrybeautifulp

Subscribe on YouTube: simplybeautiful1913


About Behind The YouTube Vlogger:

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