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Beauty Haul


Last month I got a few new beauty products from Sephora and H&M but I never got a chance to share here on the blog. I decided to finally get around doing this…


Kat Von D recently launched their line here in Sweden at Sephora so I decided to get the Kat Von D Eye Contour Palette The eyeshadows are matte and they come in four quads of neutral, cool and warm shades.


I’ve been practicing quite a lot using tutorials on YouTube and I’m really proud of this look I created.


I think it turned out pretty good…I just need to keep at it…


I also got the Sephora Lip Cream in Always Red and the Isadora Perfect Lip Liner in Prime Red.


This combo has been my go to favorite and I have been wearing it a lot whenever I want a red lip.


I’ve also been trying to find the “perfect” mascara for my short almost non-existent lashes. So I got a sample size of the Two faced better than sex mascara and the Maybelline Sensational Mascara


I ran out of my regular makeup remover so I decided to pick up the Caudalie Micellar Water which I have been loving a lot!!! It does a good job of removing makeup, acting like a first cleanse and it’s not drying.


I needed a lighter brighter nail polish for the spring so I got this pretty ligh pink Essie Nail color in Mademoiselle


While I was waiting to check out I saw this gel hand sanitizer and decided to pick it up so I can have it handy in my purse whenever I feel the need to sanitize my hands.


I love the real techniques bold metals collections brushes they are so pretty, so I decided to add the arched powder brush to my collection and now I have two brushes from this collection.

“Don’t call it a DREAM call it a Plan.”
- Unkown

Prom and Bridesmaid dresses with Sherry London

Spring is here and “love is in the air”, Wedding and Prom Season is finally upon us. Choosing the perfect dress for such a special occasion is exciting but can also be stressful. Of course you want to look as PERFECT as you can be without breaking the bank.

In today’s post I teamed up with the lovely people of SherryLondon to share with you a selection of elegant dresses perfect for Prom or bridesmaids. SherryLondon creates custom made dresses for special occasions at a reasonable price.


Vintage Jewel Neck Sleeveless Beaded Bodice Prom Dress

First things, first, when looking for the perfect dress for your special day, you need to find some inspiration. You can find plenty of inspiration browsing online, looking through magazines or even watching red carpets events and celebrity style on TV.


Chiffon Shoulder Strap Prom Dress

I love creating inspiration boards on pinterest, it gives me a good idea of what kind of colors, textures and styles I gravitate to and it makes it so much easier when I’m actually shopping because I now know exactly what I’m looking for.


Yarn Empire floor length Prom Dress

There are so many beautiful gorgeous dresses on SherryLondon’s website. A great way to narrow down your favorites is to pin the ones you love to your pinterest board and you can even share the board with your family and friends. This can make the shopping process even easier.


Chiffon Bridesmaids dress

Next, when choosing your perfect dress you want to pay attention to things like body shape, height, accessories and your budget. All these factors are important into making sure you’re choosing the PERFECT dress for you.


Tulle bridesmaids dress

Lastly take the stress out of the process and enjoy the journey, although this may be a once in a lifetime occasion, remember to make great memories and have fun. The dress is important but it only makes for one part of your special day.


Kneelength sweetheart bridesmaids dress

Right now SherryLondon are offering up to 60% off their Prom Dresses, head over to their website for more details.

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed in the post are solely my own.