How I achieve my High Bun Using a Banana Clip

Hi ladies,

I consider my hair in the short to medium length category and not to mention very fine. With this profile,  it can be a bit daunting finding styles to do, because your hair doesn’t have enough length to achieve some of the cool long hair styles and you can’t just pull off some of the styles done on shorter hair. Also, since I don’t have as much thickness, most styles don’t look as full and voluminous on my hair.

It can get kind of awkward, you see a style you love it!…but when you get to try it, you realize you just can’t quite pull it off.

My best tip is to improvise, improvise, improvise.

Find way’s that are unique to the capabilities of your hair and improvise to create your own unique style.

One style that has been popular in the last year was the high bun. It is a quick sleek bun. I love it because you can just pile all your hair on top and look chic and sophisticated without trying too much.

Plus its perfect for those days when you are feeling lazy but still want to look polished.

Since I don’t have the right amount of length or thickness to create this look, I use a banana clip to create my high bun.

This technique is also perfect if you do not have a hair sock aka hair donut.

Banana Clip High Bun

  • I simply take the front portion of my hair and secure it with the banana clip.
  • Pin the rest of my hair really close to the front using bobby pins.
  • Spread out the hair around the banana clip and pin it to create the bun.

To see how I do it watch the video below:

Have you tried this before? how do you achieve your High bun? Do you have any tips to share for styling short to medium fine hair?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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