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Hi luvs,

I’m very excited to share a new segment on the blog where every week I’ll be featuring naturals who are currently doing the Max Hydration Method Regimen. I hope this segment will inspire you on your own journey to healthy hydrated hair.

To kick off this segment I decided to start off by featuring Pinkecube the creator of the Maximum Hydration Method. If you’d like to learn more about her own personal journey and what inspired her to create the Maximum Hydration Method, then read on…


How long have you been natural?

I began my natural hair journey as of June 2006, so 7 years.

Why did you decide to go natural and what is your experience being natural.

Well, my mom decided I would no longer perm my hair after a mishap with the perm being over processed. I fell in love with my natural hair, but for a couple of years didn’t really know how to style it other than getting braided extensions or getting my own hair corn rolled.

The TWA stage was the hardest, me being at school, I would get teased and I really resented not being able to put my hair in a ponytail. So as soon as my hair was long enough I got braids all the time, thinking that the braids and cornrolls would help make my hair longer and that as soon as I was older, I would be able to get my next perm and put my hair in a long ponytail.



I remember one day I had taken my cornrolls out for the week, and when I saw the “cornroll out” thought it looked nice and wore it around the house. I always missed my loose hair, wishing I would wear it like that to school. But I thought people would think it was weird and think I didn’t do my hair. It was always like that, my hair became like this secret that I was beginning to privately appreciate and love. There was this one time after I washed my hair. I looked in the mirror and that was the first time I really sat down and thought, “oh, my hair is really curly! These are some really tiny curls! Wow!” I wore it around the house all day, a bit disappointed the curls went away after my hair started to dry and kept rewetting my hair, lol. That was the first thing that got me fascinated enough about my hair, and made me start getting curious and doing research.

I was very fond of youtube and found people with long or well styled natural hair, like longhairdontcare2011, Beautifulbrownbabydoll, SimplYounique, Hair Crush, mahoganycurls, FusionofCultures, Rustic Beauty.

These people made me realize I didn’t have to perm my hair to be able to wear it out and style it. I became aware of the term “natural hair” as well, and started learning how to care for my hair and I absolutely loved it. Relaxing was in the past, I was going to focus on getting my natural hair healthy, long and learn how to manage it.


What’s your hair type, porosity, texture, length?

I have low porosity, low density, fine stranded, 4c hair. The hair at my nape is 4a, and I have some few 4b strands near the front where my bangs are. But for the most part, my hair is 4c.

Some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM .

As I did my youtube search and experimented and got comfortable with my hair, issues were starting to arise.

I loved my hair, but was always unsatisfied with my hair’s growth rate and results in time consuming hair styles. I also felt like my hair wouldn’t grow if I didn’t protective style all the time, and that really took a lot of the enjoyment out of my hair journey. With the way my hair grew, longer in the back, and shorter on the rest of my head, I didn’t enjoy wearing my hair out because it always looked like a mullet. I hated the fact only the looser section of my hair grew faster. I would also constantly find information that said if I didn’t protective style my hair wouldn’t grow, which I found frustrating. Especially because of my fine strands, many of the time braids would cause the hair in the front to break.


When I tried wearing styles I went into my product junkie phase, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong because all my styles came out pretty badly. I hated spending 5-6 hours twisting or styling my hair only for the style to look like I just rolled out of bed. My best hair days were the only pictures I took of my hair, and even those days left me unsatisfied. I began to feel a rift at this point, because I became more aware that the advice being given wasn’t for my 4c hair, and it never would work. Even the few 4c naturals on youtube, either they wore their hair in protective styles all the time, or they had super massive, dense amounts of hair meant they could pull off styles I couldn’t.


I looked up videos and became intrigued about wash n go’s. They just seemed easier and less time consuming, although days I really tried to get definition turned out to be just as time consuming. I got less tangles and knots from them, despite how people usually said the opposite. Maybe because the results were so bad that I had to redo my hair everyday, that could have prevented me from getting knots. Most of all, I liked my shrinkage because it made my hair seem fuller, even though I still kind of had a mullet shape, because of the different levels of shrinkage.  It was when I first experimented with ecostyler gel in wash n go’s that my journey took a turn for the worst.

What Inspired you to create the Maximum Hydration Regimen?

Well, my fiddling with wash n go’s lead me to buying ecostyler gel, due to the many praises and recommendations this got from youtubers. It ended with a bald spot. There was one big about the size of a nickle, and then some general thinning that was starting to spread. I switched to wetline and had the same results. I just hated my hair then, it was very frustrating.  6 years natural down the drain for some gel that didn’t even give good results. Why did it have that effect on my hair but not others? I later realized it was the ingredients in the gel, that wasn’t suitable for my fine, dry hair strands.


The great changing effect of my journey was not until September 2013– it was almost a year of just dealing with having a bald spot. I tried all the oils, vitamins, massaging, and protective styling I could do. Nope. This is when I discovered the importance of moisture. I decided to wear a shower cap for 3 months straight to grow back  the bald spot.

November came by and the bald spot grew in 1.5 inches. But not only that. This 4c hair, grew out of my scalp curling from root to tip! I later discovered that what I had done was actually called “the green house effect”, and what my hair had done, was reach “max hydration”. That started my research on moisture, I found out about cherry lola treatments, and made a modified version that I was amazed at, because my hair was starting to get almost root to tip definition when I applied some oil to it. The cherry lola stuff is where I learned more about porosity, and heard the term max hydration.

Eventually I ran across Danabnatural and Aketafitgirl’s videos on Youtube and it fascinated me the changes they had in their hair and the transformations their hair made. I finally saw proof in others that frizzy hair can transform with moisture!

They motivated and inspired me to do even more research and found out explanations why my hair reacted so well to these treatments I had done before, how my hair worked and why other things didn’t. I wanted to shout it to the world. The first thing I remembered was this video of a youtuber announcing that “wash n go’s do not work on Nappy hair”, so I addressed it in the comment section of her video and then posted it on black hair media forum under the alias, “Pinke Cube”  as an open letter to the Natural community.

I went on to officially create this regimen and called it “the Max Hydration Method”. The focus is both type 4 kinky types and low porosity hair types, that need a little extra to be able to reach max hydration, and I have also been able to explain why low porosity hair behaves the way it does and how to control it.

My goal is to change the 4c/4b hair community, give people that level of complete control in their hair journeys. I want to take what I have learned and share it with everyone else so they can have easier journeys and not have to do any more guessing games about their hair. I want to eliminate “good hair” and “my Nappy hair can’t do that”. Most of all, rearrange our thinking that we do not have a curl pattern. Our hair is the MOST curly, and this method will reveal that on many beautiful heads of tightly coiled hair.



How long have you been doing MHM ?

I’ve been doing MHM since maybe mid March, but started putting the steps together late February.. I didn’t have all my products so I couldn’t start immediately. But I knew the regimen would work from my experience with my modified cherry lola treatment and 3 month GHE. I found as I did research I was finally finding connections that explained why my hair did behave the way it did before and why it responded so well to the GHE, that I already completely believed in it before even starting. Now, it has been almost 6 months. I have completed the full regimen about 32 times. This does not include days I would do step 1 and DC over a period of days.

What are Your experiences with MHM so far.


Well, I just reached Max Hydration on July 23. It was my 30th completion of the regimen. It has been great, my hair has never been healthier. When I first started I had to trial and error which helped me to solidify my technique and the options I wanted to do. By end of my first month, it was smooth sailing and just continued to get better and better.  Now that I have max hydration, I style my hair faster, I don’t have to spend as much time doing the steps every time, and my hair is much easier to manage, detangle, style. It is practically effortless compared to before. I feel like my options have opened up and I can finally do all the things I wanted to do with my hair with no consequence. I can wear my hair out all the time, I can expect consistently perfect results in what ever style I do, my styles last longer and look better longer, my hair is retaining length without me even having to think about it, and I can finally share a beautiful aspect of my hair with everyone that I couldn’t get across before. My curls. It’s amazing how tightly coiled they are and I have always loved that, finally I can actually show that to others! I felt like all I had to look forward to before was the length I was going to retain “some day”. Now I enjoy my hair every moment of the day. Really. I touch my hair a lot.

Your views/experiences and maybe other people’s view of your hair before and after MHM

People didn’t understand why I insisted on being natural. I don’t think anyone appreciated my hair as much as I did. The effort I put into it never really shone through, so the beauty of it was hard to get across, unless I had one of the rare few days I straightened my hair and showed how long it was.

Now, I can wear my hair just the way it is and people see that beauty, and it speaks for itself. I get genuine compliments and stares of intrigue when I leave the house. Family members and friends are always giving me compliments and are curious. I just feel like I don’t have to force it anymore, it speaks for itself so I don’t have to “argue” or explain the beauty of my natural hair. I think we are heading into a place where “good hair” will be completely gone because of this.


There will be no more “but my hair can’t do that”, “my hair is too nappy for that”, or “Wash n go’s don’t work on Nappy hair”. It will change to “We all can achieve that look if our hair is moisturized.” That to me takes away this elitism about natural hair. A 4c girl who wears her hair in a fro, isn’t doing it because it is the only style that can be achieved on her hair besides a protective style, she is choosing to do that style among many others she can also achieve. So she is wearing a fro the same way someone with 3c hair can decide they want that look for the day. She can wear her hair out all the time, and it isn’t an issue with retaining length. She doesn’t have to manually twirl sections of hair to get definition, it is already apparent on her product free hair. So I think the perceptions are going to change in general about 4c hair, and level the playing field.


My view of my hair has really changed in the sense now I feel like my hair doesn’t have to be this hidden treasure. I don’t have to protective style all the time and then “prove” my hair is worth it by straightening it to show my length. I’m not length obsessed anymore, my hair is growing. People can all see the curls I saw in the mirror that day, and then some. I’m never going back to what I was doing before. I feel like sticking it out all this time was worth it, because I have finally achieved what I was waiting for–  a complete understanding and level of control of my hair journey. I wish this is what I had done at the beginning of my journey. 7 years? With this regimen, my hair would probably be beyond waist length, lol. Where as I was barely grazing brastrap at my 5 year mark. I definitely have reached a new understanding about my hair, and no one could ever tell me otherwise with the changes my hair has taken.

Any advice to anyone who is considering trying it for the first time or to other naturals in general.

Do the Max Hydration Method. Period. Research it, go to the website, go to the forum, go to Msdeekay’s site, look it up on youtube. Everything you need to know is there, stop fiddling over it and give it a try. If you think your hair is “too 4c” for this, get over it and actually try it. We’ve got people who described their hair as 5a doing this regimen and getting root to tip definition. The results will speak for itself, and you can tell us in a testimony. Have fun on the journey.

Official MHM site

I hope you enjoyed reading Pinkecube’s Max Hydration Feature as much as I did putting it together. Leave your comments below and let me know what you think and please share her story if you can relate.
Thanx so much for stopping by ♥,
Much Love & Blessings,

40 Responses to Max Hydration Method Feature – Pinkecube

  1. SolomonSydelle says:

    Thanks so much for doing a feature on Pinke, Msdee. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece and can definitely identify with much that was said.

    Looking forward to more features. Please keep up the great work educating and encouraging MHMers – actual and aspiring.

    Off to wash out my co-wash so I can put my clay mix in my hair for a bit.

    Happy MHMing!

    Oh, and I linked to this piece in the Max Hydration thread at BHM.

  2. lovemycoils03 says:

    Simply brilliant! This, the MHM regimen, has most definitely changed the game. Pinkecube, again, Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cottony Curls says:

    OMG, you’re my hair crush Pinke Cube! Your 4c hair is just gorgeous! Thank you so much for freely sharing this method with the natural hair community!

  4. LaToya B says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled on this Method 2wks ago. I’ve never been happier with my hair and I’m looking forward to what this will do for my hair in the future.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience with MHM Latoya B :) I hope you continue to have a wonderful journey to Max Hydration!

  5. UO says:

    I’m so excited to try this and I’ve started to gather all the products I need. But I’m a bit worried about any potential long-term damage caused by using baking soda everyday. Pinkecube has only been doing this method for a few months. Do you think all the baking soda could cause damage?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi UO,
      If you go to the TMHM page where I list the regimen in detail and scroll down there is a FAQ concerning this issue.
      Pinkecube has been using the mixture constantly for six months with no damage to her hair.
      The regimen also follows use of deep conditioning/ steaming, clay and leave in the hair to condition the hair after clarification.
      I have done my research concerning this and can also attest that I have been doing the regimen and only using the baking soda option regularly since April, I have only noticed hair growth, thickness in my hair strands, moisture retention and healthy hair. Therefore, I choose to base my judgement on my own personal experience rather than a myth that does not have real scientific basis. I will be doing an even more in depth post on your concerns in a future blog post. HTH

    • mycoilintegrity says:

      You could also use apple cider vinegar for the clarifying step…

      • Ms.Dee Kay says:

        Thank you mycoilintegrity for pointing that out, yes for those worried about the baking soda ACV is an option!

  6. Healthyhairchick says:

    Very inspiring testimony. I have been following the BHM thread since June. Thank you so much, ladies, for compiling and researching this information for the natural hair community. Your instructions and tips are easy to follow and very thorough.

    I stumbled across the method and decided to try it after reaching a real low point with my hair. I had given up on ever retaining any length and having shiny, healthy looking hair. I have struggled from day one of being natural with retaining moisturized hair. I tried the 7 day intensive and my hair made a complete turnaround. I had no idea my hair was so thirsty for moisture.

    I tried daily wash and gos but found that my hair needed more sealing than a gel in my climate. I decided to do the steps but to replace sealing with oil instead of gel and do twist outs. This works much better for my active schedule. I have seen real progress in getting to max hydration in areas throughout my head using this technique.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      You’re welcome Healthy Hair Chick and Thank you for sharing your experience with MHM so far :) Happy to hear your hair is doing great and I wish you a wonderful journey to Max Hydration :)

  7. Charity [protectiveprincess] says:

    Thanks for sharing Ms. DeeKay! And to Pinke, thanks for this method! It was so nice to hear her full story, as I have had pieces of it along the way. This is sooo motivating and inspiring. Me and my hair are grateful!

  8. isabella alves says:

    I completely identify myself with everything pinke cube said. Right now I’m in the TWA phase and it’s so hard to achieve definition. I have to use ecostyler gel in order to achieve defonition, but I don’t want to be using gel anymore on my hair because when it dries out it gets really freezy.
    ‘Ve been watching all Ms Dee Kay videos about the MHM, but the one thing I didn’t get is that if I’m supposed to do it every day or weekly. I really want my hair to grow beautifully natural and healthy. I have a 4c, low porosity type of hair. I know you guys will be able to help mee

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Isabella, thanks for sharing your experience with your hair so far. MHM regimen makes use of botanical gel which is not drying to the hair and helps to steal in moisture. It also helps to build moisture levels. When your hair is able to retain moisture it stays healthy and doesnt dry out or break, some of the things that result in stunted hair growth. Following the regimen is the first step towards taking a healthy hydration regimen especially, for 4c low porosity hair. If you need any further assistance or have detailed specific questions you can email me msdeekay2012 gmail dot com

    • mycoilintegrity says:

      If I may chime in.

      I’ve been researching this method for a while and finally took the plunge at the end of July. Have been doing it every three days with great results so far.

      From what I have read, you do the method at least once every three days. You can do it every day or every other day if you want to, but you shouldn’t do it less frequently than every three days. The more frequently you do it, the faster you will reach maximum hydration. It’s meant to improve the hydration levels of your hair long-term, so it isn’t a quick fix.

      There are shorter versions of the method you could also try, though they would work better as you get closer to maximum curl hydration.

      Finally, this method still uses gel. But what I do to have a softer hold is to use a little bit of oil right before I put the gel on. The hair feels softer that way.

      Hope that helps.

    • mycoilintegrity says:

      Pinkecube, you rock for creating this method! And thanks Dee for all the information and videos you have posted on this method. I refer to it regularly.

      I started this method in late July and am already seeing vast improvements. I wore a wash-and-go yesterday and my mother asked me if I were wearing a wig. My sister wants to do it, too (and she’s known in our circles for having “difficult” hair–high density, medium/coarse strands, low porosity, and as you might figure, notoriously difficult to moisturize and hydrate).

      If this works for her, it will probably work for anybody!

      • Ms.Dee Kay says:

        WOW thanks so much mycoilintegrity for sharing your experience with MHM so far! I really love hearing the success stories..I really appreciate your support XOXO

  9. michele says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Thank you so much for sharing the Maximum Hydration Method. I have been following you ladies for months. I have told family and friends about this method and what it has done for my hair. I still haven’t reach mhm yet because I have scab hair. However, I can actually see it working on a few strands of hair. By the way, I have the same hair type and porosity as Pinke Cube. I am still TWA. I Big chopped in the middle of January 2014 and again February out of frustration. I made my own gel by using the flax seed gel formula along with marshmallow root. Ms. Deekay, by you being a chemist, can you please tell me is flax-seed gel a plant protein? I read some place that it was but there is so much of misinformed information out there i just don’t trust a lot of what has been said. Using flax-seed gel could be slowing down my progress. You ladies should get together and create a product line for 4C, low porosity hair. God bless!

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Happy to hear that you’ve seen progress with MHM and that you’ve been spreading the word (THANK YOU)!!!
      Yes, Flax seed does contain protein. Proteins are almost impossible to avoid because they are everywhere. The important thing is to make sure that you are not using strong proteins that will overwhelm your hair. Most of the ingredients found in products are plant based proteins, it’s generally hard to avoid them completely. Protein in general is not bad. It’s just one of those things that some hair types are sensitive to while others are not. The key is to understanding your own hair type and how it reacts to the proteins. Flax seeds is a plant based protein and so is Aloe Vera. Some people are sensitive to Aloe Vera some are not. Same thing with Flax seeds.
      For someone with Low porosity or Kinky hair it’s best to avoid the strong ones like henna, wheat protein, hydrolyzed protein, keratin, starch and peptides.
      I know some people do not get as good results with flaxseeds until they find the right recipe or their hair is hydrated enough. I’m actually in the process of experimenting with flax seeds as a lot of people want to know if they are an option and I will be writing a blog post on it and making a video once I’m satisfied.
      BTW I’m not a chemist just a hair enthusiast like Pinke is and she is planning to come up with a product line suitable for MHM… so definitely be on the look out for that :)
      Thanks again for the support and I wish you a wonderful journey to Max Hydration :)

  10. Kenia says:

    You girls are Heaven sent!!! What an inspiration. I have 4b hair and have been doing the daily regiment for 2 days now and am BEYOND impressed!! I can’t wait to reach max hydration. I’ve already started sharing this method with my other type 4 sisters. This method WILL change everybody’s prospective and the whole hair typing discrimination. It also helps us to feel more confident about OUR hair. Good work pinke and msdeekay – may God continue to bless your efforts.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      WOW Thanks so much Kenia, comments like really make my day. I feel blessed to know that MHM is changing people’s relationship with their hair. This makes all the work we put towards MHM worth it! Our ultimate goal is to let all type 4 ladies struggling with their hair know that there are options for them. As more and more of us try MHM we hope that we will eventually have a future where “nappy hair” / “good hair” / “texture discrimination” are a thing of the past! You’re welcome and may you have a wonderful journey to Max Hydration :)

  11. Roz says:

    I stumbled on this regimen while debating if I should try a kiddie perm after many, many products I tried gave me disappointing results. By day four of this regimen, I was convinced I have found what should be the answer to staying chemical free. I tried the cherry Lola method several months ago but that failed because I didn’t read the label and bought blueberry yogurt instead of plain. My hair smelled good but the treatment didn’t work! I even tried a clay wash before but didn’t see any improvement because I only did it once and continued using products with ingredients that are not good for my hair. All I needed for this treatment was the kc not today and their gel. I would be at day seven today but went camping over the weekend but I sprayed my hair each day for moisture and today I will resume my quest for max hydration. My natural friend at work has been impressed with the results so far so I printed the info for her to see if it’s right for her 4c hair. HOW COULD it not!!!!!!

    I will be donating my hoard of products to a shelter as many I tried only once or twice. It will be good to get some shelf space back. Thank you for your ever improving instructions and YouTube videos.

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Thank you so much for sharing how MHM has worked for you so far…it’s amazing the transformation our hair undergoes once we start providing it with what it needs :) You’re welcome, I’m happy that that you can donate product, get your shelf space back and fall in love with your hair all over again. Welcome to the mhm family and I wish you a wonderful journey to hydration :)

  12. Lola B says:

    Hi Dee,
    I can’t fully express how excited I am to try the MHM!! I just took my braids out (wore them for 1+ yrs) and my 4c hair is so dry. There were absolutely no clumps when i washed my hair….now I know why! I just wish I had discovered the MHM before the last shea moisture bogo sale because I stocked up big time! Because I have so many products, I was wondering if you can tell me if any of these products are usuable in the MHM?
    Thanks so much!

    SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk– (use for the co-wash/leave-in?) I’ve used this for a while but have never had any problems with coconut oil…glycerin on the other hand-ouch!
    Deionized Water , Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)Certified Organic , Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut)Certified Organic , Sugar Starch , Silk Protein , Essential Oil Blend , Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil (Neem) , Caprylyl Glycol , Sorbitol Esters , Algae Extract , Hyssopus Officinalis Extract , Salvia Officinalis Leaf ExtractSage , Equisetum Arvense Extract , Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil , Lonicera Caprifolium Flower ExtractHoneysuckle , Lonicera Japonica Flower ExtractJapanese Honeysuckle , TocopherolVitamin E

    SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser
    Deionized water , Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut) , Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) , Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter , Cetyl Esters , Kaolin Clay , Grapeseed Oil , Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba) , Behentrimonium Chloride , Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract , Salix Alba (Willow Bark) Extract , Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil (Neem) , Sorbitol Esters , Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice , Tocopherol (Vitamin E) , African Black Soap Extract , Sea Salt , Rosemary Extract , Caprylyl Glycol

    SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist (could I use this to refresh coils?) I’ve also used this one for a while, and I haven’t noticed any drying.
    Deionized Water , Cocos Nucifera OilCoconut, Certified Organic , Butyrospermum ParkiiShea Butter, Certified Organic , Silk Protein , Essential Oil Blend , Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil (Neem) , Algae Extract , Hysspous Officinalis Extract , Salvia Officinalis Leaf ExtractSage , Equisetum Arvense Extract , Daucus Carota Sativa Seed OilCarrot , Lonicera Caprifolium Flower ExtractHoneysuckle , Lonicera Japonica Flower ExtractJapanese Honeysuckle , Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

    SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir–
    Butyrospermum Parkii OilShea, Certified Organic , Argan Oil , Vegetable Squalane , Carrot Oil , Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil , Isopropyl Myristate , Avocado Oil , Castor Oil , Sea Kelp Extract , Essential Oil Blend , Lonicera Caprifolium Flower ExtractHoneysuckle , Lonicera Japonica Flower ExtractJapanese Honeysuckle , TocopherolVitamin E

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Lola,

      Happy to hear you’re gonna give MHM a try. I know what you mean about the products, it does feel like a waste but if the products do not add value to your hair’s health then its best to give them to someone else who may benefit, is it possible for you to return them? or even donate them like someone else mentioned earlier.
      A lot of people have been asking about Shea Moisture products and unfortunately they just won’t work with MHM it really is unfortunate because they are easily accessible to most people and have a great price point. However, they do have a lot of ingredients that over time may result in setbacks when trying to build moisture.
      Goodluck and all the best on your journey to max hydration :)

      • Lola B says:

        Thanks for the response! I figured you were going to say that…I guess that’s what you call irony! LOL! I already went to TJ’s and Whole Foods to stock up on ingredients! I’m so excited to try this!!

  13. Kelly says:


    I came across this method on YouTube and wanted to instantly try it. I’m definitely a believer and I love how my hair feels and how my natural curls continue to form with more and more hydration. I currently been transitioning for 15 months, and I have about the same amount of natural hair as I do relaxed ends. My transitioning hair was not a deterrent to try this method. I completed the 1st 7 days and did a stretch method so that on the 8th day I could wear my natural curls without having to complete a days’ worth of regimen. Well, it didn’t turn out too good. I notice the gel cast leaves my hair “hard” and when I went to fluff my hair the next day, it looked “dry”. Do I need to wet my hair on the days that I don’t complete the regimen? If so, do I use my conditioner rinse after I wet it to have the same ‘popping’ curls as I do on the days that I do the regimen. My thoughts are that this is probably a stage of trial and error until my curls reach maximum hydration. I was just curious of your thoughts…..
    Thanks for reading

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Hi Kelly,
      thanks so much for sharing your experience with MHM so far, glad to hear that you’ve been having great results with the regimen although you’re transitioning. There are a couple of things you can do for second day hair.
      I usually run my hair under a shower really quick to re-wet it and reactivate the curls. I don’t add anything else, I just shake and that’s it.
      If you go to this post below, there is a video from protective princess and she demonstrates a couple of ways she refreshes her curls for second day hair.
      Hope that helps and good luck on your journey to max hydration :)

  14. Marsha says:

    Does it work for high porosity hair as well?

    • Ms.Dee Kay says:

      Yes it does. You can experiment with the options in the regimen to see which one works best for your hair. For instance the ACV option should work best for High porosity hair. At the end of the day all hair needs moisture and by the end of the regimen the moisture will be sealed in. Therefore regardless of the hair type the regimen should work. We only emphasize low porosity because they have the most issues with absorbing and retaining moisture.

  15. aj says:

    The MHM website is not working properly, the ocean water covers up part of the reading material on the No No products and other pages. Due to that I could not find a way to leave a message on that site to correct the issue. Hopefully this can be corrected.

  16. jniowens says:

    I thought this piece of Pinkecube was excellent. I enjoyed reading it to the fullest. I too have tried a few of the Shea Moisture Products, three to be exact. Have not been a product junkie so far. June 4 , 2015 made my year of being Natural. I previously had below bra strap length with permed hair and cut it off to begin. This journey so far has been just that, an exceptional discovery between my hair and I . My awesome twist outs have been few and far in between. Could never get the same results. I actually researched product that did not have water therefore my hair would not shrink. One night I came upon an article of the MHM. I’m thinking water is her baseline???? I read that you had two textures in your hair. I remember staying up countless nights trying to find solutions to my three textures. Bought White Chicks products and OH MY GEE!!!! that stuff knotted my hair so bad I wanted to scream. I couldn’t get my fingers nor comb through it. I was so done. Thank goodness the store let me return for a full return. Halfway down my center of my head going backward to the nap of my neck and 1/4 way up around the sides over my ears is fine hair and of course this hair no matter what is done it curls better, the rest of it is 4c. I also have a couple of spots mixed in the 4c as I’m going to give it a new name called type (Z) lol. those spots are just there. I just cant call it. I’m currently on my forth day of the MHM. I have discovered with your help, my hair loves WATER! absolutely adores it. When I used to do my twist outs, kept applying the Shea moisture enhancing smoothie, while incorporating the LOC method, my hair would still be dry. What I noticed is when I went to wash my hair, my scalp couldn’t wait for the water to get to it but could not understand the reason. Only figured it just needed to be washed. Like you, I wished I had this method a year ago, I have cut my hair so many times from the dryness on the ends thinking it was the reason and trying to figure out why the fine hair grew longer than the front. Pinkecube I thank you from the bottom of my heart along with MsDeeKee for the interview. I wish there was a way to upload a photo of my hair so you could see the four day progress so far, you would not believe it! God Bless you both

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