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I tend to stick to neutral, boring one color swimsuits. You know, your typical pink, navy, black one piece or bikini. The most adventurous I’ve been with my swimwear is floral designs or perhaps stripes.

Am I the only one who owns boring swimwear? It never really occurred to me that swimwear just like your everyday style, can also be flashy, loud, fashionable and fun. (If you want it to!)

Perhaps the reason beachwear tends to be so typical and boring, is that most of us ladies are subconscious about our bodies. We think wearing a loud swimsuit will bring even more attention to our bodies. So we hide behind a boring navy or black one piece.

But think about it! Wearing fun, colorful, bold swimwear can perhaps bring more personality to you as an individual and your beach style. It could even make you bold and confident…and confidence is Sexy.

That’s why I’m coveting these gorgeous colorful, not your typical swimwear from Nakimuli. Staying true to their vision, these swimsuits are trendy, innovative and fun. Whether at the beach or lounging at the pool, these swimsuits will make you stand out from the crowd.

I think my favorite is the bright delight convertible wrap swimsuit, which gives you the versatility of wearing your swimsuit in countless of ways.

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nakimuli, swimwear, fun swimwear, stylish swimwear, fashionable swimwear, bleached geo, bright delight



All images from Nakimuli

What do you think of bold colorfully designed swimwear? Let me know in the comments below.

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