Naptural85′s DIY all purpose homemade Hair and Body Oil: A review

So if you don’t know about Naptural85′s DIY oil mixture or what I’m talking about… I urge you to go check out Naptural85’s video right now!

My hair and skin loves this stuff! I have been using this mixture for a while now and I wanted to write about my experience.

So first things first…How do you make it? An easy way to find out is to watch her video.

For those of you like me who love illustrations/documentations…I got something for you.

Naptural85's DIY Oil mixture

So what are the benefits of all these oils? Listed are just some of the many benefits of the individual oils for our hair and skin.

Olive Oil:

  • Penetrates the skin and provides a shield of moisture, keeping the skin smooth and supple.
  • Soaks into the skin without making it feel greasy.
  • Great moisturizer especially during the dry cold winter months.
  • Contains free radicals that help fight aging and skin damage.
  • Good deep conditioner for dry or damaged hair.
  • When used lightly can help combat frizz.
  • Acts as an anti dandruff.
  • Strengthens the hair.

Jojoba oil:

  • Helps maintain the oil balance in the scalp and prevent overbuild up that may clog hair follicles.
  • Great moisturizer (Keeps moisture locked in hair strands).
  • A close match to our natural hair/skin oil sebum therefore helps balance and maintain the balance of oil on our scalp and skin
  • Acts as a protective shield from bacteria and dirt.
  • Helps reduce and prevent stretch marks.

Castor Oil:

  • Penetrates skin prevents viruses and bacteria helping to cure acne.
  • Helps heal scars.
  • Thickens eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Prevents hair loss and helps regenerate hair by protecting the scalp.
  • Using castor oil on scalp and roots of your hair helps regenerate hair growth and thickens the hair.
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny.
  • Prevents stretch marks.
  • Removes moles and warts.
  • Removes age spots.

Sweet Almond

  • a humectant meaning it retains and/or preserves moisture.
  • It is a good moisturizer which softens the skin.
  • It can be used to reduce dry flaky itchy skin caused by eczema psoriasis and rashes.
  • Can also be used on scalp to relive dryness and to condition hair.
  • It is great for all skin types.
  • It is non greasy and easily absorbed.
  • Improves complexion and glow.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lightens dark circles under the eyes.
  • Cures chapped lips and body rashes.

Avocado Oil:

  • Softens and moisturizes skin and hair.
  • Helps heal sunburn, scars and reduces age spots.
  • relieves dryness of skin and itching caused by eczema and psoriasis.
  • assists in rejuvenation and regeneration of skin. Increases amount of collagen on skin.
  • lightweight and easily absorbed by hair and skin.
  • strengthens hair and gives it shine.
  • has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Vitamin E oil:

  • provides moisture as well as antioxidant properties.
  • Can be used for skin healing and preservation.
  • Prevents and repairs free radical damage great for brown spots and scars.
  • Helps repair split ends and hair damaged from heat (blow drying), curling and coloring.
  • Can be used to heal or prevent sunburn and chapped lips.
  • Speeds up cell regeneration.
  • Promotes blood circulation to the scalp.

So how do I personally use this oil mixture?

For my Hair:

1. As a Preshampoo and deep hot oil treatment

The night before my wash I usually braid my hair in four sections and apply the oil from roots to end trying to coat all strands while I separate them and dry detangle. Once done I put on a plastic cup and  a satin scarf and leave it in overnight.

The next morning my hair is usually deeply moisturized and this makes my detangling session in the shower much easier.

2. As a sealant

After I wash my hair and use my leave in conditioner of choice, I usually add some drops of the oil prior to styling my hair to lock in moisture.

Also Every morning and night after I apply my aloe vera and water mix I follow up with the oil to seal the moisture in.

3. Styling

Most of the time it is the only product I use when re-twisting at night. It helps me achieve elongated and stretched twist outs in the morning.

My husband also uses the oil for his hair and it keeps it moisturized and shiny throughout the day.

For my Skin:

1. Body Oil:

I use it on my body especially now during pregnancy I have been rubbing it on my belly.

I really believe the combination of all these beneficial oils has a therapeutic effect on my body. After a warm/hot shower and massaging this oil over my skin I usually feel more relaxed and prepared to tackle the day in the morning or ready for a good night sleep during the nights.

I also use it on my face as a light oil moisturizer. Since it can get really cold here in Sweden, my face tends to get dried up quite a bit especially in the morning when I wake up. So after I wash my face, I use a few drops to keep it moisturized.

2. Lip Oil.

I take a little bit of shea butter on the palm of my hand and add a drop of the oil. It melts the shea butter and I use it to moisten my lips especially during the winter months, when my lips are more prone to drying and getting chapped.

I also use the same technique (use it to melt some shea butter..) to apply it on my 3 year old sons skin and he loves it.

3. Make up removal

I add a few drops to a cotton ball and use it to wipe out make up from my face.

The whole family loves  this oil, thanks Naptural 85!

So where do I shop for my oil ingredients?

So right now I live in Stockholm Sweden, and it gets kind of hard buying large bottles of natural oils. I have gone to several health shops and they stock tiny little bottles which don’t last me very long.

So I order most of my oils from amazon from a shop called “Naissance”  (they are on and mostly ship to Europe. They sell up to 1 to 5 liter bottles if you like. An added bonus for UK residents, they usually have free shipping deals. I love them because they are really fast and prompt with their deliveries. I get my Vitamin E Oil from another shop also on amazon called “The Aromatherapy Shop” also on (PS: Not a sponsored post, this is my personal experience)

The only oil I get from local grocery stores is Olive Oil, which is readily available.

The links to the oils I buy below, just incase someone wants to check them out or order from there.

Now here are some questions for you guys!

Are there any naturals in Sweden or Europe region? How do you shop for your natural oils? Do you have any recommendations for affordable places to get natural oils?

And to everyone else have you used Naptural 85’s oil mixture? How do you use it? And what do you love about it?

Share your comments, suggestions below…I really look forward to hearing your experiences.

By the way Naptural85( Whitney) and her husband (Filipe) just welcomed their daughter Olivia into the world. I would like to give them congratulations on their new blessing and addition to their family.

Until Next Time


Ms. Dee Kay


33 Responses to Naptural85′s DIY all purpose homemade Hair and Body Oil: A review

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  2. Dominique says:

    I was wondering about the aloe vera mixture you mentioned. Why Aloe Vera ? And what ratio do you use when you mix it? I could use some extra, additive free moisture for my hair, badly! A lot of products I have tried that claim to be conditioning just wind up making my hair feel crunchy. So please let me know! Thanks!

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Dominique, Thanks so much for your question. Aloe Vera is a “humectant” so it helps attract moisture to your hair which in turns helps to keep it moisturized. Also it is close to the PH of your hair, therefore after you use shampoo or any products that alter your hair PH, Aloe vera will help balance it back closing the cuticles in the process. Closing the cuticles helps with “porosity”, the hair will be able to retain more moisture. The recipe that has been circulating around the net says half water, half Aloe Vera Juice. I vary the quantities depending on the needs of my hair.
      Since you asked, I will do a whole post on Aloe vera, its benefits and my experiences. So keep checking back here, I will try my best to have it up sometime next week. You can also subscribe so you can get a notification when I do. Hope that helps ♥

  3. Dominique says:

    Yup! That absolutely helps, thank you so much for writing me back!

  4. Lydz says:

    Hold up, wait a minute, you’re livin in Stockholm, ain’ it???!!!
    Coooool. A natural who speaks my language in the same damn country as I. People don’t get my natural hair talk like….’what you put oil in your hair?’ Oh my gosh this is sweet.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Yay! Stockholm in the house! hahahah I know exactly what ya mean! yah been living here for’bout 3 years now. Unfortunately my Swedish sucks lol. Great to be hearing from another natural in the country. It can feel very isolating. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog. I hope we can keep interacting and hopefully find other naturals in the area. If you have any local based questions, requests or want to reach out don’t hesitate to email me at and if they are specific questions that can help someone else who lives here then I can always make a post on the blog. Thanks again for reading!
      Much love and stay blessed ♥,

  5. Dot says:

    What’s the shelf life of this mixture once its made? Does it have to be placed in the Refrig?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi there, interesting question. Since I use this mixture a lot I don’t think I have gone more than a month without it being all used up. For that time frame I have never stored it in a fridge and it has stayed fresh. I guess if you’re looking to make it in batches you could store the rest of it in the fridge just in case. hope that was helpfull, thanks for stopping by, Dee

  6. DianaDT says:

    I live in England and I am grateful that I have been able to find all of the ingredients at Holland & Barrett natural health store. I love the oil and use it primarily on my scalp but will also use it on my feet to keep in moisture. The oils where kind of expensive so I try to use it sparingly but it was worth it!!

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Diana thanks for reading and for suggesting that store hopefully the info can help someone else in England. Yup these natural oils can get very expensive especially if you want all natural or organic. I try to use them sparingly as well.

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  8. Angyee says:

    Hi Diana, I live in England and got most of these oils from Asian shops and they are not as expensive as Holland & Barrett. Try checking there next time :D. They are all good quality too.

  9. Naundra says:

    Why no coconut oil?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      You can add or substitute any oil you prefer. This was a specific hair body oil recipe that Whitney Of Naptural85 likes to use. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Kay says:

    Ms. Dee Kay! thx for this..I live in Stkholm :) been a follower of Whitney for some time..been a natural for 1year 2 months and she has been a great inspiration! Indeed products are hard to find here in Sweden. Will check out Naissance! I need OILS! :) Weather has changed and hair is a bit dry! :( MOISTURE I NEED! :)

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Yay another stockholm natural! Yes Whitney is very inspirational :) Happy that I could help, I’ve found that its easy to find the most common oils for example coconut, olive etc.You could find castor oil, vitamin e and aloe vera in health shops but I’ve found them to be very expensive for tiny bottles as compared to purchasing online. Stockholm in the Fall and Winter can be very drying to our type of hair, so I understand your problems :) dont hesitate to contact me for anything else. I will be doing posts about finding natural hair products in sweden since I’ve been asked about this lately. But I cant promise when:)

  11. ash_angelle says:

    I have a question, I visited my local health store but I wasnt able to find all the oils because they were out of stock. Is it okay to still use this receipe on my hair even if I dont have all the ingredients??
    Thanx!! :)

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Sure, just improvise with what you have, you can also substitute oils to your liking :) thanks for stopping by and goodluck!

  12. Briana says:

    Could you add a little water to this or will it change everything?

  13. ms deekay I was wondering how often can I use this mix. I wear my hair up in braids all the time and was wondering can I use this as a daily oil for my scalp

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Yes you can. Just experiment with how often you can use it without it causing your hair and scalp build up.

  14. Marina says:

    Can you tell me how much of each oil in MLs
    .. We don’t use ounces in Australia .. How many times a week do you use this and is this ok for alopecia .. I heard coconut oil is good , can I add this ? And does it mean I have to remove another ingredient

  15. Cami says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I just received my oils from Their product selection is incredible. I didn’t check to see if they shipped outside the U.S.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      YAY Awesome!!! I hope you enjoy your oil mix, I think I checked them out before and I cant quite remember either lol

  16. KarA says:

    Can this be used on all hair types? I have fine hair but a lot of it.

  17. Evado says:

    Hi Ms.Dee Kay

    I live in Stockholm and i have been natural for two years now. I try to make my homemade hair butters and curl pudding. J have recently purchased oils from a Swedish website: in case you want to check it out. I have also made the blended oil you posted here. We will see how it goes. Glad to hear about others in Stockholm on their natural journey.

  18. Tammy says:

    Hi! I have been using your oil mixture for a few months and I love it!!! I have naturally curly hair and it was getting dry and going straight. This mixture put a lot of moisture to my hair and my curls are back! I use it once a week as a hot oil treatment. Thanks for posting this! Very grateful!

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