Success…its not about the destination

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Can you believe its almost Fall? I’ve been browsing a lot of my favorite blogs and I’m starting to see Fall fashion and back to school essentials/tips almost everywhere.

All this got me thinking… Where has the year gone??? I mean seriously, we only got about 4 months ’till we move on to the next year! Can you believe that guys?

It just got me thinking about all the things I had planned to accomplish earlier this year…and where exactly am I in terms of  my goals. And of course, I started thinking about that one word we all love, you know, the S word…no I don’t mean that one silly!!!…I meant SUCCESS LOL.

I won’t say I’m an expert when it comes to success…but I do like to observe/read about the traits and habits of highly successful people (learning a few stuff on the way & hoping that one day I will get to where I wanna be…) and there is always a common theme that pops up.

I thought today being Sunday, it would be a great time to share these with you guys, so you got something to think about as you start a new week and as we work towards ending this year with a bang!

They say Rome wasn’t built in one day! To be successful you have to have perseverance, determination and faith. Because, Success…is certainly not about the destination. Its the pay off for the hard work you accumulate along the journey. While you keep your eyes on the prize, you will need to enjoy the journey.

So how do you keep yourself motivated along the way to your destination?

1. Set small attainable goals.

Instead of looking at the finish line or at the prize, give yourself weekly/daily achievable goals and celebrate them. This will keep you fresh and motivated to keep up with your tasks. Being able to look back and review these small goals, will give you the inspiration to keep on going.

2. Have a plan and stick to it no matter what!

That is where perseverance comes in. Its so easy to get fired up when you start something. We all start the New Year fired up with a bunch of resolutions. But how many of us really stick to them? When the going gets tough… its so easy to come up with excuses. This leads us to…

3. Turn your journey into a lifestyle.

In college, most of us fell into the trap of procrastination (at least that’s what I would like to believe. That I’m not the only one …LOL) We keep putting up studying or doing our home work ’till the last minute only to stay up all night studying or completing that paper that you have to submit the next morning.

It sucks and you always tell yourself, “next semester I’ll start studying from day one!”… but for some reason you don’t!

Unless you were one of those perfect A students, of course.  Most successful students put in the effort from Day 1 and it showed. They were more confident, more prepared, less stressed and of course successful!

Unfortunately, this is one rule that applies to anything you want in life. You can not crash diet for a week and expect to have the body of a person who trains regularly and eats healthy on a daily basis.

Whatever it is you are trying to be successful in, turn it into a lifestyle, make it a routine and turn it into a habit.

4. Work smarter NOT harder.

We all think that as long as we work hard at something we will succeed. But in reality as much as it sucks, its only those who work smarter that succeed.

In whatever it is that you are trying to be successful at, I bet there are a lot more people out there who are trying to do the same thing. So how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd? By making sure what your doing actually works, being realistic, daring to be different, being innovative & thinking outside the box.

Let me give you a quick example (its not the best but it will work!) Lets say someone tells you they need to move 10 boxes from the 11th floor to the ground floor. They will pay $1000 to anyone who can do it within the shortest amount of time. Lets say there is two of you.

You have no idea there is an elevator in the building and you attempt to bring the boxes manually down the stairs. Your competitor finds a secret elevator in the building and beats you to it!

Would you argue that you deserved the money because you worked way harder than the other guy who simply used the elevator?

In the end, it doesn’t matter how hard you worked, but how efficient you are at your work!

5. Have a supportive group to keep you accountable.

Surround yourself with like minded individuals. You need people who will cheer you on. Who will motivate you, who will give you the wisdom you need and mentor you. You certainly don’t  need negative Nancys’ or people who will keep you from doing what your supposed to do because “its boring”.

If you don’t have a support group, find ways to keep yourself accountable. What good is it to start something and then give up on it. Its okay to take occasional breaks in order to re-charge or change direction when needed, but don’t quit altogether!

Lastly, be patient. No body succeeds at anything over night. Most successful people work their butts off and  put in a lot of hard work consistently.

They practice a lot, don’t take no for an answer, never compromise, never make excuses.

At times they make mistakes, doubt themselves, hit rock bottom, but they keep on going.

They are very focused on what they need to achieve and they are very disciplined through sweat, blood and tears, before they finally become Successful. And once they get to their destination they keep on going because they have drive and are never complacent

…So keep on working on it and don’t give up!

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How do you keep yourself motivated through your journey to success? share your thoughts below.

I wish you all a successful week ahead!

As always,

Thnx so much for stopping by,

Much love & Stay blessed,



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