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In today’s post, I’ll be discussing the foundations of the Maximum Hydration Method, a method that I discovered only about a month ago and started using as part of my regimen only recently. This regimen is specifically designed for Type 4 hair and it’s specific needs. To understand the basis of this method please visit my previous post in this series, titled Misconceptions Of Type 4 Hair.

In the second post within this series I discussed, “What is the Maximum Hydration Method?”, I went over some of the techniques used as part of this method and the benefits of this method for Type 4 Hair.

The Maximum Hydration Method is a method that is comprised of regimens from other popular hair care systems as it’s foundations. Parts of these regimens have been put together like a puzzle to specifically cater to the special needs of people with Type 4 hair.

The first Hair Care System that has been incorporated into the Maximum Hydration Method is the Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Masey. The techniques that have been borrowed from the Curly Girl Method include:

1. Frequent and consistent use of co-washing.

Under The Maximum Hydration Method, it is recommended to Co-wash regularly and frequently. Regular and frequent co-washing means every 1 to 3 days. For the first 7 days or a month of doing this regimen, it is recommended to do it every single day. If you are busy and can’t do this every day then you can space it out to every other day or every 3 days but don’t go beyond 3 days. This helps to re-introduce water into the hair shaft. Also conditioner only lasts in the hair for up to 3 days.

2.  Gentle methods of cleansing and styling that do not strip the hair or cause build up. This is done by the use of Botanical Conditioners and Gels, for gentle cleansing and styling .

The method recommends sealing in the moisture with botanical gel and avoiding products that take away from  moisture retention or the ability to receive moisture. Therefore we are trying to avoid any ingredients within products that may hinder moisture absorption and retention. This is done by eliminating products that may block the hair cuticles and prevent them from receiving moisture, are drying to the hair and those that may cause build up to the hair. Therefore we avoid products that contain ingredients such as silicones, sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, denatured protein, greasy oils, heavy butters, salts and drying alcohols. We avoid all drying agents anything that may draw moisture from the hair cortex.

In this method the botanical conditioner is used for deep conditioning, co-washing, detangling, the moisturizing process, and the leave in conditioner as part of the wash and go. While the botanical gel is used instead of oil to seal in the moisture.

The second Hair Care System that has been incorporated into The Maximum Hydration Method, is the Tightly Curly Method by Teri Laflesh. The technique that has been incorporated from the method is the use of thick conditioners with lots of slip, being heavy handed with the conditioner during the detangling process and making sure that our hair receives conditioner into the hair shaft. Especially when you are just starting out with this regimen, you need to be heavy handed in order to ensure you have enough slip during detangling.

The third Hair Care System that has been incorporated into The Maximum Hydration Method is the use of the LCO (Liquid Cream Oil) and the LCOC (Liquid Cream Oil Cream) method of layering products into the hair. USE OF OIL IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and would be done during your wash and go while applying your botanical conditioner and gel. It is recommended to use a very light oil( in order to prevent build up) and also use it sparingly. If you feel that your hair needs oil as an extra step before the gel and  if you feel your hair benefits from it.  Always asses the needs of your hair and readjust accordingly.

The fourth Hair Care System that has been incorporated into The Maximum Hydration Method is the principles from the book “Hair Care Rehab” by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. The principles that have been incorporated into The Maximum Hydration Method from this book include the regular use of rinse treatments. Using regular rinse treatments within our regimen help us ensure we are lifting up the cuticles and allowing them to be more open to receiving moisture , we are removing build up that clogs our hair and prevents moisture from getting into the hair shaft, we are clarifying and detoxing the hair. They also help to lift up our cuticles and allow them to be more open to receiving moisture.These treatments include Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses (ACV), Baking Soda treatments and Mud/Clay washes like Bentonite Clay, Red Clay, French Green Sea Clay, Rhassoul Clay, European Clay and Terresentials. 

Another principle that has been incorporated from Hair Care Rehab into The Maximum Hydration Method is the use of ”Good” heat by regularly deep conditioning, doing the GHE (Green House Effect Method), steaming and warming your conditioner prior to applying it to your hair. All these techniques are meant to help the hair further in the process of absorbing and retaining moisture.

Incorporating these principles into our regimen accurately, consistently and frequently will result into Maximum Hydration over time. A term that means your hair has reached sufficient / optimum moisture levels. Once you reach this level you will benefit from your hair being able to hold on to moisture for longer periods of time, because of this your hair won’t be dry, won’t frizz up as quickly or easily, your curls will clump up allowing them to become more apparent and noticeable, the clumping will aid in eliminating tangles and knots, you will be able to keep your hair styles for longer periods of time without your hair frizzing up, your hair will be healthy because it is sufficiently moisturized and of course you will be happier with the condition of your hair.

In the next post I will outline the full Maximum Hydration Method Regimen as posted by pinkecube, the lady on Black Hair Media Forum who came up with this regimen/Method. After that I will start breaking down each step documenting what I’m doing with my own hair.

For more details and links to more information about this method visit my “The Maximum Hydration Method” page.

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4 Responses to Natural Hair |The Maximum Hydration Foundations

  1. Hoda says:

    Can I just say that I love how much thought and effort you put into your posts! They are always so informative and educated! Thank you! These are some great tips and I while I don’t have this type of hair, I am definitely forwarding this post to my friends that do! xx

    <(') Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  2. Ms LiLi says:

    Thank you so much for detailing this method. This is just day 2 for me and I already see great progress in my hair. I am 2.5 weeks post big chop and was so frustrated with my 4c hair that I was about to give up. Thank you and pinkcube for sharing this information.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      YAY that’s great, I love it when I see naturals starting their journey with this method, this means you will have a smooth journey without the struggles most of us with 4c hair have. Most importantly you have no reason to give up :) You’re welcome Ms Lili glad that the information is helpful to you. Thanks so much for sharing your progress so far with the method, don’t hesitate to ask questions and keep me updated on your progress :) blessings xoxo

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