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Wednesday Wishlist :: Stripes, quilted leather & geometric print


Wednesday Wish List # 1


1. Stripes are a great wardrobe essential, it can be worn multiple ways throughout the year and never goes out of style. I like the detailing on this Faux Leather Striped Pullover. A subtle way to incorporate leather and add just a little bit of edge to an outfit.


2. Move over beanie, there’s a new kid on the block. The leather felt cap is a perfect way to incorporate leather and add a modern twist to you’re  Fall/Winter outfit.


3. A leather skirt is another wardrobe essential for the Fall/Winter Season, I love the quilted design, textured panels and bold zippers on this Roxy Quilted Faux Leather Skirt


4. Bold geometric prints are in fashion this season. How cute is this, dainty and delicate lulu townsend clutch. A great way to add a new trend into you’re wardrobe when you’re on the fence is to start with accessories.


5. These gold cap pumps scream elegance! Sure to add pizzas to that special holiday frock.



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Monday Mane-spiration :: Ntjam Rosie



Source: Doomernik

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Today’s Mane-spiration is Ntjam Rosie, a Cameroon born, Holland based Jazz artist.  I was initially drawn to her beauty, gorgeous hair & sense of style. I came across Ntjam on tumblr, which led me to dig deeper and after performing a simple search, I found her youtube channel and spent the evening basking in the glory of her soothing music.

She has a beautiful powerful voice that captivates your soul. Her music is filled with sweet soulful melodies. The kind of music that begs you to treat yourself after a long day by soaking away all the stress in a bubble bath with a glass of wine in hand, as you close your eyes and her voice takes you to a soulful journey. Perfect music for a Monday evening, just what you need to unwind after a long day & get you into the right state of mind for the rest of the week…Enjoy!

Official Website: NtjamRosie

Facebook : NtjamRosieMusic

Twitter: NtjamRosie

Instagram: NtjamRosie

Blog: NtjamRosie

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Sunday Inspiration | Each Morning we are born again…



Image source  absolutelywhite : via Pinterest

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I hope you’re having a great weekend. Every morning we are given another chance, to love a little bit more, to dream bigger, turn those dreams into reality and to be an even better version of ourselves.

Let no set backs, failures or road blocks deter your chance to write your personal masterpiece!

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Natural Hair Products In Stockholm, Sweden Part 1

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To all my swedish reader’s, this post is especially for you! I’ve got a couple of enquiries about my natural hair regimen and where I purchase my products here in Sweden and it’s about time I did a post about this!

There is so much information I want to share but at the same time I don’t want to make the post overwhelming, therefore I’m going to try to break this down in a couple of series.

When I moved to Sweden a couple of years ago, I was already about a year or two into my natural hair journey but I was still pretty much learning about my hair and ’till this day, I’m still learning and by no means am I a Natural Hair Guru. But I do love to share what I find and what works for me.

At the time I used to use Shea Butter religiously and I knew that this was one thing, that may be hard to find in Sweden. I used to order organic unrefined Shea Butter from Butters-n-Bars. Before I headed to Sweden, I ordered 25lbs of organic unrefined Shea Butter from  Butters-n-Bars, which I still have plenty of ’till this day, 4 years later. Butters-n-Bars does ship world wide. I no longer use Shea butter for my hair because I realized its too heavy for my hair and tends to weigh it down. However, me & my family still use it for our skin.


My Stash of Organic Unrefined Shea Butter from Butters-n-Bars

The only shampoo & conditioner, I used at the time is Organix Coconut Nourishing Shampoo & Organix Coconut Nourishing Conditioner. I brought some with me and continued to order some online, from


My bottles of Organix Coconut milk Conditioner & Shampoo ordered online. The Conditioner bottle is now empty.

I knew that Sweden having a low black demographic, it would be hard to find products for Afro centric hair, but I never gave up researching. Every store I visited, I kept my eyes open for any of the products I used to hear naturals rave about on forums and on YouTube. Most of the time I got frustrated and ended up either trying new products that I found here in the local stores or buying products online. So today I’m here to share what I know about natural hair products on the  ground and online.

Ok, so for this first post, I will start with local Indian Stores. This is the first place I looked for natural hair products. At the Indian Stores, I was able to find mostly oils like Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Jasmine Oil & Castor Oil. The oils I found are not 100% pure organic, but if you don’t care about that, this is a good place to start.

They also sell lot’s of different types of Henna. I personally haven’t dived into Henna, but I have seen a lot of naturals on YouTube rave about it’s benefits for strengthening natural hair. If you want to try to use it for your hair ,you can try the many brands sold at the Indian Stores.

This week I visited Kista Grossen an Indian store in the Kista area and they had lots of Vatika products. I personally haven’t tried this brand but have heard other naturals like it. I’m planning on purchasing the Vatika deep conditioning treatments and perhaps some of their oils. If you’ve used this brand let me know what you think below!

The only thing to beware when purchasing products for your natural hair, is to make sure they don’t contain Sulfates, Silicones, Mineral Oils, Alcohols & Parabens. I will explain in a future post how to determine this, how this affects you’re hair and why its a NO NO for natural hair.






Pictures of Natural Hair Products available at Kista Grossen.

Below is a list of Indian shops in Stockholm, Sweden. This is not an exhaustive list but is the list I have found and I have used. The list only includes stores in Stockholm because that is where I’m based, if you live in another part of Sweden, share stores you know in the comment section below.

Indian Food Center
Kungsholmsgatan 15
Tel.: 08 653 21 22

Kista Grossen
Torsnäsgatan 4-6, Kista Centrum
164 40 Kista
Tel.: 08-751 01 00

Mint Online Indian Store (Coming Soon!)

Taj Mahal
Kammakargatan 40
111 60 Stockholm

Bhai Bhai Livs

Address/Phone : Visbyringen 4, 163 73 Spånga, Sweden, +46 8 760 51 08

 Himalaya Livs

Address/Phone : Valhallavägen 75, 114 28 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 673 13 52

Govindas butik
Fridhemsgatan 22
T-bana: Fridhemsplan
Tel: 08-654 90 02

Source of list :: Your Living City, IndiskBazaar

If you are a natural in Sweden or in neighboring European countries please share where you get your natural hair products in the comments below, so I can aggregate all this info on a page here on the site. A lot of people have found my blog through searching about this information and I would like to help as much as I can.

Also, if you have any products that you want me to try and do a review on, that are available here in the local stores, please send me an email about the product name and where you saw it (which store). You can also leave a comment below and I will try to get my hands on it and do a product review.

This will be a great way for us to discover local products that work for our type of hair!

I will have Part 2 of this post up next weekend!

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