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Hey luvs,

I just got back to Stockholm last week, whew what a trip! As some of you know from my instagram @msdeekay2012 and the sparse updates here on the blog, I was in Tanzania for a month. Its been a crazy experience going from extreme heat to cold, rain and darkness but I’m not complaining…I’m beyond thankful to God for the opportunity and the time to re-collect.

Just as I thought, getting access to reliable internet was not possible, hence the almost a MONTH hiatus from the blog/vlog world, but with that, I was forced to have solitude and live a simpler life unplugged from it all.

At first it was extremely hard… it felt like I went on an internet fast lol! Most times I felt lost as to what to do with my time if I can’t be on the internet!!! Typical first world problems!

But later I was able to reconnect with my inner self. I learned that it was totally ok to be disconnected from the interwebs and that there was nothing extremely important… if anything the updates & emails could simply wait!  Yet I constantly had this feeling like I was missing out on something.

This made me appreciate the simpler things in life, like all the nature around me, the people, the food & life. I was also forced to see things from a different perspective.

Hence the pictures of the trees above…just a little reminder to self, that while I’m busy out here, I should take some time to sit back and really appreciate my immediate surroundings and the beauty God has given us that’s just within our reach, shall we decide to see it!

Although it may be dark, freezing and gloomy outside, I should make a conscious effort to be outside more often (..note to self: hanging out in the mall DOES NOT COUNT) , instead of staying glued to my computer and phone all the time.

The time I had was much appreciated, as I was able to take some time to reflect before the year ends.  To make early resolutions and plans as to what I want to accomplish within the next year.

Coincidentally it felt like everything came full circle as I’m back just in time for the one year anniversary of this blog & my YouTube channel, which happens to be next week!

This week I’ll continue to post some of the pictures and outfits from my trip, and I plan to resume regular posts next week.

Top :: Topshop Strapy Navy Cami

Jeans :: H&M Super Skinny Super Low Jeans

Shoes :: New Look Stone Richie Heeled Pointed Court Shoes via ASOS

Clutch :: ASOS New Look Ariel Leopard Sleek Envelope Clutch Bag

Acessories :: ASOS Double Row Chain Bracelet



Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,

Much Love & Stay Blessed,


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4 Responses to Living the simple life unplugged + OOTD

  1. Nymphashion says:

    Very nice, simple look, you look very pretty!

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  2. Karly Kim says:

    You are so beautiful! I want your legs, omg!
    Karly Kim recently posted..Cooking With KarlyMy Profile

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