Five Ways Fashion & Beauty Bloggers can integrate Vine/Instagram Video as part of their Social Media Strategy.

Last week I declared my new love for Vine (which was acquired by Twitter, October last year). A mobile app that allows users to share 6 seconds worth of video content. Remember when I said, “move  over Instagram, there’s a new kid on the block?” Well, I guess I should of known, that is was only a matter of time before Facebook jumped on the bandwagon.

Instagram (which was acquired by Facebook April last year ), just rolled up an update with video sharing capabilities. This new functionality allows Instagram users to share 15 seconds worth of video. The update also includes their famous filters.

What does this mean for Vine? Is video sharing, the new craze in social media. Well, Only Time Will Tell.

I am very interested to see how this will pan out in the coming months. Specifically how fashion & beauty bloggers will take advantage of this new video medium, as more and more people start participating.

Since Instagram, have just released their update towards the end of last week, I haven’t played around with it yet. I will come back with feedback when I do. So for today let’s talk about vine.


This week after exploring the app a little bit more, I thought it would be great to share some tips on finding your way through “The Vine”.

Vine is a micro vlogging app that allows the user to tell a story within only 6 secs. This can be challenging but it does make you think outside the box and allows you to be creative in the way you deliver your message or tell your story.

Vine is available for both android and iphone users. Since Vine is a part of twitter, you can easily start by following all your twitter friends. This is a great option, especially when you are new to the app and don’t know who to follow. I like this integration, because chances are, if you are following someone on twitter, you are already interested in their content to begin with. Hence, making following other users so much easier. The only draw back, (or rather a good to have functionality) would be the ability to follow multiple users at the same time. If you follow a lot of people on twitter it can be time consuming going to each and every profile and manually following them.

In terms of looking for new content, the app allows you to use  hashtags to filter and search for content you are interested in; and of course you can also use the editor’s pick.

When recording your clips, you can use the front or back facing camera on your phone. The footage can be “edited” by simply taping and releasing the screen. This function can be used to create a stop motion like effect or add different points of view, rather than having a continuous stream of video, from a single point of view.  This helps to make the clips more creative and interesting.

While a majority of vine users use the tool to make funny 6 second sketches, parodies, or to capture cutesy moments with their pets and children. There is huge potential for fashion and beauty bloggers/vloggers to use this app to engage with their audience and extend their brand.


Here are a couple of ways Fashion & Beauty Vloggers can incorporate vine or Instagram video as a social media strategy. A lot of bloggers shy away from the idea of including videos as a social media strategy, because of time, technical capabilities and resources. The fact that the app is on a phone which makes it accessible to the majority, and that the video is restricted to 6 to 15 seconds, makes it that much easier for bloggers who have been wanting to venture into vide,o but for one reason or another haven’t.

1. Outfit Posts: On top of images on your blog you can have a quick sneak peek of outfits on your vine or Instagram. This can vary from simply showing the outfit from different angles or footage of behind the scenes & prepping for your shoot. You could also make an announcement to your audience about what content is coming next  on your blog or YouTube Channel.

2. Unboxing and Hauls: This could be an easy way to show your audience items you have been purchasing and trying.

3. How To’s: Beauty bloggers can use this to swatches, product close ups, transformations, how to use certain products or DIY’s.

4. Brand Collaboration: Fashion & Beauty Bloggers can collaborate with brands to come up with interesting campaigns, involving engagement and user interaction.

5. Events: Bloggers can now vlog industry events and behind the scene happenings.

The sky is the limit & the possibilities are endless.

What do you think of Vine and Instagram video? Have you started using either of them as part of your social media strategy? Leave your thoughts and vine/Instagram handles in the comments below.

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