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Max Hydration Feature – Kayla of What The Kink

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Hope you had a wonderful week and are ready to wind down for the weekend. To end the week, I have another Max Hydration Feature. Today I’m featuring Kayla, YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger at glamourstruckk and blogger at What The Kink. Kayla shares her natural hair journey and experiences with the Max Hydration Regimen so far. Enjoy :)


Kayla before MHM

How long have you been natural?

I have been growing out my natural hair since my last relaxer back in April of 2010. I transitioned for a year and a half and have been fully natural almost 3 years, since October 2011.

Why did you decide to go natural and what are your experiences being natural.

I decided to go natural for a mix of reasons. I had gone to college and begun taking care of my own hair and was experiencing extreme breakage in the back of my head. Also, I remembered being natural and having hair pressed so straight that people would approach my mother asking if I had a relaxer. I figured what was the point of having relaxed, breaking hair if I could get the straight look chemical free? I also wanted the versatility to be able to turn around and wear a natural style. My relaxed hair was bone straight even when wet so the main styling option was wearing it straight. BOR-ING!

Being and going natural has never been easy for me. Not many people in my family are natural and I also have a licensed cosmetologist in the mix. She contacted me one evening asking me “What happened to the girl with the good hair?” Also, my mom expressed concern that I would not be able to get a job and that anyone complimenting my wigs (a style I have dabbled in) was lying to me. The video of me crying about this is one of the more popular videos on my channel. 

I think seeing what I have done with my natural hair and the attention my blog/YouTube channel has gotten has eased some of these things. It’s as though people have had a “Oh! That’s what you were doing!” moment.

What’s your hair type, texture, length?

My hair is MBL, dense, with normal strands.  As far as curl pattern I was unsure in the beginning and (due to the MHM) am even more unsure now! I originally believed I had no curl pattern, then a little bit of 4b surrounded by frizz, now I see that my hair is mostly wavy. With dedication to the MHM it may become more curly as time goes on.

What are some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM? 

I’m thinking you mean struggles with styling/care. I found the ultimate battle to be detangling and not because my hair was super tangled. I just found that it took a long time to get my hair thoroughly detangled and I would always be trying to find ways to lose less hair as I detangled.

I also struggled with drying time. My hair took what seemed like 1,000 years to dry. For a natural that was mainly wearing sets, wet hair is a big no-no!

How did you find out about MHM and why did you decide to give it a try?

I was looking at a cute “wash and fro” video and as is my habit, I was reading the comments. Someone left a comment linking to the Max Hydration thread on BHM. I was curious and clicked through. The thread kept mentioning the “Wash and Gos Don’t Work on Nappy Hair” thread so I went and read that one first. The thought that frizz is not a hair type really stuck out to me because my hair at the time was overall undefined.

I decided to try the method out because the word HYDRATION got me. I was thinking “I don’t care if not a curl pops out of my hair! I want moisture!” I have been struggling with retention all of a sudden and I thought that moisture might help my retention.

How long have you been doing MHM?

I have been doing MHM a little over 1 month.


Kayla’s 1 month progress with MHM

What are your experience with MHM so far?

So far my experience has been great! My detangling time has greatly decreased along with the amount of shed hair. My hair’s drying time is now down to a few hours and it is always dry when I’m ready to go to bed. As a side effect of more moisture, I am seeing that my hair in fact does have a curl pattern and it is coming through more with each wash.

Your views/experiences and maybe other people’s view of your hair before and after MHM.

I’m still very young in MHM so I haven’t had much feedback on it yet. I’ve received some random compliments when I’m out and about but I got those before with my hair set in twists, braids, or bantu knots.

Some advice to anyone who is considering trying it for the first time or to other naturals in general.

My biggest advice would be “DON’T SLEEP!” What I mean is don’t count this regimen out as too time consuming or unbelievable without trying it. It really does get quicker and easier over time and your hair will react almost instantly. It does take some months for the hair to reach it’s full potential, but keep at it.

To connect and learn more about Kayla and her natural hair journey you can follow her on her youtube channel glamourstruckk and on her blog What The Kink.

Kayla has recently written a blog post on how much time she spends on the regimen compared to her old regimen. If you’d like to know her thoughts, head over to her blog What The Kink and check her post out…

If you’re currently doing the Max Hydration regimen and would like share your own story you can email me at msdeekay2012 at gmail dot com. Good luck on your Journey to Max Hydration and Happy Hydrating :)

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Max Hydration NO NO Ingredients – MHM FAQ

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Happy Wednesday :)  Today I would like to share some information concerning the ingredients we avoid in the Max Hydration Regimen AKA “NO NO Ingredients”.

The first thing most people do once they learn of the Max Hydration Regimen, (myself included…) is to look into their product stash and see if there are any products that would be compatible with the regimen. In my own experience, although my cabinet was full of natural hair products…I realized really quick that none of the products were fit for the regimen.

A lot of people often wonder why some products are recommended in the Max Hydration Regimen, while others are not. What’s the rationale? It all comes down to the ingredients in the product and how they affect the hair, especially Type 4/kinky/ low porosity hair.

Those following the Curly Girl Method are already aware of the basic No Silicones, No sulphates rules. But the Max Hydration regimen goes even further:

There are two criteria that are taken into account when looking at product ingredients:

  •  The ingredient does not cause build up. Which over time, will prevent the hair from absorbing adequate moisture levels.
  • The ingredient does not dry out the hair and prevent it from retaining adequate moisture levels.

For a full list of the recommended products you can check the Max Hydration Recommended product list.

I have also compiled a couple of lists which you can find below:

Some people look at the products on the list and will often say…. “I’ve already used some of the products on the list before and it didn’t work for my hair!” Trust me…I understand!  I also used Kinky Curly Knot Today and Kinky Curly Curling Custard about 4 years ago prior to starting MHM and while I loved Kinky Curly Knot Today as a conditioner, I never had the same results with Kinky Curly Curling Custard as I’m having right now after incorporating the Max Hydration Regimen. I actually had an old jar of KCCC that was left over from years ago buried under my product stash LOL.

The reason the recommended products work so well with The Max Hydration Method is a combination of using products with the best ingredients for your hair, incorporating a regimen that allows your hair to sufficiently absorb and retain moisture plus effectively sealing that moisture in.

Below is a list of the ingredients to avoid in the Max Hydration Regimen and a brief explanation of why:

Salts and sulphates
TEA-triethanolamine and other ethanolamines(MEA, DEA,etc):

  • A drying alcohol derived from ethanol, forms lye salt in water based products and dissolves certain types of hair after long term use (like wearing a product with this ingredient on your hair for the whole day and overnight, or using it daily).

Hydrolyzed wheat protein/ peptides :

  • Bad for low porosity hair and most kinkier Type 4 hair.

Panthenol/Pro-Vitamin B5 :

  • Builds up and acts like protein.

Glycerin& Propylene glycol :

  • Pulls moisture out of hair cortex in dry conditions, glycerin is also astringent.

Mineral Oil and waxes :

  • Builds up and is difficult to remove all residue without shampoo.

Polyquats :
Just another version of silicones.

  • High amounts of quaternary salts build up on the hair as well, although this is primarily an issue for those in a co-wash only routine. Still we look out for it when it becomes excessive.


  • Builds up, can’t be removed without sulphate shampoo.

Denatured and drying alcohol:

  • Drying to the hair.

Salts and sulphates (Except the ones with Stearic or Cetyl) 

  • Drying to the hair, sodium hydroxide or any form of lye or hydroxide/ NaOH: Lye, dissolves hair after long term use.
  • potassium sorbate, or phenoxyethanol are ok at the end of the list as they function as preservatives.

Ingredients to take note of caution for sensitivities:

  • Aloe vera juice and Coconut oil. Both can leave the hair feeling hard even though they aren’t official No-No ingredients. Aloe is okay in gel, since it is going to dry and form a cast, but some may even be sensitive to that.

I know most people find the Max Hydration Regimen quite restrictive when it comes to products but I think another way to look at it is…this should serve as a challenge to those who create hair care products, to start offering a wider product selection on the natural hair market place. The market should include products that cater to the sensitivities and needs of Type 4 Hair especially Low porosity/Kinky and 4c hair. I think the Max Hydration has opened an opportunity for this and I look forward to the time when there will be a wider selection for us tightly coiled naturals.

There are some people who are currently doing the regimen while using products not approved on the list. Although, this is not recommended, depending on the state/condition of their hair, hair porosity, their hair type, texture, density etc they may still be able to get good results. I would only recommend this as a last resort for those with no choice whatsoever and have no access to the recommended products due to their location. For absolute best results with the Max Hydration Regimen especially if your hair is chronically dry, low porosity, kinky, 4c I would highly recommend sticking to the Max Hydration Recommended product list. That being said ultimately, everyone has to make the best choice for their own hair and lifestyle accordingly.

Good luck on your Journey to Max Hydration and Happy Hydrating :)

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Max Hydration Feature – Aaron Harris

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Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend… rejuvenated and ready to tackle the week ahead. It’s time for another Max Hydration feature and today I’d love to introduce Aaron Harris. Aaron is one of the earliest members on BHMF to try the Max Hydration Method Regimen and the only male I’m aware of publicly doing the regimen. He will be sharing his thoughts on the regimen and being Natural in general…Enjoy :)


Why did you decide to go natural and what is your experience being natural?


I don’t remember 100% honestly, I remember during my junior year of HS about 3 years ago my parents couldn’t afford us getting haircuts every week so I had to go sometimes a month or two without a haircut. I then decided to grow my hair out because I liked how it looked and I wanted to try something different. I had the same hairstyle for 16 years it was time for a change! I recently cut most of my hair off so I’m kind of starting over.


What’s your hair type, porosity, texture, length?


I’m not really sure. I don’t think I have 4c hair though. I’m most definitely low porosity because conditioner sits on my hair. LOL. My hair is about 6 inches all over. Before I cut it my hair was like arm pit length when stretched. Probably 11-12 inches.

aharribefore the max hydration regimen

Some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM .


I was about 2 years and a half natural. I am a faithful wash and goer. I would always have some curl definition the back of my hair but never any in the front or sides. It would just frizz up, even with gel. I also struggled with flakes, not sure what caused it but since MHM I haven’t had any flakes. Also I was a product junkie. Always trying new things, trying to find that “holy grail” product. I got 90% of my hair cut off for a film I did and I found MHM in march because I wanted my hair to grow back really fast (I missed it so much lol ) and since then my hair has been growing super fast. I threw all my products away and started MHM.


How did you find out about MHM and why did you decide to give it a try?

I was browsing curltalk forums one day in March on spring break because I was bored and I saw Pinke’s post about “Wash and goes don’t work on nappy hair” then she put up a link to the MHM thread and that’s where I found out about it.


How long have you been doing MHM ?


I started the regimen on April 4th, so come September 4th it will have been 5 months. My hair is growing like crazy and super moisturized.




What are your experiences with MHM so far?


My experience has been extremely positive. My hair has more definition, is more moisturized and is retaining length like never before. I actually enjoy doing my hair and seeing how my wash and go will come out. The only con of MHM I felt was it was very time consuming, but I’ve started using version 2 (Danabnatural‘s regimen) and I love how quick it is and I haven’t lost on any curl definition.



What are your views/experiences and maybe other people’s view of your hair before and after MHM?


Since MHM I’ve grown to love my hair, I’ve stopped wishing I had someone else’s texture and just accepted my own best version of my hair. Since MHM people have given me more compliments about my hair and they also ask if I’m bi-racial, which is very ignorant because most blacks have naturally curly hair. Eh


Any advice to anyone who is considering trying it for the first time or to other naturals in general.


For new people trying this method, Dive in 100%. Don’t skip any steps, don’t use any bad products and be consistent to see results. Also if you’re not used to wash and goes just stick with them. I hate when people say “I can’t wash and go” well if you wash and go twice a year and stretch your hair the rest of the time, your curl pattern isn’t trained like someone who does wash and goes all the time. That’s why they don’t look good or as good as you would want. Just stick with the wash and go and save yourself time and go enjoy your life!


Aaron also has a youtube channel where he documents his journey to Max Hydration and discusses topics on Natural Hair from a Male’s perspective, you can join him on his channel Aaron Harris. You can also catch him on his instagram page ambitiousaaron


I hope you enjoyed today’s Max Hydration feature, as much as I love putting these together.  Do leave your thoughts and your own experiences in the comments, because I do enjoy/love hearing from you. If you would like to be featured you can send me an email at msdeekay2012 at gmail dot com. Everyone is welcome to submit :)


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Where can I purchase Max Hydration Recommended Products? – International MHM FAQ

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I hope y’all had a wonderful productive week and are looking forward to a great weekend. Today I wanted to answer another question I get quite often and this is concerning where to find Max Hydration recommended products Internationally.

Some of you may know that I currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden and let me tell you guys #thestruggletofindnaturalhairproductsISREAL !!! Because Natural Hair is not as huge as it is currently in the States, when living abroad you really don’t have much of a choice when it comes to purchasing Natural Hair products.

The Max Hydration recommendation list does contain great products but most of these products are sometimes impossible to find locally when living abroad…and if you do happen to find them they can be priced really expensive compared to what they normally go for in the States. Because of this I have received several questions from international naturals asking what options do they have.

I personally have resorted to purchasing all my products from iHerb. I order KCKT, KCCC, clay and most of my ingredients for the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment from them.

I love shopping with them because their prices are pretty low and I only pay $8 for shipping with DHL!!! The icing on the cake… I get my package within 5 days of placing my order. That is a HUGE deal for me, because when shopping online, especially on Amazon I have often been quoted shipping fees almost double the price of the product…NO BUENO! The only issue I have with iHerb is they often run out of stock and it may take months for them to re-stock.

Another option is to go the DIY route and to make your own Conditioner and gel based on what is available to you locally.

In the picture above I used Flaxseed Gel which I made once I ran out of my KCCC.

There are other naturals around the world doing the Max Hydration Regimen, who have resorted to working with whatever products are available to them locally. I think considering their circumstances they are really doing a great job with their hair so far.

Below are pictures of some international naturals currently doing the Max Hydration Regimen.

a4sa - maxhydration-twa



Instagram: tafaramav Day 1 MHM results


TO Day 3 MHM Results


Mzansifro Day3 MHM results

I have now created a Max Hydration International Product Directory page, containing links to stores (online/offline) that carry Max Hydration recommended products. If you know of a store not currently listed please email me at msdeekay2012 at gmail dot com with more details.

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