How to prevent knots and tangles on Type 4 Natural Hair

avoid knots and tangles type 4 hair wash and go

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Knots and tangles are one of the biggest reasons why naturals with Type 4 Hair don’t even entertain the idea of wearing a Wash and Go. However, in my experience with the Maximum Hydration Method Regimen, I haven’t had to deal with singles strand knots or tangles. Something I once thought was virtually impossible when wearing a wash and go.

Here are a couple of  helpful tips that we use in the Maximum Hydration Method Regimen that will ensure your hair stays tangle free:

1. Make sure you co-wash and detangle your hair regularly and remove shed hair every time you re-do your hair. This is important because the longer you go between wash and gos, the more shed hairs accumulate in your hair.

Did you know that we shed about 100 hair strands a day. The longer you wait in between your washes the bigger the possibility that those shed hairs will get caught in between your hair strand, resulting in tangles and knots.

Another reason you need to detangle your hair often is due to the bends present in our tightly coiled hair. This makes it even harder for the shed hair to travel down the hair strand without being caught along the way and resulting into tangles and knots.

2. Before you detangle your hair make sure your hair is saturated with conditioner and your hair has been deep conditioned/steamed. The conditioner and the good heat from deep conditioning/ steaming will make your hair easier to deal with when removing shed hair and will also allow for a smoother detangling session.

3. Detangle your hair under running water in the shower. The combination of the conditioning treatment above and water will literally melt any knots and tangles should you find them.

In addition to this you can also employ the following techniques by Pinke in order to ensure your detangling session is a breeze when you do detangle your hair and remove those shed hairs.

Keeping hair perpetually detangled during MHM By Pinke:

Since I do the overnight DC step, my hair tends to smush or tangle during the night if I leave my hair loose. This hasn’t been hard to detangle, but I wanted to speed up my detangling process by avoiding unnecessary matting.

Apply conditioner.
Section hair into about 5-6 sections
French roll
Secure into bun with hair tie/headband
Wear shower cap overnight.

It doesn’t disturb me when I sleep and the hair doesn’t mat because of the french rolling it to position at the perimeter of my head.

I also do the same with the baking soda step, but with shower clips.

French rolling or twisting

Secure into a bun

Shower cap to sleep, in the morning wake up with tangle free hair that is soft and moisturized from the DC step. Detangling takes no time, all that needs to be done is sliding out any shed hairs. Perpetually detangled hair.

I think this could be done on short hair but with smaller sections, and tighter french rolls. This is pretty much the same thing I do to stretch my hair, only I use bobby pins instead of bands, and I do a few more sections.

Tangle Free with Wash & Go hair

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6 Responses to How to prevent knots and tangles on Type 4 Natural Hair

  1. Shanika says:

    Hey! I’m so excited to try the mhm! I’m trying to finish up my research and finish getting all the stuff I need but I have one question. Can you comb the hair with a wide tooth comb or do you have to finger detangle? I’ve tried finger detangling before and I’ve never really had much luck so this scares me because I have a ton of very thick long hard to detangle hair.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Shanika, combs result in frizz also finger detangling will enable you to maintain your natural curl/coil pattern.I suggest that before you start the regimen make sure you thoroughly detangle your hair. Also you can pin it away in section at night. But honestly you will be surprised that once you start the regimen and you keep doing it detangling will certainly be easier. The only thing you will need to do is remove shed hairs every time you redo your hair. Goodluck on your journey to max hydration :)

    • Ivonne says:

      Interesting video. Do you use gel to keep the curls? How long does it take to dry your hair?

  2. sam says:

    While you’re doing the shower routine in the video, you have several squirt bottles of product. What are you putting in your hair and in what order? I’m new to the MHM, still trying to get into the routine.


    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Sam,

      If you’re referring to the video “step 2 cowash and detangle” I’m only using Kinky Curly Knot Today…if you’re talking about the video titled “tangle free with wash and go hair” that is not my video…that is from Rachael CPR I added it because it has good tips on how to maintain tangle free hair while wearing a wash and go.

  3. Noni says:

    This post was very helpful to me, but I just want to know 1 more thing: what’s your hair type?

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