Top Natural Hair Tutorials Of the Week::1.3.13 – 1.10.13

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Here are some of the top Natural Hair Tutorials for the week of 1.3.13 – 1.10.13. Hopefully this will get you inspired and you will have some ideas on what to do with your hair this week.

Tutorials Of The Week 1.3.13 - 1.10.13



In no particular order:

Video # 1: BunHawk Tutorial: Natural Hair from  MissCinnamonCake’s Channel.

In this tutorial, MissCinnamonCake shows you how to achieve an edgy Bun-Hawk with your Natural Hair. This is for times you feel like rocking something unique and spunky. Depending on your length and preferences you could either add marley braids to your buns or not.

Video # 2: Hair Tutorial: Vintage from sunshower143′s Channel.

In this tutorial, sunshower143 shows how to achieve a 1920s vintage inspired style on Natural Hair. The style is inspired by the show “Downton Abbey” a british period drama which is making its debut in the USA this January.

Video # 3: UNICORN BRAIDs from simplycre8eve’s Channel.

In this tutorial, simplycre8eve shows a simple but beautiful elegant protective style, she calls the “Unicorn Braid”. Easy style that you can wear to work or a professional setting.

Video # 4: Roll and Pin Protective Hairstyle For Short To Medium “Natural Hair” from aliciajamesmusic’s Channel.

In this tutorial, aliciajamesmusic demonstrates a quick and easy, “roll and pin” protective style perfect for those with short to medium natural hair.  Its an elegant updo anyone with any length can do. Perfect for protecting your ends and conservative enough to be worn in a professional setting.

You can watch the compilation via the video below, clicking on the links in the videos will take you to the tutorials:

♥ The videos are in no particular order.
♥ Videos are chosen from my subscriptions and search results throughout the week.(Thursday to Thursday)
♥ The week starts on Thursday and ends on Thursday so that I can have time to create the video and upload it over the weekend.
♥ If you would like to be considered or want a particular video considered send me an email during the week title “Video of the week” include the name of the video, channel and video link. send to

So have you tried any of these styles or techniques? what do you think? share your experiences by leaving comments below.


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