Natural Hair | What is the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment? Pt1

what is the cherry lola caramel treatment
Hi luvs,

Today I’ll be sharing some information about the Cherry Lola Caramel treatment. A treatment which is a pre-step in the maximum hydration method regimen.

If you have low porosity hair,  you’ve probably heard of the Cherry Lola Treatment. This is a treatment named after a natural hair blogger/vlogger who created this treatment, called Cherry Lola. This is a mild protein treatment that contains Yogurt, Baking Soda and Amino Acids. It’s used to help lift the cuticles and help the hair have an easier time absorbing moisture. It’s known to help boost moisture levels and eliminate frizz.

The caramel treatment is a deep penetrating treatment that is known to hydrate and restore life to hair. It contains honey, olive oil, bananas, molasses and ACV as some of it’s ingredients. This treatment can also be purchased from a company called E’TAE.

Pinkecube (the lady who created the maximum hydration method) combined the two treatments, to form the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment.

In my experience this treatment worked like magic. My hair was completely transformed  and restored. I felt like it was given a new life line. My hair felt super soft, I have never experienced this level of softness with my hair before.

The only con if there were any,  is it’s super messy. Make sure you wear an old tshirt and have lots of towels close by, when doing this treatment.

This treatment can be done as often as every two weeks or more depending on the special needs of your hair.

In the maximum hydration method this treatment is used to jumpstart the absorption of moisture. This is why it is recommended right after doing this treatment to deep condition over night or steam your hair with conditioner to reap the full benefits of this treatment. Do not clarify your hair after this treatment! It would defeat the whole purpose of the treatment!

In the next post I will be giving the exact measurements for the treatment and showing a little demo on how I created the mixture and how it worked on my hair.

Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,

Much Love & Blessings,



38 Responses to Natural Hair | What is the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment? Pt1

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  2. Chioma says:

    I have this in my hair now. So excited!!!

  3. Sweetpea says:

    I trying to get all my ingredients together to try it this weekend but I don’t see Braggs in my store. Could i use just soy sauce or do it have to be liquid amino? I am asking b/c I heard it was a substitute for soy sauce.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi sweetpea, I wouldnt recommend soy sauce as it may have other ingredients like salts, sugar, coloring etc. You can skip the Cherry Lola step and do it at a later time when you’re able to get hold of the aminos.
      Goodluck on your hydration journey :)

  4. Mary says:

    Ms Dee, if I purchase the caramel treatment from ETAE, what ingredients should I add to it to create the complete Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment. I don’t get the impression that the ETAE product is the full treatment, is this correct?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Mary,
      The Etae is only a portion of the full treatment. You would want to check the ingredient list on the product and whatever is missing is what you would add on to it.
      You would add that to the base of the original Cherry Lola like this:
      Greek Yogurt (2 cups)
      Baking Soda 2 tbsp
      Amino Acids 2 tbsp
      1-2 ounces of the etae product
      Hope this helps :)

  5. Mary says:

    Yes it does. Thank you.

  6. boutux says:

    Hi msdee, i’m interested in trying the max hydration method but i live in the caribbean where i can’t find amino acids in stores and buying it online would be too expensive. the other issue i have is the yogurt, i can’t stand yogurt especially the smell. i refuse to go near the stuff. Are there any substitutes that I can use instead of amino acids and yogurt?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      The Cherry lola caramel treatment although is very beneficial and helpful is not mandatory. If you cant find the ingredients for it just proceed with the regular regimen. That way you wont need to use the yoghurt either.

  7. ohema says:

    Hey Ms Dee Kay,

    Thank you for sharing your tips/advice/ides and method. I am planning to do the CLCT & MHM but there many ingredients we do not have in the UK (i.e. Knot Today & kinky curly custard) and I checked Amazon it be too expensive to order it from the U.S. I thought I could use Eco-styler gell instead but that is not possible as it contains proteins. I was wondering of you have any tips?

  8. Nyna says:

    Thank you for your advice and information. I just finished my first round day 1 treatment.. I just did the regular cherry Lola treatment ( yogurt, baking soda , and aminos). When I applied, my scalp was so itchy till I washed it out..I always had itchy, flaky scalp problems but this was crazy lol. Any idea why? I’m not allergic to the ingredients when I consume them. My measurement was 1 cup of Greek plain yogurt non fat, 1 tablespoons of brags amino and 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

    After the cherry Lola treatment, my hair was tad bit moisturized but dry. I couldn’t do a wash n go like cherry Lola but the clay and dc, really made a difference

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Nyna,
      it sounds like your scalp is sensitive to baking soda. If that’s the case I would either decrease the amount of baking soda to teaspoons or even much less to a point that your scalp can tolerate and then dont leave it on for as long as recommended.

  9. keya says:

    What is a max hydration treatment to use for young girls? Could the Cherry Lola treatment be used?

  10. Ursula says:

    Quick question: If I have leftover Cherry Lola Treatment, how can I preserve it? Can if be frozen?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Ursula, yes you can leave it in the fridge or freezer and just add a little bit of baking soda and ACV to reactivate it, in your next application.

  11. Angie says:

    Hi Ms. Dee Kay!

    Your website and videos have been extremely helpful! If I do the MHM treatment all in one day, what do I do with my hair at night? Is it best to DC or clay over night. Before I start the days 2-7, should I comb thru my hair at any time or just detangle with my fingers? My hair is very thick . Thank you!

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Angie, thank you happy to hear the website and videos have been helpful, At night you can simply cover your hair with a satin scarf and in the morning just rewet to reactivate the gel and your hair. I have noticed that leaving the clay for a longer time gives best results but for some the clay can be a bit drying so just experiment with this and see how your hair feels. You dont have to do the everyday challenge, you can do the regimen every 3 days and that should be enough. If you comb your out your hair it will disturb your natural curl pattern so I would suggest sticking to finger detangling.

  12. gloria says:

    what are the ingredients?

  13. Angie says:

    Thank you do much Ms. Dre Kay!

    I’m so excited about my new look! Today was day 2 and my hair looks totally different! :-) I read your hydration method and watch your videos to numerous times and now I’m finally understanding everything. You are truly a blessing! Today my hair is curly from the roots down to the ends and is also loose. In the past my hair was just spongie with knots and tangled. The moisture is locked in and my family is amazed at how the MHM regime is helping my hair look and feel healthy and great. I will be helping others in learning the MHM. I would like to show you before MHM and after photos of my hair. Thanks again!
    Angie recently posted..Cosmetics Derigueur Sodium Bentonite Clay Review & DemoMy Profile

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Aww I’m so happy for you!!! You’re welcome, Im happy the regimen has helped you see the true potential of your hair! Sure I’d love to see your progress, you can send pictures to my email

  14. Renee says:

    The Cherry Lola treatment is amazing, but I am a bit concerned about the mixing of vinegar and baking soda. The mixing of the acid (vinegar) and base (baking soda) releases carbon dioxide into the air. Not healthy to breathe in. The mixture together also creates a carbonic acid, which can potentially make the hair more porous. Elimination of the vinegar from the mixture will still yield the same great effects, without all ^^^ that up there . HTH girls

  15. Naomi says:

    So, Ms. DeeJay….. first clarify, 2nd. Cherry lolly, 3rd rectangle / backwash…???

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Naomi, For first timers, first Cherry Lola then Deep condition, clay and style(conditioner and gel) after 3 days clarify, deep condition, clay and style(conditioner and gel)

  16. Sonyde says:

    After finish using cherry Lola treatment. Can I waging with conditione

  17. Pat says:

    can these treatments be used on permed hair?

  18. Angie says:

    Can I dye my hair a temporary color after the caramel treatment or can I use the treatment after I use a permanent color really need to know answer to both questions. Thanks

  19. Adeniyi lily says:

    What can I use to replace Greek yoghurt can’t find any around, only the regular sweetened yogurt.

  20. Rhonda says:

    Is thus safe to use on children’s hair? 10 years old. Also, what is the benefits of Cherry Lola vs. The deep condition (MHM)? Which would you do more regularly?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Rhonda, yes it is, the Cherry Lola lifts the cuticles for low porosity hair and helps it receive moisture, it is also a mild protein treatment. A deep condition helps the conditioner penetrate the hair strands for a deeper conditioning treatment. Deep Conditioning is beneficial for all hair types the cherry lola is more beneficial for low porosity hair. The Cherry lola is done bimonthly the deep conditioning on a more regular basis preferably at least once a week.I hope that helps.

  21. Ana says:


    Question… can use the Etai clct instead of the DYI with the same result?

  22. JFran says:

    Question: If I buy the premade caramel thingy do I just mix it in with the rest of the cherry cola mix ( to get the cherry cola caramel recipe) or is that sufficient. I havent seen any videos that explain that and I also prefer not to have to make my own if I can.

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