Holiday Gift Ideas For The “Naturally Proud” Naturalista In Your Life: Part 2

Hey y’all, I hope that last minute shopping isn’t getting too overwhelming now…I’m back with some other gift ideas for the naturalista in your life…this time we will focus on that one sista who is so proud of being natural and loves to show it!


            I really ♥ these Tees found at the designs are very pretty and creative. The words are simple and to the point.

Aren’t these Iphone cases just the cutest you’ve seen? they come in metal or plastic. They can be found at

This chic Ceramic Travel sized Mug can be found @ cafepress and was designed by Modern Locs.

J. Monae’s signature style has been such a  big inspiration to many naturalista’s…this cute tote bag pays tribute to her influence in fashion and music. It can be purchased at QuellyRueDesigns shop @ Etsy.

What are some of your Gift Ideas for the “Naturally Proud” naturalista? Share in the comment section below.

‘Till next time



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