Pregnancy Look Book: The Basic Skirt

Pregnancy Look  Book - The Basic Sirt

To me pregnancy is a time I want to be totally comfortable but yet I refuse to look frumpy. I believe what you wear can greatly enhance your mood, self-confidence, how you feel and it can even affect how your day goes.

During a time where you feel bloated, morning sickness, tired, back aches, heartburn, swollen and sometimes just darn unsexy..its important to dress up. If anything at least to improve your mood.

I also don’t like to invest much into adding specialty maternity wear to my wardrobe, WHY you ask? Well I just don’t feel like its a good investment buying clothes that I will only wear 9 months out of a year. (Actually less..if you factor in the time that you won’t be showing and you can still fit into your old clothes.)

I think its kind of a waste especially if you don’t know how soon or if  you are ever going to be pregnant again! So you have invested in maternity wear and you’ve had your baby, what do you do with the maternity pieces? Hide them away in a box and hope that the next time your pregnant again the clothes are still in fashion? No offense to anyone who enjoys maternity wear.

That is why I’m in love with this basic skirt I got from H&M. The skirt has a stretchy material that will expand and take the form of your body as you gain weight throughout your pregnancy. It is great for any trimester no adjusting the waist or anything.

BONUS: You can wear it post pregnancy as well, weather you loose weight or not!

I love these skirts so much that I got 3 pairs. Two in black and one in purple. I think they are a great addition to your wardrobe because you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and beyond. They have a soft stretchy material and are very comfortable.

Look 1:

Purple Blouse: H&M  (Similar: Brigitte Bailey Sophey Blouse)

Black Basic Skirt: H&M (Similar: Topshop Midi Tube Skirt)

Kitten Heels: Old Pair (Similar: Nine West Austin Pumps)

In the first look I paired the skirt with a transparent purple blouse also from H&M. I love the material of this blouse very soft and feminine. You can wear this look to the office or even to a simple dinner with friends and family.

Look 2:

Black Tank Top: H&M (Similar: GAP Essential Skinny Cami)

Purple Basic Skirt: H&M (Similar: Topshop double layer Midi Skirt Tube Skirt)

Beige Cardigan: The New Yorker (Similar: Eileen Fisher Oval Cardigan)

Kitten Heels: Old Pair (Similar:  Nine West Austin Pumps)

In the second look I paired it with a black tank top and a beige cardigan. This look can also be worn to work, a weekend out with family or friends, or just lounging at home.

When I want to dress up an outfit during pregnancy but don’t want to compromise feeling comfortable my go to shoes are kitten heels. Kitten heels are low enough not to hurt your feet or  back and they are not as low as flats. So you can still add height and a little something extra to your outfit.

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