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Hi luvs,

I know it’s technically spring in most parts of the world but here in Stockholm, Sweden we unexpectedly got some snow yesterday morning so….we’re technically still in “winter” season lol. When it comes to my hair, this means sticking with a regimen that will keep my hair moisturized during this dry, cold weather.

In my 6 months post big chop update I mentioned that I will continue to incorporate Castor Oil into my regimen as a way to grow my hairline. Not only have I experienced a lot of growth with this regimen, I have also experienced a general improvement to the thickness, moisture retention and health of my hair.

These are the steps that I have been using as part of my regimen:

Every night before bed or rather most nights that I don’t feel lazy, I would wet my hair with water either in the shower or with a spritz bottle because water is the best moisturizer. I would then apply a generous amount of JBCO into my hair making sure all the strands are fully saturated. I then place a plastic bag on my head and tie it down with a satin scarf and head to bed. The next morning I would wake up to super soft moisturized tangle free hair. I would then proceed with the rest of my hair regimen.

I also do this during the day when I’m home and I feel like my hair is dry and needs a little TLC. If you plan on doing this you can use any oil of your choice or even a blend of oils. I always make sure to do this the night before wash day and it really helps for a better detangling session.

My hair has grown a lot these past 3 months and even though I’m loving the growth, I’ve also noticed that now it is more susceptible to tangles and knots. What I ‘ve found is that when hair is dry it tends to stick to each other and cause knots and tangles that we all love to hate. This method keeps the hair moist which in turn prevents the hair from tangling on itself.

UPDATE: I no longer use this regimen as of APRIL 2014 I do the maximum hydration method regimen.

Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,

Much Love & Blessings,



3 Responses to Natural Hair | How I keep my 4c TWA moisturized

  1. Rain says:

    I picked up a bottle of this at the store last month after my sisters insisted that i do so :-)
    I love it. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago (Tropics, Caribbean etc).
    I just found your site. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I BC on November 16th and i absolutely love my natural hair.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Rain, good to hear you’re loving your natural hair :) Congratulations on the BC :) YAY to Trinidad and Tobago would love to visit some day. Happy Holidays to you :)

      • Rain says:

        Thank you Ms. DeeKay,
        Hope that you enjoyed your Holidays also. You would really love it here, especially if you’re into eco travel and a pumping nightlife. See you in the new year.

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