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H&M Lip Colour To Go Review & Swatches


H&M is one of my favorite stores and although I love their clothes, I never purchased any of their beauty/makeup products because honestly it looked really cheap and tacky. Towards the end of last year they re-launched their beauty collection and boy was I impressed. They really took their time to redo the look, feel, quality of their beauty products and even expanded the range. This new line looks classy, sleek and is a great bang for the buck.


So far I’ve tried a few of the products from their new beauty collection and I really like their Lip-colour-to go lip pencils. They are apply really creamy and are really inexpensive at 57.50 KR which is equivalent to $6.99


So far I’ve purchased three colors from this collection Coquette (Matte) , Rendezvous, Bonne Vivante (L toR)

BonnevivanteBonne Vivante is a pinkish nude that’s really creamy. I love this for everyday wear.


Rendezvous is a brownish red that applies sheer and looks like you’re wearing lip gloss.


Coquette (Matte)  is a vibrant red that applies creamy but is Matte.

I really love these and I may be trying more colors, the only problem with them is they are not long lasting and you have to reapply…but I think for the price they’re good enough.

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.”

- unkown



Confessions of a Book Worm



I have a confession to make, I am a book worm. Not only am I a bookworm, I hoard books lol One of the fondest memories from my childhood is going to the library every Saturday afternoon and borrowing books. As some of you know I’m originally from Tanzania and reading opened up a whole new world for me. It gave me a new perspective and showed me that there are other ways to live and other lifestyles that I wouldn’t know existed otherwise. It was an escape from my reality at the time… It also improved my vocabulary.


Fast forward to now, I’ve realized that over the years I have stopped reading. Although I have stopped reading, I haven’t stopped purchasing books. Whenever I see or hear a good book review, I end up buying the book but I never have a chance to read it. I literally have boxes and boxes of books that are sitting around waiting to get read lol you’re girl’s got a problem lol


Towards the end of last year, I signed up to Audible and I’ve been listening to Audiobooks instead. Although I love reading physical books, this fits my current lifestyle much better because I can listen anytime on the go or in the background when I’m busy. So I’ve decided to get rid/sell all my physical books and stick to audiobooks at least for now.


Do you have a preference? Physical books or Digital books i.e ebooks or audiobooks? Oh and I’d love to know what’s your favorite book or a book that really changed your life so I can add it to my reading list :) And if any of you have sold your physical books on Amazon or any other way please give me some tips coz your girl needs some help getting rid of these books lol



My 2016 New Year Intentions


Hey loves, Happy New Year 2016!!! I know I’m late on this but…better late than never, right!!! I hope ya’ll had a wonderful Holiday Season and are having a beautiful year so far :)

For the first post of the year, I’d love to share with you my New Year Intentions and Themes. Usually I don’t set New Year Resolutions but this year there are a few things I’d love to focus on.


It took me a while for me to realize that I don’t love myself enough! Last year I got this lightbulb moment and I was like WOW I need to take much better care of myself and my needs. It’s so ingrained in us to be selfless and to put everyone else first before we even consider our own needs, something that may results in self neglect and ultimately unhappiness among other issues. When you give, give, give at the expense of your own needs and desires….you will end up empty and bitter, it’s just that simple. So I started on this journey of Self Love and it’s quite a new way of thinking for me…I vow, to be more kind to myself, to accept myself with my flaws and perfect imperfections, to put my needs and desires first, to make myself my own priority, to be authentic, to use my voice and to learn more about myself. At the end of the day we come to the world alone and we leave alone and the only person we ultimately have to answer to is ourselves and God.

“The only person you will live your entire life with is yourself.”

-Sonia Friedman


In life most of us are either filled with worry for the future or are stuck in the past, or a combination of both. But if we really want to live life to the fullest we need to stay in the present moment and ignore all the voices in our own head. This year I really want to practice being grateful for every little thing in my life…and especially for being alive. Being grateful and trusting helps us receive the blessings we truly deserve. There is this quote from Louise Hay that I absolutely love, that sums it up Perfectly. I couldn’t of said it any better.

“Our breath is the most precious substance in our lives and yet we totally take it for granted when we exhale that our next breath will be there. If we did not take another breath, we wouldn’t last three minutes. Now if the Power that created us has given us enough breath to last for as long as we shall live, can we not trust that everything else we need will also be supplied?”

- Louise Hay


In order to grow in any area of our lives we need to to learn to embrace change. Sometimes change can be painful but it’s absolutely necessary if we want to blossom and live the life that we are meant to live. This year I want to embrace all the changes, transformations and transitions in my life. I also want to work on all the areas in my life that need to be polished. I want to do the inner work required for me to grow. I want to work on my Mental Health, my Emotional Health, my Physical Health and my Spiritual Journey. I know this will take time but I’m in this for the long haul, there are no deadlines…any step I make is one less step to being stagnant.

“To become a butterfly, metamorphosis is necessary. If the caterpillar never went through this process of change, it would never achieve it’s great destiny and become its most glorious self. We can reach our great destinies by changing what needs to be changed.”

- Michelle “Chaella” Boddie

4. Being the best version of myself.

This is my tagline and it’s something I strongly believe in…that at any point in time, no matter what our circumstances are… as long as we are still alive we can make a change. We may not be where we want to be but we are HERE and that’s the most important thing because it means we still have a chance to be the person we are meant to be and to fulfil our purpose. I also believe that God uniquely designed each and everyone one of us to fulfil a purpose and fully accepting our unique selves means we have a better chance of succeeding at being ourselves than at being a copy of anybody else.

“Remember that you were born with a divine purpose and destiny that only you can fulfil. Be your authentic self if you want to fulfil that dream that sleeps within your soul”