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Hi luvs,

Since the holidays are coming most of you are probably planning mini trips and vacations whether to spend the holiday season with loved ones or as a personal time out. I thought I would share with you guys, some tips which I thought would be helpful traveling with natural hair.  I hope these tips will help you keep your hair in its best condition as you travel.

If you’ve been natural for a while, then you’re aware that most of the products and things that we “naturals” use are not always available at our fingertips wherever we go. Therefore, it requires a fair amount of planning when thinking of what you need and what you plan to do for your hair to keep it as manageable and taken care of as you were in the comfort of your own home.

1. Get details about your new location.

Things like change of weather can be very detrimental to our type of hair. Figuring out if your new location is experiencing cold or hot weather, will help you determine the hair style you should be planning to wear on your trip and the type of hair products you will be taking with you.

In my case, I knew I was heading to an extremely hot and humid location, therefore I did take very light oils like jojoba & Grape seed oil with me.

Best believe I do not pack light, whenever I travel with my husband, we always have “the talk” about how much I’m packing, because I have a problem picking out, what I think I need vs what I really need. On my defense, I’m one of those people who believes its better to have something and not use it, rather than not packing it all and ending up needing it.

But with baggage restrictions, I had to get realistic about the amount of products I took with me. Packing you’re full sized products in small travel sized bottles can help you diversify your product selection while keeping your baggage light!

Just make sure you pack all the products you absolutely can NOT live without, because depending on where you’re heading you may not have access to some of those goodies you enjoy.

2. Choose a hairstyle depending on the information above.

If you’re heading to a cold place, opt for protective styling. This will ensure that you keep your hair protected from the harsh weather and you’re able to keep styling at a minimum. Styling less often will help you save time, so that you can concentrate on what brought you on the trip rather than worrying about keeping up with a strict regimen.

In my case I chose finger coils, which I maintained for the whole time I was there. I simply co washed my hair in the morning, used my styling products, coiled my hair and was out the door. My hair maintained moisture and needed minimum maintenance. Both I and my hair were happy!

3. Cut yourself slack and don’t expect to maintain a strict rigid schedule or regimen as you would in the comfort of your home

You may not have the luxury of doing a DC treatment, following through on an ongoing challenge you are doing or doing a time intensive style like mini twists and that is perfectly ok. Just skip that part of your routine and plan on resuming it as soon as you get home.  I personally did not shampoo, ditched my fall castor oil challenge coz I felt as though the castor oil was way to heavy for the heat. Did not deep condition or do Hot Oil Treatment’s. I only co-washed for the duration of my trip.

Lastly don’t stress too much about your hair and enjoy your trip!


Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,

Much Love & Stay Blessed,


2 Responses to Tips on traveling With Natural Hair

  1. Imogen says:

    Great idea for a post. This is all so true but not everything I would have thought of initially. I often find this hard when I’m on holiday and expect myself to keep up with my usual hair regime. Got to make sure enjoyment is the top priority while on holidays. I wish you the best for the new year.
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    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Thanks Imogen, I know it doesn’t always come easily to just relax and let go of some things we are accustomed to.Happy New Year!

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