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I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are safe, well and looking forward to the New Year. I just wanted to pop in and bring you another segment of  “Behind the YouTube Vlogger”. In today’s segment I would love for you to meet Violet the creative beauty vlogger behind LeStyleNerd

“Dark lips are so fun! If I had to throw away all my colors I’d keep this one “Viva La Violet” by Revlon”
~Violet Of LeStyleNerd – YouTube Beauty Vlogger~

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, My name is violet, I’m 21, Im a college student studying journalism and I absolutely love to do anything creative.

What or who inspired you to start a YouTube Channel?

After watching beauty gurus for the heck of it (I was never into make up although I subscribe to many of them, their voices are so calming and they are entertaining) I ended up getting into makeup. I already had a YouTube channel where I would upload comedy sketches and rants and stuff so naturally I got the courage to start a beauty channel.

Describe your Channel?

Me bringing a ball of energy and awkwardness to the beauty world. I basically come up with an idea and embark on a tutorial that same day.

How long have you been on YouTube?

My beauty channel has been in existence (existence? what am i a species? lol) since this past August. But I have been making videos on YouTube since fall 2009.

What Camera and Software Editing Tools do you use?

Camera: Canon T3 Rebel Editing: iMovie Where do you get inspiration for your videos?

Music Videos, photos, makeup blogs, and random conversations with my friends.

What is the most frustrating thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?

Malfunctions i.e. internet uploading slow, camera out of focus when you’ve been filming for 15 minutes, or even shutting off.

What is the best thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?

Watching an idea come to life and getting feedback from the people who come across the videos.

How do you balance time between your personal life and YouTube schedule?

Um, wow there is no exact line. If I want to film something I go head and do it… and if friends happen to be around they usually get sucked into helping lol. When I’m in school and I have tons of homework I’ll film and edit a video if it won’t take too long, just so it doesn’t stick in the back of my mind (that’s bad I know).

Have you met any of your viewers in real life?

No I have not. BUT I have met a few of my favorite YouTubers in real life.

Do you have any interesting story to tell about your YouTube life and real life crossing paths?

Does having your hair crush compliment you on a video you did about her count? I recently did a video about Kaylin Garcia and her signature hairstyles and she ended up seeing it and saying she liked it. It was the best thing ever.

Please mention one video that you have made that is your favorite, and why? 

Its a tie between the Kaylin Video and the Rihanna Victoria Secret video. They both took so much work to put together and I had fun representing myself as closely to both ladies as possible. Recreating looks are so much fun.

How long have you been Natural? Describe your Hair Journey.

I only had a perm in my hair twice when I was about 12 (to keep my hair manageable during the summer/when school started. It was never a reoccurring thing afterwards). So technically all my life. I stopped using heat in my hair as of January 1st of this year. It came about after my hair lost its hold. For some reason my hair wasn’t trained for heat anymore and it would puff out before I finished pressing my whole head. At the same time I started to notice my curl pattern and I guess you can say I got intrigued by what it would look like if my hair was healthy. I decided that I wanted to explore my hair and get it to big and curly.

“Finding different places to take outfit photos for my blog is always fun!”
~Violet Of LeStyleNerd – YouTube Beauty Vlogger~

What Is Your Hair Regimen and Favorite Products?

Oh God this question is tricky! I’m just getting this down pack. But its detangle with water and a comb, Wash hair with shampoo, Rinse out and go through with paddle brush.  Apply leave-in conditioner and begin sealing with an oil and lastly I put my hair in twists applying a cream for moisture.

To name a few:

What is your favorite Natural Hair Style?

I would have to say a french braid. It pulls everything out of my face and makes me feel a bit mature.

What is the best thing about being Natural?

Watching your hair do amazing things and the pride of getting comfortable with what is growing from your head.

What is the most frustrating thing about being Natural?

Having a great hair day (i.e. wonderful twist out) and the next day it will not come out the same.

What advice do you have to those who are newly natural or are considering going natural?

There will be days when you’ll want to go back. You may have a day or even a week of bad results. It will get tempting! The key is to invest in a bad hair day hair style.

What are three beauty products you can’t live without?

Liquid eyeliner, Victoria’s Secret lip gloss, An eyebrow pencil.

What are Some of your favorite beauty tips or tricks?

I don’t want to give those away just yet because I have a tips and tricks video coming up soon. Stay tuned. ;-)

List 9 random things that your viewers may not know about you.

9 random things about Violet of LeStyleNerd
~YouTube Beauty Vlogger~

1. I have a rabbit
2. I love old music and movies (1920-1960s)
3. I want to get into fashion as a career
4. I have mild OCD
5. I used to play basketball/I used to be a tomboy
6. I still watch cartoons
7. I am a product junkie
8. I hate wash and gos
9. I love to sleep in… like 12pm-1pm sleep in lol

Who are some of the other YouTube Vloggers that you enjoy watching?

Beauty/Style – Jlovesmac1, Dulce Candy, AkayDoll, NitraaB, MissGlamorazzi,Emotistyle (just found them)


Non-Beauty –  Jenna Marbles, Daily Grace, DavidSoComedy, CTFXC, and Banallisonsplit (she’s hilarious)

What is your advice to those just starting out or thinking about starting out on YouTube? 

Just do it! If you have an idea do it! its fun. If it sucks you can always delete and if its great others will get joy from it.

What would you like to tell your viewers? 

Don’t be afraid to talk to me and thank you so much for subbing.

“When I decided to go all natural and before I decided to dye my hair.”
~Violet Of LeStyleNerd – YouTube Beauty Vlogger~

Where else can we find you on the web? 

Subscribe on YT: LeStyleNerd

Follow me on Twitter: @missdesigner91

Stalk me on Instagram: v_banks

Visit my Tumblr:

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