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Hi Luvs,
In today’s Feature of “Behind The YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger”, I would like to introduce to you the beautiful and creative Marleyna of Marleyna A / BeautyAndTheBabies….enjoy♥


Marleyna A Of marand313YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger,

Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

Tell us a little bit about yourself?


I am a 20 something single mom of 3 and I am a complete beauty addict!!

I blog mostly about hair care at

My kids are not exactly babies anymore, but I thought that was a cute name so I am going to keep it because they will always be My babies!

I’m always busy, always on the run. Always trying something new. Always learning new things!


I am young, energetic, and always looking to have a good time and put a smile on someones face.


I also run my own Jewelry business at (Thats Chic pronounced “Sheek” not chic as in baby chicken…)


Exotic Chic Jewelry by Marleyna A

Exotic Chic Jewelry
by Marleyna A
can be found at


My idea behind Exotic Chic Jewelry was that each piece would be unique and exotic in some way but the presentation was still classy and chic. My designs are my own and I hand make each piece with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each piece I wear for an extended period of time before posting on my site to ensure quality.


What or who inspired you to start a YouTube Channel?


I saw it as something fun to do and since I was really into hair care and makeup back then, I thought it would be awesome to share what I do with other people.


Describe your Channel?


My channel is all about healthy hair care and techniques to achieve that. Most of my tutorials are based on what I do to my own hair on a regular basis to achieve a desired style or result.


I also post makeup and makeup related videos, but obviously the hair is much more popular.


Marleyna A YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

How long have you been on YouTube?


I started my channel way back in 2008. Back then YouTube was much less professional and more about having fun. I kinda miss those days.


I took a good 2 year break because life does tend to get in the way, but I am back at it!


What camera and software editing tools do you use?


Marleyna A YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

Right now I am using a Sony Cybershot DSC-WX70 in the color purple because I’m awesome like that! lol
I use iMovie to edit on my Macbook Pro.


Where do you get inspiration for your videos?


Whenever I come up with a new hairstyle if I have time I go ahead and post it. Most of the time I just sit in front of the camera without even knowing what I want to do. I start talking and that is what you get. :) The resulting video is always interesting.


What is the most frustrating thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?


The amount of time it takes to set up, record, edit, and post a video. It takes so much time and effort and for a single mom it can be a little difficult to post videos regularly.


What is the best thing about being a YouTube Vlogger?


I love meeting people online! Talking to others who are as obsessed with their hair as I am. lol I don’t have any of those IRL. I also love the fact that i can be my own inspiration. Going back and looking at my old videos and reminding myself what works and doesn’t work for my hair has been a huge help in getting my hair back the way it used to be.


How do you balance time between your personal life and YouTube schedule?


This is very hard. I am a bit of a night owl so most of my YouTube time is done around 3 A.M when no one else is awake.


Have you met any of your viewers in real life?


I have never met a single viewer IRL!! I think its shameful!! I would love to though in the future, if possible!


Do you have any interesting story to tell about your YouTube life and real life crossing paths?


I tend to keep my online life separate for the most part. No really interesting stories aside from random people I know googling my name and finding my page and secretly watching my videos…


A girl I went to high school couldn’t believe that my hair was real and a few others now look at me as their hair guru and whenever they have any issues they call me!


Everyone else completely ignores the fact that I do hair and choose not to patronize me out of spite. I say, too bad, sucks for them!!


Please mention one video that you have made that is your favorite, and why? 


All of my old videos.. I like to have fun and all or most of my old videos make me laugh like crazy! I love going back and seeing the silliness and also my little ones who used to make cameos on the regular.


“I bit a baby!!!” <- Silliness like this I love! lol


How long have you been Natural? Describe your Hair Journey.


I never had “long” hair. My mom kept me natural for all of my childhood until I went into my rebellious ways and relaxed my hair myself in 6th grade. I kept my relaxer through high school. My hair was always dry and broken and I never knew how to take care of it. I was constantly looking for hair care techniques but back then there were absolutely no resources for ethnic hair care.


A year or so after I graduated highschool in 04, I transitioned for a year and BCd in ’06, then immediately texlaxed. Mostly because of the Ms Jessies Silkener craze. This was right around the time I found LHCF. I then transitioned again without doing a BC until the texlaxed hair was all gone in ’08.


I started YouTube around this time.


Marleyna A Natural Hair YouTube Vlogger

Marleyna A
Natural Hair YouTube Vlogger

By ’09 I hit a very full and glorious natural MBL! However, the Birthcontrol I was on, Mirena, caused my hair to shed profusely for the entire year I had it in.


Because of the shedding I decided to chop my hair down to about 4″.


After this was when I started to take that long break from the internet… Its frustrating making your goals for them to be so short lived.


I grew my hair back out to BSL in 2012 but two BKT treatments and tons of shedding later (again) my hair is now hovering above BSL and my hair has thinned out again.


I, like many people, have had my share of setbacks. I am still contemplating shaving my head. I have a ton of new baby hairs growing in and my hair is slowly making its way back to the fullness and length that it had been at before.


It will probably not be as full as it was pre-Mirena but if its anywhere close to that when all is said and done I will be happy. Hairloss is no fun.


It has been a long and stressful battle but I am determined to win this war and we will see what the future holds for my hair.


What Is Your Hair Regimen and Favorite Products?


My regimen is very complicated but simple at the same time. Basically since I wear my hair in many different styles I do something different with each style. I tend to post a blog or video talking about how I care for my hair with each particular style.

Marleyna A YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

(For a tutorial to the style above click here: Box Braids with a Twist- New Set of Box Braids with a Twist!!)

As far as products, many people think I am crazy, but I LOVE Suave conditioners. I use them to cowash, DC, and as a leave in. I love Aphogee for protein and I mix up a bunch of things to make Deep conditioners.


I also use henna and the rest I make myself.


I prefer my own handmade products to commercial products. I feel like the are much more moisturizing and absorb better in my hair.


What is your favorite Natural Hair Style?


I love my mini two strand twists! I wear them often and they are a great protective style.
Aside from my twists I am a weave queen! I love lacewigs, sew-ins, crochet braids, twist and braid extensions. I kind of do it all!


Marleyna A YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger in minitwists

Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger in minitwists


What is the best thing about being Natural?


The versatility!! I can wear my hair in any style I want! I love the natural curls and whenever I can I wear a W&G. When I straighten my hair it looks sleek and smooth  just as if I had a fresh relaxer!


In addition to that I can do braids, twists, extensions, weaves! Anything!


Marleyna A YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

(For a tutorial to the style above click here: Mohawk Crochet Braids - Cutting and Shaping my Curly Crochet bra…)

What is the most frustrating thing about being Natural?


Sometimes the hair doesn’t want to act right. But I dodge that by wearing a bun or weaving it up.
Also, my hair hates out styles! I have yet to have a good twist/braid out, that wasn’t from mini twists.


What advice do you have to those who are newly natural or are considering going natural?


Please have patience! You will make your goals all it takes is time. Practice techniques to prevent breakage and keep your hair moisturized often. Remember your protein and moisture balance and treat your hair like fine silk.


List 9 random things that your viewers may not know about you.


9 random things about Marleyna A

9 random things about Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger


  • I have too many talents and hobbies that I myself cant even keep them straight sometimes.
  • I make jewelry, hair, and bath and body products. The jewelry you can find at and maybe the hair, bath and body products will make their debut one day in the future.
  • I love doing hair! And have been since before high school. I am not licensed but am thinking of getting it just so I can say I am a licensed hairstylist…
  • I’m a little obsessed with my nails as well. I do acrylics and gels when I’m bored of my natural nails.
  • I love to cook gourmet style. I throw down in the kitchen and I love to cook for large groups of people on holidays and such.
  • I used to curse like a sailor… Yea I calmed that down a lot for youtube and in life as well because I saw that I have many young people who watch me. :)
  • I dont think of my viewers as “followers” or “fans”. I think thats a little too cocky. I’m just a regular person finding my way through life like all the rest.
  • I am the type of person who is constantly planning for the future. Always assessing and reassessing things to find the best possible scenario.
  • I have and will do absolutely ANYTHING to bring smiles to my kids faces!! I love to make them laugh.

….One more because I prefer even numbers or the number 3 or 13… yea, yea, I know.

  • I am a bit of a people pleaser. If you are my friend I will do anything I can for you, whenever I can. Sometimes I do too much for others and not enough for myself. I need to work on this.


Who are some of the other YouTube Vloggers that you enjoy watching?


I watch everyone I find for the most part. But I worship these girls hair!! (In my head lol)


LongHairDontCare2011 – Beautiful long 4b hair. Her texture is similar to my little lady’s.


FusionofCultures – She is definitely kinda my hair twin :)


Naptural85 – Who doesnt watch her right? Her curls are crazy beautiful!!


What is your advice to those just starting out or thinking about starting out on YouTube? 


Don’t be afraid to be you! Step out of the box and do something different! Don’t just follow the mold because YouTube is so saturated now, it is very easy to be passed over.


Share, share, share! And don’t obsess over subscriber count, you will make yourself crazy, especially in the beginning.


What would you like to tell your viewers? 


Every now and then you may need a little reminder of what works and what doesn’t in healthy hair care. I have written up a quick eBook with many of the hair rules that are often overlooked when going through your hair journey. I have also written an extended summary of all the things my hair has been through since childhood, as well as a few questions to ask yourself as you find your way through the world of healthy hair care.

Many of these tips are good for almost anyone, natural and relaxed.


What Works What Doesn't In Healthy Hair Care By Marleyna A

“What Works, What Doesn’t in Healthy Hair Care” By Marleyna A
YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger

You can download it by visiting and


(NOTE: This eBook will be available on all major eReaders (for free) in a few weeks, including Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Sony, ext.. and in order for it to be free on Amazon/Kindle it needs to be price matched by others.)


Check out for more info!


Thanks to everyone for their continued support! I really appreciate it and hope you keep watching. YouTube is a great practice in consistency for me, but its always a work in progress.


Where else can we find you on the web?


My blog website - BeautyAndTheBabies


Facebook – BeautyAndTheBabies 


Twitter – @ marand313


Jewelry Shop – ExoticChic


Youtube – marand313


Vlog youtube – BeautyAndTheBabies 



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