Top Natural Hair Tutorials Of The Week :: 1.17.13 – 1.24.13

Hi luvs,
Hope you and your loved ones are well. Can you believe its almost February? It seems like yesterday when we were in the midst of Christmas and New Year celebrations…and now we are almost done with the first month of 2013!

I hope you are still working on your resolutions and goals for 2013..and looking forward to another month of progress.

As the week begins, I would like to share with you some natural hair tutorials which I found useful for this past week…

Enjoy my picks and let me know what you think ♥

Top Natural Hair Tutorials Of The Week 1.17 - 1.24


In no particular order:

Video #1: Textured Updo for “Natural Hair” from mrskw7′s Channel.

In this tutorial,  mrskw7 shows how to achieve a simple elegant protective style with textured hair. This can be hair that has been previously braided out or twisted out. This style can be worn to work or even to church. It is also great for protecting the ends during the winter season.

Video # 2: The Dirty Pin up for Natural Hair from Nakia D.’s Channel.

In this tutorial, Nakia D. shows how to turn an old twist out into a sophisticated updo. This is perfect for those days when your twist out is not looking as good anymore but you have no time to do your regular wash routine.

Video # 3: 80  Natural Hair | Vintage Updo (Protective Style) from immaDstarra’s Channel

In this tutorial, immaDstarra uses synthetic braiding hair to achieve a beautiful twisted protective updo. This is a great technique if you are tired of wearing your hair out or messing with it and you want it tucked away for a while. Also great for those with short and medium lengths who have run out of options for their hair and want to try something new.

Video # 4:  Marley Twists: 4 Bun Styles from GirlGoneNatural’s Channel

In this tutorial, GirlGoneNatural shows four types of buns that can be worn with Marley Twists, Braids or long hair. She gives lots of ideas for those who love wearing buns, but like to change it up once in a while.

You can watch the compilation via the video below, clicking on the links in the videos will take you to the tutorials.

♥ The videos are in no particular order.
♥ Videos are chosen from my subscriptions and search results throughout the week.(Thursday to Thursday)
♥ The week starts on Thursday and ends on Thursday so that I can have time to create the video and upload it over the weekend.
♥ If you would like to be considered or want a particular video considered send me an email during the week title “Video of the week” include the name of the video, channel and video link. send to

So have you tried any of these styles or techniques? what do you think? share your experiences by leaving comments below.

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