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Changing Seasons…

It’s been a weird summer here in Stockholm, we had a mixture of rain and sunny days. Usually this time of the year the weather starts getting cold and chilly but this year it’s been gorgeous and dare I say a little too hot and sunny at times… Enter the shadows on my face…it was a gorgeous day though LOL

lbd-goldbelt-redheelsI’ve been thinking of transformation and change a lot lately.

Life is unpredictable,

It changes with the seasons,

Even your coldest winter,

Happens for the best of reasons,

And though it feels eternal,

Like all you’ll ever do is freeze,

I promise spring is coming,

And with it, brand new leaves.

- Erin Hanson

This quote explains perfectly the thoughts that have been running through my mind. When we’re going through change and transformation it is very uncomfortable and at times painful. Our first instinct is to run away from the pain and suffering for our survival’s sake, it takes quite a lot to trust the process, the journey and the higher power.

Although we may never comprehend the reasons why certain things happen, we have to let go and trust that there is a higher wisdom in everything even the things that seem painful. That’s the hard and tricky part. After all, even a butterfly was once a caterpillar…


Outfit Details:

Black rib tank top Gina Tricot (Europe Based Store)

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Black Basic Midi Skirt H&M

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Red Ankle Strap Heels Newlook ASOS (Old)

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Belt H&M (Couldn’t find it online)

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This outfit is actually featured in a Get Ready With Me video I did on my channel, if you’re interested in seeing it you can view it here.

Thank you for stopping by and remember however hard it may be, breathe in – breathe out, let go and trust the process,




What I eat in a Day # 1

I recently did a youtube video sharing what I typically eat on a regular basis and I enjoyed sharing this so much that I decided that I’ll start sharing more of my healthy eating lifestyle with you guys.

2The food you eat can be either the Safest & Most Powerful Form of Medicine OR The Slowest form of Poison.

-Ann Wigmore.


I don’t strictly follow any specific type of diet, but I strive to eat as healthy as a I can on a regularly basis and also to be conscious of what I eat.

I eliminate all unhealthy carbs and processed sugars from my diet and try to stick to healthy carbs and a lot of protein.

This doesn’t mean my diet is perfect or that I eat perfectly every single day but that’s what I strive for and I do have my cheat days on the weekends when I go somewhere because it is a lot harder to keep or maintain eating healthy when you’re out and about outside of your house.

So I do leave out the weekends and when I go somewhere I give myself that benefit of the doubt to just indulge in some other types of food that I normally wouldn’t eat in my house.



90% of the time I usually start my day with proteins. And usually I love to eat eggs. I know eggs are not everybody’s cup of tea but I love eggs, I feel that they’re filling and they are able to give me that energy I need for the rest of my day. As you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after having a long fast overnight.

On this particular day I started my day with some boiled eggs. I find that they are really quick, on those days that I’m in a hurry or sometimes when I just don’t feel like making something fancy.

And I always try to incorporate salad and I don’t particularly make any type of salad. I just try to cut down some of the vegetables that I have in my fridge. So at this particular point I had some romaine, I had some tomatoes some green pepper, carrots and also I always love to include some nuts and if I do have some raisins I add those in as well and also some fruits. And most days I have my breakfast with a cup of tea. I don’t drink coffee but I do love tea.

Mid-morning snack: 

mid morning snack

So before my lunch and before dinner, somewhere in between I always like to snack, in order to keep my energy levels up. So on this particular day I made a bowl of greek youghurt. And I added some granola, on top and I also added some blueberries and some kiwi. If you like you can also add some honey, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. On this particular day I just left out the honey.



As far as lunch goes, I decided to make some salmon,  I just seasoned them with some spices and salt and then I added it into to the oven and when it was ready I also cut up some of my vegetables. And I also made some cassava fries and some sweet potato fries and that was my lunch. If you want to see how I make this dish you can watch the video here.

Evening Snack:


So right before dinner, I always have another snack. I cut up some mangoes and I added some grapes and I left them in the freezer.  So when it was about my time to snack, right before dinner I had a bowl of some frozen grapes and mangoes.

Dinner :


And finally it’s time for the last meal of the day. So for the last meal of the day I just prepared some minced/ground chicken. And I just cooked sauce, with spices, tomatoes, green pepper and carrots and then I added my side salad which is just cut up romaine, tomatoes, green pepper and cucumbers. I then added some of the leftover cassava fries and sweet potato fries I made earlier for lunch.

And this is a little example of what I usually eat on a typical day :)

If you enjoy eating healthy or are just a foodie just as much as I am, do checkout my instagram feed, I regularly post some of the things I eat throughout the week.

Thank you for stopping by and remember when you eat good, you feel good :)






Faith is taking the first step…

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love inspirational/motivational quotes, but this is a part of me I haven’t really shared online until recently.

I felt a little nostalgic the other day and went to my very first post on the blog…and it started with a reflection and some quotes.

That brought back a lot of memories and reminded me why I started this online journey…it also prompted me to start sharing with you loves, some of the quotes I find motivating/inspiring or those that have touched me personally.

I have started doing that on my instagram page daily. Every morning I spend sometime looking at positive affirming quotes and I share whichever one that has touched me the most. So if you enjoy daily inspirational posts do checkout my instagram page regularly. (Shameless plug LOL)

It has been something I enjoy quite a lot and I have decided to start sharing this part of my hobby in my posts here on the blog as well. Who knows who these quotes may inspire…


As I was walking around my neighbourhood looking for locations to shoot pictures for this post I came across this long flight of stairs that led to a beautiful little neighbourhood.

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

- Martin Luther King Jr

Sometimes the fear of the unknown can hold us back but if we just have faith, we may discover something remarkable lies ahead.




Outfit Details

Lena Knitted Gray Cardigan Gina Tricot (Europe Based Store)
Also *love these similar versions H&M, Bohoo, Forever 21

White Basic Tank Top H&M
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Midi High Low Skirt from Gina Tricot (Europe Based Store)
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Bohoo, Forever 21, H&M

Necklace H&M
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Heels H&M
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Thank you for stopping by and remember to take a leap of faith :)




To be one with nature…

As a young child I was drawn to the allure of big cities…the hustle and bustle, all the excitement and tall buildings. But as I grow older, I find myself being more and more drawn to the tranquility of nature. There is something about being one with nature that is rejuvenating and refreshing.

During the summer months, I like to spend more time outdoors and take in the lushness of my environment as I drink up the sun.

One thing I need to learn as we transition seasons is to embrace each season.. this is so hard for me because I hate the cold with a passion :)

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth. ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

But I’m trying to learn to live in the present and find something positive to be grateful for. One thing I know I’m grateful for is the fact that I live close to nature and I can take a walk and appreciate Mother Earth whenever I’m stressed or have spent too much time indoors.

Something else I love about the colder months, especially fall may sound a little vain but I enjoy Fall fashion! I love seeing people in their layered coats, cardigans and leather jackets. Something about great outerwear not only keeps you warm but can make you look stylish as well. And I believe when we look good, it boosts our confidence and in turn we feel that much better about ourselves.

cardigan, olive shorts, stripes




Outfit Details

Gray Cardigan Gina Tricot - Also love these Here, Here & Here

Striped Top H&M – Couldn’t find it but I also love these Similar Here, Here & Here

Olive Shorts H&M They dont have this color online but they have others HereHere & Here

Animal Print Heels ASOS Old – But love these Here, Here & Here

Necklace H&M – Couldn’t find it but I also love these Here, Here & Here

Lips NYX Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week ahead XOXO