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I know for a lot of newly naturals who have big chopped, it is so common when browsing online for images for natural hair inspiration or watching natural hair Gurus on YouTube, to lust over long gorgeous locs of hair. Being human we always tend to think grass is greener on the other side.

Since I was natural for four years prior to my big chop (When I went “Natural” about four years ago, I simply transitioned without any knowledge concerning “Natural Hair”), I have dealt with my fair share of frustrations involved in having medium length natural hair. I wouldn’t say my hair was long, but I do have experience dealing with longer lengths of Natural Hair than what I have now.

Now that I have big chopped, I can see the advantages of having short natural hair. Being that I have been to the other side of the fence, I am more comfortable with this phase of my journey. I am 100% embracing the TWA stage and today I will give you five reasons why you should too!



You will never ever have a simpler hair regimen than you have now. This is a fact.

As much as we love long hair, having long hair is a lot of work. Achieving the desired length also requires a lot of work and dedication. This translates into having a plan or regimen that you follow to ensure that your hair is taken care of. At the TWA stage however there isn’t much that you need to do. At this point there is no styling that needs to be done, no detangling, no breakage, no single strand knots, no waiting for your hair to dry and certainly not much to think about when it comes to products.


Your hair does not need as much product, hence you save money.

As your hair grows, you will need an arsenal of products for styling, maintaining and moisturizing your hair. As you try to learn what your hair “likes” and doesn’t like, this may mean purchasing a bunch of products. Also, the amount of product you use now will increase significantly due to the length of your hair. This means, that bottle of conditioner that lasted you a month or more when you had a TWA, may need to get purchased much more often than that.


Save time + Wash and Goes are your best friend.

During the TWA phase you have the luxury of simply co-washing or shampooing your hair in less than 5 minutes. Its just that easy! You literally Wash and Go. This is a huge time saver in the morning, something that cuts down your morning ritual time tremendously. As your hair grows longer you may not be able to do Wash and Goes or you may not like the results. Whatever the case, this is the only time you will truly enjoy the Wash & Go and save a lot of time in the hair department. Make sure to take advantage of those extra minutes you save in the morning for something productive.


Hair Growth is fast and apparent.

The fastest hair growth that is noticeable to most naturals, is from the TWA phase to neck length. After achieving Neck length most naturals do feel like hair growth is less apparent or much slower. This may be caused by the fact that during this phase it is much easier to loose as much hair as you are growing. Hence, creating an illusion that your hair is simply not growing. Due to the nature of our hair,  it is much easier at this length for our curls and kinks to form points of stress and knots, if you are not very careful. At this point most naturals need to change their hair regimen to combat issues of breakage, single strand knots, split ends and tangling. This “slow growth” otherwise known as hair plateau can also happen at the shoulder to armpit length.


No Hair No Problems.

During the TWA phase because of short length and less manipulation, you are less likely to deal with most of the problems that come along with having long natural hair. Issues like dry hair, breakage, shedding, split ends, single strand knots, tangling, protein and moisture imbalance are least likely to give you a headache. At this point you are simply enjoying your hair and free of most of the problems longer haired naturals have to deal with in daily basis.

I think a huge part of this Natural Hair Journey, is to totally embrace the current state of your hair. Because it is only when you can accept your hair for what it is, then you will focus your energy and time in learning about your hair. If you can succeed in learning about your hair, half the battle is won. With patience, you hair will love you back and reward you with health and growth.

The best time of your natural hair journey is simply now, so enjoy it and embrace it because hair grows, and the TWA phase will certainly not last.

At what point of your natural hair journey did you learn to embrace your hair for what it is? What do you love about having a TWA? Leave your stories in the comments below.

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  1. Emilicia says:

    I just big chopped yesterday and i can not stop looking in the mirror or looking at myself in the front camera on my phone because i forget i cut my hair when im not looking at myself. Im. Not comfortable with it yet…ughhhh i feel like i need something to spice it up…. but its short so howwwww….

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