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Inspirational Word Of The Week :: Because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain’t as sweet.

Hi luvs,

Hope you had another wonderful weekend, its a new week, a new day, another chance to grow, improve and become a better version of ourselves.



I saw this tat on pinterest  the other day, and the words reminded me of a couple of  quotes from the film Vanilla Sky when Brian (Jason’s character) was telling David (Tom’s character),

…Because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain’t as sweet.

…the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.

…And I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet.

Its common for us to only want to experience the good things in life…but pain is a natural cycle of life. These two are like polar opposites. They brings us balance in life.

It starts with birth…a woman spends 9 months of a year experiencing all sorts of discomfort which climaxes with excruciating pain in labor…but the outcome is incredible, another human is given a chance at life. Love is born. Its pretty remarkable.

motivation inspiraton it will hurt but its worth it


Anything worth doing, will often involve some sort of pain. Going through struggles and being able to overcome them makes us appreciate what we worked so hard for and in the process we grow as people.

So if you are going through something difficult or painful, take the opportunity to reflect and try to understand what you can learn from the painful experience and remember…

Nothing comes easy | Pain makes us Stronger | Persevere and overcome.

Happy Monday ♥

~ Dee ~





Feeling Patriotic :: Red, Navy and White

Hi luvs, Yay its friday! time to start unwinding after a hectic week. Since Monday was President’s Day I wonder if any of you were feeling patriotic enough to pull off an outfit in Red, Navy and White or better enough wear something with a flag on it? If not, well maybe you need some inspiration, here are some items I like in this color pallete. President's day fashion inspiration Red, Navy and White

1. Alloy – Off Shoulder Tee

2. Gap Perfect oxford shirt

3. Free People American Flag Infinity Scarf

4. Nasty Gal Born In The USA Knit

5. Brooks Brothers Petite Double-Breasted Jacket

6. Old Navy Women’s The Diva Skinny Ankle Pants

7. Black Orchid Black Jewel Jegging in First Delight

8. Goorin Bros.Wild Cat 105-3368

9. ASOS Strapless Top with Extreme Peplum

10. Nordstrom ‘Heartbeat’ Anklets

11. Victoria’s Secret Silk Button-down Shirt

12. American Rag Juniors Sweater, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Flag-Print

Top Natural Hair Tutorials :: Feb 7th – Feb 14th

Hi luvs,

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday, just wanted to share with you some natural hair tutorials that I liked for the week of Feb 7th – Feb 14th.

Honestly, this week there were a lot of great tutorials especially for valentine’ it was a bit challenging to narrow it down…but I tried my best and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

All of the tutorials featured this week are protective styles, yet they are all very different. Who said protective styling has to be boring?

Video # 1: RedCarpet-Ready Natural Hair Updo Inspired by Teyonah Parris! (Felicia Leatherwood) from MsVaughnTV’s Channel

In this tutorial, MsVaughnTV shows you how to achieve this elegant red carpet ready pompadour  updo inspired by the stunning Teyonah Parris at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild Awards) and created by Felicia Leatherwood. Ms Vaughn used Entwine Couture products to achieve this beautiful look.

Red Carpet-Ready Natural Hair Updo Inspired by Teyonah Parris1 (Felicia Leatherwood)

Image: MsVaughnTV


Video # 2: VDAY Natural Hair Styles: An Atlanta Vlogger Collaboration from knottikurls‘ Channel

In this tutorial, knottikurls’ shows you how to achieve this romantic textured protective style that can be worn to any occasion.

Bonus Point:

In this video knottikurls’ also shows you how to complement the hair style with make up and an outfit.

This is a collaboration video, click on the links at the end of the video to find other beautiful natural hair tutorials from other Atlanta vloggers.


Video # 3: Braided Tuck and Roll Mohawk from Marleyna A’s Channel

In this tutorial, Marylena A shows you how to achieve this fierce braided mohawk.

Bonus Point: You get to learn how to crochet!


Video # 4: 103 * Professional Style for Natural Short Hair from DiscoveringNatural’s Channel

In this tutorial,  DiscoveringNatural shows you how to achieve a lovely professional updo. The great thing about this tutorial is that its special for short natural hair. A lot of short haired naturals usually complain about how limited their options are when it comes to styling their hair. I hope this one can help some of you who are struggling with what to do with your hair at that length.

You can watch the compilation of these four tutorials via the video below, clicking on the links in the videos will take you to the tutorials.


♥ The videos are in no particular order.
♥ Videos are chosen from my subscriptions and search results throughout the week.(Thursday to Thursday)
♥ The week starts on Thursday and ends on Thursday so that I can have time to create the video and upload it over the weekend.
♥ If you would like to be considered or want a particular video considered send me an email during the week title “Video of the week” include the name of the video, channel and video link. send to

So have you tried any of these styles or techniques? what do you think? share your experiences by leaving comments below.

Inspirational Word Of The Week :: Don’t Give Up…

Hi luvs,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend…and are ready for a FAB week ahead. Here are some motivational words to keep you hanging in there when times seem tough.

It’s so easy to make a promise to yourself to work hard at something that you really want to achieve, but it takes a lot of will power to hang in there and keep on going when the going gets tough.

Most of us abandon our goals and give ourselves all sorts of excuses why we can’t do it anymore.

But remember… When Things Get Really Tough

  • its crucial to keep consistent and focused.
  • routines and habits are wired in your brain.
  • you’re almost close to your finish line.

So the next  time you feel like you have nothing more left to give and you’re all worn out… remind yourself  that you’re almost there!

Don’t give up and keep pushing, because  things will most definitely work out in the end!

Happy Monday ♥

~ Dee ~