The Art Of Mixing Prints


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I’ve been admiring the art of mixing prints from afar, but have been reluctant going down that route myself.

I looked at my wardrobe the other day and realized, I don’t own prints!!!

For instance, I don’t have anything striped! I know this is a basic wardrobe staple but I avoided this trend when it came around years ago because it reminded me of striped prison uniform. But I must say, stripes are not going anywhere and they are growing on me.

I also got my first animal print scarf, pumps & clutch this year. Why did I shy away from animal print, you ask, I have no idea.

The only print I found in my wardrobe is florals. I’ve been wondering why I don’t own prints and came to the conclusion, that maybe the idea of wearing prints scared me coz I’m a minimalist at heart who adores clean plain finishes.

Although most of the pieces in my wardrobe are in one solid color, I’ve been more and more drawn to prints and have been slowly adding them into the mix.

I think its a great way to spice up an outfit especially in the fall and winter season, when we tend to stick to neutrals and monochromatic shades of browns, reds, blacks & grays.

If you’re looking to add some prints into your wardrobe for the Fall/Winter seasons, animal print is a great one that never goes out of fashion, you can also do camo, plaid, herringbone, houndstooth, tweed & brocade.

But before you attempt this art, here are a few tips I’ve noticed from those who got the art of mixing prints down to a science:

- Polka dots and stripes always make a great pair.

- Keep the prints in the same color family

- Mix big prints with smaller prints.

- Keep accessories to a minimum.

- Leopard print is compatible to most prints.

-If you’re shy about print mixing start with accessories like your shoes, bag/clutch, outerwear and even jewelry.

Most of all don’t take yourself too seriously and have some fun. Style is supposed to be a creative outlet that takes you through an exciting journey of self expression and self discovery.

What do you think of mixing prints and how do you mix up prints in your outfits?


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am SO scared of prints.. LOL!
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