The Big Chop Series :: My Natural Hair Journey Part 3

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This will be the last segment of “My Natural Hair Journey” story, to follow along you can read Part 1 & Part 2. In the previous, post I talked about how in preparation for leaving home for college, I was in dilemma as to what to do with my hair.

Since everyone kept saying that they eventually got locs, I decided to go to a saloon and ask them to loc my hair. I wasn’t so happy with the out come and I thought it looked horrible. This was of course confirmed by the reactions I got when I got home. My mom and aunts kept asking what was going on with my hair?, why did I decide to loc my hair? and that it wasn’t a good look for me.

I succumbed to the pressure and spent the whole night undoing the locs. The next day I went to another salon and got my hair braided into micro-braids.

As I mentioned in the previous posts, because I wasn’t very knowledgeable about taking care of my hair, I simply neglected it under the braids. After two months, I took them out and replaced them with a curly weave. When my relaxer started growing in, I purchased a box from a local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store and attempted to relax my new growth. When my hair became too much to handle, I would wear a wig on top and neglect my hair underneath. This went on for a couple of years. I would perm my own hair and when it grew in and became too much for me to handle I would wear a wig and weave on top. I then got tired of dealing with my hair and shaved it down to a bob, because my hair was experiencing too much breakage. But the cycle continued.


1. 2004, my hair in a curly weave. 2. In 2006, I attempted to wear my hair out, it was unhealthy 

3. 2007, I wore a wig to hide my unhealthy hair 4. When I cut my hair in a bob, the top part was still relaxed and unhealthy

Then one day I was simply tired of dealing with the growth and decided, to stop relaxing my hair. Its not like I had found any information on Natural Hair. I simply just decided to stop. By chance I found a girl who was really good at braiding hair and she agreed to be doing my hair.


1. After the shaved bob I decided to put my hair in a weave 2.  2008 when I stopped relaxing, my hair in micro braids

3. After the mirco braids I put my hair in a weave  4.  Dec 2008, Wearing my natural hair out  ( Blow dried and straightened)

During this time I had no knowledge of transitioning, I simply just let my relaxer grow in. Then one day as I was browsing YouTube I came across RusticBeauty. She was the first Natural Hair Vlogger I found on YouTube. I was so excited to find out that, it is actually possible to have long and healthy Natural Hair. As I got more into YouTube, I found CrownOfHisGlory, Mwedzi, BlackOnyx, KimmayTube and SimplyYounique.

During this time, I learnt to take care of my hair and I simply kept it in twists. But I was still not as confident in wearing my hair out in its natural state and still kept it under wigs. However, I was much better at taking care of it and did not neglect it.

As I spent more time browsing Natural Hair videos on YouTube, I found out that even though I had technically been natural for four years, I hadn’t retained the length I was supposed to. I really started experimenting with my hair and began enjoying it within the past year and my hair thrived.


1& 2 2010 When I began embracing my natural hair. It was finally thriving. 3. 2011, My natural hair straightened 

4. Feb 2013, Began to really have fun and play with my hair.


1. March 2013, Hair in a puff 2.  March 2013 Updo 3. March 2013, Flat Twist Out  4. April 2013, Updo 

However, May 15th this year I decided to cut my hair and start afresh due to postpartum shedding. It has been a long journey for me and my hair. A love, hate relationship of sorts.

I can only now confidently say that I have 100% embraced my hair.

I am looking forward to this new journey and to learning more about my hair. It is not a burden anymore, or something to be hidden and neglected.


May 2013, Big Chop

My new journey isn’t about the end goal. Its about taking in the process and learning from every single phase and stage. Its about learning what works and what doesn’t for my individual hair. Its about learning what helps it thrive and keeps it healthy. I believe achieving long healthy hair is a result of knowing your hair inside out. (which requires a lot of patience and experimentation)And nobody can learn your hair or know it better but YOU!

….The Journey Continues!

The video below is the last part of this, “My Natural Hair Journey” series

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