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On Wednesday we celebrated Eid here in Tanzania. The country has a big population of both Christians and Muslims, therefore we get to celebrate holidays from both religions. I remember a couple of things growing up in a diverse religious environment. One was hearing the prayer time announcements through loud speakers from the mosque in the wee hours of the morning.

The best memories was surrounding Eid celebrations, even though my family was not Muslim, some of my close relations were and we got to be part of the celebrations.

I remember as a child the confusion we had trying to figure out if the next day was going to end up being a holiday or not. We had to watch out for the moon which was mostly not a reliable source or stay up late listening to the radio waiting to hear the official announcement.

If it was announced that it was not a holiday, most kids still skipped school the next day. Their excuse would be that they thought it was a holiday. Of course the teachers wouldn’t buy that and everyone who missed school that day would get in trouble.

The next thing I remember, was the food. Rice Pilaf (Pilau in Swahili) is a traditional Tanzanian holiday food. Any celebration is not complete without it!

On Wednesday, mom made Rice Pilaf and I made Chicken Curry and we had it with a side of delicious Salad. Yes I did say delicious Salad! One thing that I had forgotten about things like tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and carrots here, is that even though they look so tiny as compared to what we are used to buying in the grocery stores abroad, they are filled with so much flavor and are so delicious. This goes for eggs, meat, milk, fruits etc All the food is just so flavorful! bon appetit!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Georgina says:

    Dee, my mouth waters just reading about all of the delicious food (and I loved the cute story about the kids, my parents never would have let me skip though – wayyy too strict!) xo
    Georgina recently posted..Her Haus: Simplicity in Bedroom DecorMy Profile

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