Pin Curls ~ Pin Curls Out on 4c Natural Hair

YAY!!!!! So I just uploaded my first YouTube tutorial! remember my first post never wait? Well, I have a really old crappy Panasonic Lumix camera(non DSLR) which doesn’t give the greatest video or pictures but I decided to take action and go ahead and do it anyway. I also ran up against a bunch of technical difficulties during the process (especially in the sound department) but hey its all part of this new learning experience and journey. With time I hope to improve my video quality, content and efficiency. But for now I am not going to wait to get the latest tools. So I decided to give myself permission to work with what I got even though its not the best. I did the best I can do with what I have.

DISCLAIMER: I am no Hair Guru, Make Up Guru, Style Expert or even Fitness expert. But I will try to share with you what I learn/what I know and hopefully in the process I will become better at it. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the little part of me that I have to offer. This is all part of my new journey to self improvement.

OK enough of that and off to the tutorial.

So I was highly inspired to do this tutorial by three other beautiful natural hair youtuber’s Ms Vaughn of Ms Vaughn TV, Brosia of XGoldn and Ms Danti. Ms Vaughn and Brosia both had tutorials linked below and Ms Danti posted a picture of her in pin curls over at her instagram. One of the gals I follow on pinterest had it pinned on her board, so I repined it for inspiration and gave it a try.


1. MsVaughnTV: MsVaughn’s Convertible Updo Tutorial feat. Entwine Couture.

2. Brosia of xGoldn: Twisted Pincurls
3. MsDanti Via Instagram: Youtube Channel

This is the second time I tried this style. The first time , I left the pin curls for about 4 to 5 days. Honestly, I had better results that way.

The pin curls are a great protective style especially now during the cold winter months as your ends are tucked in the pin curls.

So there are two ways you can achieve the style:

 Method #1

  • Part your hair as you like and start twisting your section.
  • Use your bobby pins to pin as you go.

Results: You will achieve a clean look with divided parts.

Method # 2

  • Twist all sections of your hair without parting it.
  • After your done start pining randomly

Results: The style will appear full without noticeable parts.

Choose your method according to your personal preferences and style.

And here are my results:

Pin Curls Pin curls out

And here is my video tutorial:

Ok so I haven’t been able to figure out how to hide the pins very well but its okaaay Im sure with practice it can be done.

The only products I used to achieve the style was an Aloe vera/water mixture to help moisturize my strands and Naptural 85’s diy all purpose oil.

So lets talk shrinkage:

Pin curls out shrinkage

Since the curls are pinned close to your scalp in order to create beautiful curls your strands will seem shorter when you take them out and you will experience shrinkage.

So if you have medium to short hair or even long hair and you are not a big fan of shrinkage then this is not the style for you. But if shrinkage doesn’t really matter to you then this can be a really cute style.

I love how versatile it is, it frames your faces, really enhances your facial features and makes them pop.

For me this is definitely a do that I will be adding into my bag of go to styles.

So have you tried this pin curl style? Do you have any tips on how to achieve better results with this look? Please leave your comments/ suggestions below. If you’ve tried this style and you would like to be featured please send your pictures to msdeekay2012 at gmail dot com.

Until next time…

-Xoxo -

Ms Dee Kay


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