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Max Hydration Feature – TafaraMav An International Natural

Hi luvs,

Its Friday and time for another MHM Feature :) Today I’m excited to share TafaraMav’s journey. She’s another MHM’er that I consider a virtual sister and friend. I have really enjoyed following her journey through instagram. She has been great at documenting her journey and advocating for MHM. Throughout her own highs and lows with the regimen. Not only is her hair absolutely gorgeous, she also has a fierce sense of style and her makeup is always on Fleek :)

TafaraMav is a natural based in South Africa, which is a huge inspiration to international naturals, especially those based in Africa. International naturals usually have the hardest time finding good products for their hair as unfortunately the market hasn’t caught up and caters primarily to relaxed, caucasian and other looser textured hair. Also, unfortunately there is still this mentality especially in Africa that “African” hair has some limitations and for the most part is still regarded unprofessional, not presentable or “beautiful”. But that’s a whole other story in itself.

I hope you enjoy her journey as much as I have :)


How long have you been natural?

I cut off my relaxed ends in October 2012, so I’ve been natural for approximately 2 years and 4 months. I don’t consider myself to have transitioned per se although prior to the chop, I had stopped relaxing my hair when I found out I was pregnant at about 4 weeks. My hair was in protective styles until 5 months after I gave birth.

Why did you decide to go natural and what are your experiences being natural?

My reasons for going natural are no different to many naturals out there. I was tired of limp, fried hair that wouldn’t grow past my shoulders and kept breaking particularly along the perimeter of my hair; hairline, nape and sides. I had been toying with the idea of going natural for quite some time, but at the time I believed going natural meant getting locs and I just couldn’t see myself starting at the twa stage with those tiny little stumps all over my head, lol! It just wasn’t me. It had never occurred to me that I could grow out my own free natural hair. I started doing some internet research into natural hair and came across the blog, BlackGirlLongHair. From then on, I was hooked! I lived on that blog just drinking in the thousands of pictures of women rocking their natural hair. From then on my mind was pretty much made up. On the day of my big chop, I had washed my hair with regular shampoo and the relaxed ends had matted so badly. That was the push I needed and off they came!

I loved the short hair look! I had no idea how to take care of my natural hair, however, and had to learn from scratch. Blogs were a great learning tool for me and although the beginning of my journey was made of faltering steps and a whole lot of fumbling around and experimentation, I kept at it and have never looked back since. My sister told me it was a phase and it wouldn’t last. The one woman at a salon told me the same, but I’d just smile in response because I knew deep down this was a lifelong decision I had made. It`s now been two and some years and I can honestly say I have become a more authentic version of myself since the day of my decision. I`m still loving it.


Tell us a little bit about your hair, like your hair type, porosity, texture and length.

My hair is now armpit length and probably a little way past that. I last did a blow out for a length check six months ago on account of the max hydration method I am currently on. I don’t want to set myself back by using that kind of heat on my hair and also I want my new hair length to be a surprise and a gift to myself once I have reached maximum hydration. Weird, I know, lol. My hair is low porosity and the perimeter of my head has type 4a-b hair I believe; it doesn’t shrink as much as the rest of my hair and has a looser curl pattern, also it feels “silky”. The rest of my hair is type 4c and I identify myself as a type 4c natural. It is medium density and the texture is somewhere between fine and coarse, it`s not super fine nor super coarse.

So I want to share a little funny story. For the longest time, I did not want to know anything about hair porosity. The term intimidated me and I had decided, it was enough that I knew about my hair type and all these other crazy hair acronyms, I wasn’t about to concern myself with another term. And so despite coming across blog posts in which fellow naturals tried to tell me that knowing about hair porosity was more important than knowing about hair type, my eyes would just glaze over the text and I’d keep it moving. It`s a real shame because had I stopped to really give this topic some consideration, I would have come across the maximum hydration method sooner or at least taken some positive steps in the right direction of helping my hair really absorb moisture. Oh, but the folly of youth?!


What are some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM

To be honest, I never really had any real struggles before coming across the MHM as a natural. I am a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, I last stepped into a salon years ago and I’m fairly experimental so I was always willing to try new things. I mostly did protective styling with my own hair; twists, mini twists, loose twists, flat twists, updo`s etc. I can only count two times that I had Marley hair and one of those times, I installed the twists myself. I didn’t have any dryness issues or anything like that, I felt like I had reached a point where I knew how to manage the moisture levels of my hair.

The one thing that frustrated me, however, but that I refused to give up on until I got it right was the wash and go. Try as I might, I could just never get it right! I knew my hair had a curl pattern judging from how it looked when wet but I could just never lock that curl pattern in when it dried. I completely chose to disregard the notion that 4c hair can’t wash and go and I kept trying. Lord knows I would still occasionally be attempting to get it right and failing had my search on how to do a wash and go not led me to come across the, quite frankly, revolutionary awesomeness that is the MHM method! Can you tell that I’m a huge fan?


How did you find out about MHM and why did you decide to give it a try?

Like I said above, I came across it quite accidentally. I was researching on how to do a wash and go on 4c hair and came across a forum where PinkeCube mentioned the method and had posted before and after pictures of her own hair. After looking at those pictures and many others from different people on the method, you included, and even before reading the literature and science behind the method, I knew I wanted to try the method. When I did finally get around to reading up on the literature, it was like so many light bulbs came on for me. The method was scientifically sound and I just could not figure out why I had not across it sooner.


How long have you been doing the maximum hydration method?

I started the method on 12th August 2014 so just a little over 6 months now.


What are your experiences with MHM so far?

It`s been quite THE journey. I didn’t know I had the stick-with-it gene in me until I started on this method. Seeing the progress of my hair has been the one thing that has spurred me on to continue doing it. In the beginning I was mostly doing twist outs as I did not like the way my wash and go`s looked and honestly I still suffered from performance anxiety from the many failed attempts in the past. I decided just a month and half ago to fully commit to doing the wash and go as it was the only way I would learn and overcome the fear of failure and I’m happy to report that I have grown in leaps and bounds since making that decision.


I am determined to achieve maximum hydration despite the many challenges someone residing in South Africa like myself faces. We do not have any of the MHM approved conditioners or gels here and I have had to make do with what`s available. I`ve never let that stop me even from the beginning, although I suspect that a lack of use of the right products is the major reason why my progress has not been as fast as it “should be”. Don’t get me wrong, I am past the 50% point in terms of reaching maximum hydration and I am getting there but I do believe I could be seeing so much faster progress if I was strictly using the MHM approved products. As it is I have to make compromises and use conditioners with some of the “no-no” ingredients. For example we only have the new formulation of the Tresemme conditioner available here and you know what ingredients are in that bottle but it`s what I usually use. The one “botanical” conditioner I came across was so watery with no slip, I discarded it as it did absolutely nothing for my hair. I also came across an all-natural gel made from guar and xanthan gum and they must have paid absolutely no attention to the essential issue of percentages when it comes to xanthan gum in that formulation as my hair was a flaky mess. I also threw that in the bin.


On the plus side, isn’t it great how necessity is the mother of all invention? I had been using flaxseed gel throughout most of my MHM journey (I love this stuff by the way. It`s absolutely amazing for twistouts, I get such incredible shine and hold, no need to retwist overnight for me) but I found that once I started doing wash and go`s it was not giving me the desired hold nor shine. This led me to start creating my own all natural gel in my very own kitchen. It has great hold and I’ve managed to reduce the flaking to bearable levels but it`s still a work in progress. I`m quite excited about the possibilities with a product like that in a market starved of an all-natural gel that works for our hair type so hopefully something will come out of my kitchen mixing.

What are your views/experiences and maybe other people`s view of your hair before and after MHM.

I don’t remember who said this but someone mentioned how a lot of successful naturals who have not come across the MHM method and are pleased with their hair are actually really only managing their hair dryness levels. This resonated greatly with me. I was that natural believing I had a great hold on how to moisturize my hair as long as it felt soft. Since starting on the MHM however, I have realized the true meaning of moisturizing or hydrating my low porosity hair. Finally, I’m not just piling product onto my hair and having it just sit there, but I’m able to infuse moisture deep into the cortex. It is evident on the outside too; my hair is starting to absorb product much easier, it stays moisturized for longer, I have reduced frizz, my curl pattern is constantly being revealed and the curls hang more as the cortex becomes heavier from absorbing that hydration not to mention, my hair is slowly starting to exhibit a natural shine the more it gets hydrated. It`s really quite incredible especially when I compare my hair as it is now to how it was going in.


People`s response to my hair has been very positive, I get emails all the time and messages on my social media from women who want to know more about the method which is great. I am always willing to advise or refer wherever I can because a lot of naturals on this method have done the same for me. People like you Ms Deekay, PinkeCube, ProtectivePrincess and DubaiDee4c and more locally, my good friend FatsaniB also known as MixtressInTheKitchen, to mention a few. I`d honestly like to see a future where beautiful hydrated, type 4, hair is the norm and not just the exception.

I say if you are considering the method, go for it! Your hair will surprise you as you begin to unlock curls/coils you never thought you had or could have naturally and a very healthy natural shine. Don’t feel held back because you can’t find the “right” products. Just start from where you are with a good hold of the concepts behind the method and your hair will respond regardless. Remember it`s coming from a thirsty environment and being introduced to more moisture or hydration more frequently and it WILL respond positively to that.


And anything else you would like to add?

I am quite active on social media doing my best to toot the MHM horn and I’m also pretty easy to find and engage with. My Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles are all @TafaraMav

I’m so excited to announce that I am currently working on a few projects related to hair which my sisters in South Africa the diaspora will appreciate. I have a hair and beauty blog coming out soon and so if you follow me on any of my social media pages you`ll be able to witness the big reveal and hopefully join and interact with me as I take you on my journey.

Stay blessed guys and happy hydrating!

Thank you so much for sharing your story TafaraMav and I definitely look forward to your upcoming projects :)

Have a blessed weekend,



Max Hydration Feature – Coiffed Coils

Hi luvs,

I hope you had a great week, TGIF, to end the week I have another MHM feature. I’m so happy to introduce you to coiffedcoils.

I consider Coiffedcoils an online friend in my head. We both started our MHM journeys from the original Max Hydration BHM Forum and we kept in touch on instagram and she also keeps in touch via youtube. She is very supportive of others on the MHM journey and always helps out where she can. So when I asked her if she can share her MHM story, I was honored when she said Yes. I hope you find her journey inspiring.


How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for since July 2011 and transitioned 18 months during this time.

Why did you decide to go natural and what are your experiences being natural.

I decided to go natural because I saw girls on youtube with thick hair almost effortlessly styling and taking care of it. I felt like if they could do it what was holding me back from taking care of my natural hair?

Ever since I was young I was told the main reason why I was getting a perm was because my hair was too unmanageable and ‘thick’ to actually take care of while it was natural. Being young I believed and agreed with this lie because I saw how difficult it was for my mother to straighten it all the time.

I had recently asked my mother how long it took to straighten my hair and she said that it took days to get it straight. She would have to straighten it multiple times just for it to look straight. However, when it finally looked straight, it would stay straight for a long period of time. When I look at the pictures of my natural hair when it was going through all that, I can see that it clearly wasn’t thriving during that time.


Tell us a little bit about your hair, like your hair type, porosity, texture, length.

My hair is low porosity, medium to thick density, coarse, and it is a few inches below the middle of my back.


What are some of your struggles (if any) being natural before MHM.

The main struggles I faced were the lack of softness when doing a wash and go, the length of drying time (which still plagues me, but not as badly), and the fact that I would have to wait till my hair was a certain amount of dampness and after a certain amount of time and then the sun needed set in the west and all the stars needed to become aligned to achieve a decent wash and go. Although I was doing the curly girl method beforehand, which helped tremendously, my low porosity hair did not respond as quickly to the method as I saw others hair do. It was still really frizzy, not soft, and knotted up some. I honestly accepted my hair as just that for a long time.


How did you find out about MHM and why did you decide to give it a try?

I found out about MHM after finally breaking down and viewing Aketafitgirl’s videos and watching Danabnatural’s videos. I had heard the term ‘max hydration’ before, but wanted to do more thorough research on it, that is when I stumbled upon the BHM forum that seemed to have started it all. I gave it a try because I had been switching back and forth from strict CG, which is cowashing only, and ‘modified’ cg, which allowed use of a shampoo, and found that none of those worked for me. I needed a routine where I could clean my hair on the regular so I wouldn’t have build up from gel, but needed a cleanser that wouldn’t completely shipwreck my hair like shampoo would (it would take me a whole month to get my hydration levels up after shampooing). So, I researched the cleansers in MHM and decided they were my best bet, plus I wanted to try Danabnatural’s  and Aketafitgirl’s routines and this seemed to combine the two.

How long have you been doing MHM ?

I have been doing MHM since the end of May of 2014.


Coiffedcoils product free hair

What are your experiences with MHM so far.

Softer hair, easier to define hair, slightly less drying time, less frizz, next to no knots and slightly more shine.

What are your views/experiences and maybe other people’s view of your hair before and after MHM.

Well when I started MHM people in my family noticed my hair ‘looked healthier’. They liked my hair before MHM. However, even though people said my hair looked healthier those same people told me they felt I was ‘washing my hair too much and it wasn’t good for it’….yeah, I don’t know lol. Don’t let people tell you what to do with your hair, find out what your hair likes and do that. Your hair will thank you for it by growing and thriving.


Any advice to anyone who is considering trying MHM for the first time or to other naturals in general.

My advice is you need to pace yourself. Don’t freak out if you miss a wash day or if your hair isn’t looking like ‘so and so’s’ on instagram, just enjoy the journey to healthier hair. You will get to where you want your hair to be at eventually, if you make sure to figure out what your hair likes and does not like. Treat your hair nice and it will treat you nice back.


And anything else that you would like to add …( including social media links, blog, youtube etc)

You can find me on Instagram at ‘@coiffedcoils’. I don’t always post a lot, but I will try my best to respond to any questions you have about my hair. God bless you all and happy hydrating!

Thank you so much coiffedcoils for sharing your journey :)

Have a great weekend,



Valentine’s Day Lookbook

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I recently put together some outfits for a Valentine’s Day Lookbook inspiration for my youtube channel and I thought I’d share the outfits over here too. By the way the Valentine’s Day Giveaway is still open so be sure to enter if you haven’t already more details on the previous post.

valentine's Day lookbook

Outfit # 1:
Top H&M Similar:
Jeans Gina Tricot Similar
Heels ASOS Similar

Outfit# 2
Top H&M Similar
Jeans H&M Similar
Heels Newlook ASOS Similar

Outfit# 3
Top Bik Bok Similar:
Jeans Gina Tricot Similar:
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Outfit # 4
Dress ASOS Similar:
Heels Newlook ASOS Similar

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones,



Valentine’s Day Giveaway

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I hope you’re having a great week and are looking forward to having a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend :)

Incase you don’t follow my other social media accounts I just wanted to make an announcement here on the blog that I’m currently hosting a Valentine’s Day Giveaway on my YoutubeInstagram and Facebook.

This is my way of giving back to you for the support and love you have showed me on my Journey here online. As as a Thank you, I will be giving away some of the things that I’ve been using on my MHM journey. These are my holy grail products for my natural hair regimen.

This is a giveaway collaboration with my youtube sister and friend ProtectivePrincess.

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Giveaway is international and will run for two weeks. It started on Feb 5th and will run up until Feb 19th. Winners will be announced on all platforms and will have to email us for further details.

The Youtube Winner will receive
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FTC DISCLAIMER: Not sponsored all gifts were purchased with my own money.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Goodluck XOXO,