Turkish Delights, Organic Hibiscus Tea & the LBD






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The thing I enjoy the most when travelling is trying out different foods and indulging my food buds with whatever the locals have to offer. When in transit in Turkey, we got a couple of boxes of Turkish Delights, a popular Middle Eastern treat. Surprisingly this was the first time I had ever heard of, or tried this exotic treat!

My thoughts? If you got a sweet tooth this is something you’ve got to try! They come in many different flavors of nuts and fruits. The box I tasted was pistachio and coconut flavored. If I were to describe it, it tastes like jelly & marshmallows mixed with nuts and coconuts. I thought it was way to sweet and could barely have more than two. I had to take small little bites with my tea.

I had the treat with Organic Hibiscus Tea, which I had for the first time as well. Apparently, this tea was a favorite in ancient Egypt among the Pharaos and was considered the primary royalty beverage, for its ability to prevent diseases and promote health and vitality. I found the tea to be very refreshing in the heat, as it has the ability to cool the body as well;  thus its popularity in tropical regions.

Speaking of staying cool, this little black lace dress I got from H&M was perfect for just that. When packing for a trip, one outfit that is essential and will never fail you is a  little black or white dress. The great thing about a little black/white dress is it can be dressed down with sandals or flats for a full day of exploring. Come night, pull out your favorite heels and some accessories for a fun night out on the town and you’re good to go!

Little Black Dress :: H&M Old, Other Options – 1, 2, 3, 4

Heels :: New Look Thick Ankle Strap Heeled Court Shoes

Clutch :: ASOS New Look Ariel Leopard Sleek Envelope Clutch Bag

And if you’re looking for a little black lace dress for the upcoming holiday season, don’t fret coz I got you covered, just check out the many picks below :)

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  1. Darcy says:

    That is such a pretty dress!!

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