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For those of you who follow me on instagram, you already know that I arrived in my motherland, Tanzania last week. I will be here for a couple of more weeks for a short long vacay. The internet is not the most reliable, so I wont be able to have my regular posts and will definitely not be able to upload any videos until I get back. But I will be popping up on the blog whenever I can with my travel photo diary. I will only be able to resume regular posts when I get back in November. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these random travel posts.

To start with, I wanted to share with you guys my experience on Turkish Airways. This was my first time traveling with them & I was quite impressed with their service. I usually have very low expectations when it comes to airline food. Especially with most airlines now skimping on food and even making passengers pay extra for meals.

The Menu

Smoked Salmon

French Green Bean Salad With Yoghurt

A choice between:

Stuffed Eggplant with Minced Beef tomato sauce / rice


Chicken Skewer with Arabic Spice sauteed leaf spinach / rice

Vanilla Pannacotta

Oven fresh bread selection

Snack Service

Cheese Sandwich & Sour Cherry Cake

I must say Turkish airways exceeded my expectations, the seats were very comfortable, the entertainment was great and the food was truly delicious. The quality of food was very close to what you would expect in a restaurant.

Now for the negatives…The International Airport at Istanbul where we had to connect flights was super busy and I was really surprised at the amount of people that actually travel in October.

It was super packed and hot! Most of the passengers waiting for their connecting flights had nowhere to sit. Hence lots of them opted to sit down on the floor as they were waiting.

I really think the airport can not handle the capacity of all the planes coming in and out. If they could expand it, it would be great, other than that it is really beautiful and has a lot of great dining areas. Including Starbucks and Popeyes for the coffee and fast food lovers.

Another thing that wasn’t so pleasant traveling with Turkish Airways was the fact that the plane arrives in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania at 2:00 AM on a Tuesday. This can be really inconvenient for hosts picking passengers up, especially if they have to show up for work in the morning.

I’m now very curious and would love to know about experiences on some of these other less popular airlines. What are your experiences with some of these airlines?

Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,

Much Love & Stay Blessed,


9 Responses to Travel Photo Diary :: Airline Food

  1. Georgina says:

    The menu sounds absolutely wonderful! I rarely get meals on planes (as most of my travel is within the US *so far*) but I love that you have shown up photos of what is given!
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    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Thnx Georgina, I was pleasantly surprised as most food on international flights isn’t as pleasant :) Hope you get to travel internationally it is a great experience. xoxo

  2. Aleksandra says:

    This looks delicious. :) Love your blog. I follow you by Bloglovin. :) Would you like to follow me back? I’m waiting for new post dear. Kisses :*
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  3. Have so much fun on your trip! Be safe and enjoy! That airline food actually looks YUM! Glad they exceeded your expectations.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hey Shanna, thnx I actually got back from my trip already & it was really lovely. You must of stumbled across one of my old posts :)

  4. Gozika says:

    What a luxury for plane food :D

    xoxo Gozika

  5. Great pictures!!!!

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