Things I covet- Love Scripted Earrings, Classy Sassy & a bit Smart Assy

    • Love scripted rings found via requiredflare on their instagram they have lovely accessories on their website @
    • Also saw a  picture of this T-shirt “Classy, Sassy & a bit Smart Assy” on instagram via naturalherstory. The T-shirt comes in a variety of colors and styles. This particular one is $39.99 and can be found at The Coffee Shop via skreened


How to get featured on “Things I covet”:

This segment of the blog will be titled “Things I covet”. I will be posting anything that I would like to or wish to have that I find via my instagram and youtubing. I would really like to support fellow youtubers who have businesses. So If you are a youtuber and would like to get featured email me @ and send me the link to your website or any materials about your products. If there is something I like I will definitely feature it here.

If you are not a youtuber you can simply follow me on instagram msdeekay2012 and if you usually post pics of your products I can choose from there or you can also send me an email with details as well.


Until next time


Ms. Dee Kay

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It is simply my personal opinion.

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