Super Easy Protective Style: Twisted All Around

Natural Hair Protective Style


Hi guys, so this is one of my favorite go to protective styles. It is really easy to do and doesn’t take much expertise to pull off. It can take you literally 5 mins and your out the door. If your hair is not twisted or braided.

This style is great for any occasion. You can wear it in a professional setting (Work, Business meetings, Presentations, School). You can wear it to a conservative dinner or party. You can even wear it out on a date.  You can also accessorize it to fit your mood, personality or to just change it up a bit.

Bonus Points:  It is a great style in the winter months when you want your ends tucked in and protected.

How I achieve this style:


So I started out with my hair in twists. After I took them out I used an Aloe-vera & Water mix to mist my strands, wake them up a little and give them moisture. I then use oil to lock in the moisture and to make the take down and separation of untwisting easier (If your hair isn’t in twists you can skip this part).

So all you have to do is take a small section from the side of your hair and flat twist it. When your done pin it in place with a bobby pin. Do the same with the other side.

For the back simply do another twist around the back and pin it in place or you can opt to simply pin and tuck.

Lastly pin the section in the front.

And that is it, a super easy fast cute protective style.

Here are the results.



For a demonstration, you can watch the video below:


If you try this look please let me know :)

Until next time


Ms. Dee Kay


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