A growing list of where to purchase MHM recommended products internationally. If you live outside of the USA and have found MHM approved products in your country please email me the product name/brand and store location/website to msdeekay2012 at gmail dot com, so I can add it to this growing list.


CANADA All of these carry Kinky Curly, and some have other approved brands.

  • Afro Hair Studio Vancouver (free shipping if over $25)
  • Hair Cues (shipping $8.95)
  • Beautiful Black Hair (free shipping if over $100)
  • Canada Beauty Supply  (free shipping if over $200)
  • Honey Fig  (** MHM-approved brands avail: Kinky Curly, Curl Junkie, Jessicurl, Curly Kinks,  BUT shipping looks complicated + site’s expensive unless things are on sale!)
  •  Superstore (grocery chain)
  • Hair Mall <— recommended by MHM user “cheapest prices I’ve seen for KC products for Canada’s online stores! also has Curls but not the approved “Curls Ecstasy Hair Tea” specifically” (free shipping on orders over $75.99)
  •  Love Thy Hair n Skin <— has KC, Curl Junkie, Jessicurl, possibly others (free shipping on orders over $100)


40-42 Kingsland High Street, Dalston  (KCCC & Curl Ecstasy Conditioner)

Mitcham Road, Tooting Broadway (opp Gala Bingo)



  • Reform Haus (Can find Molasses for the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment. ‘MELASSÈ’ in German make sure it’s Zuckerrohr melasse.)
  • Locken idol (Kinky Curly, Tresemme Radiant Volume with Sweet Orange and Lemongrass) Ships outside Germany and within the EU
  • curlychocolate (Jessicurl, Kinky Curly, Curls, Camille Rose) also ships to EU countries.


  • Reform Haus (Can find Molasses for the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment. ‘MELASSÈ’ in German make sure it’s Zuckerrohr melasse.)



  • Olori (Kinky Curly, bentonite clay, Jessicurl, ACV, Trader joes, Curl Ecstasy Conditioner, liquid aminos)
  • Sizelle (Kinky Curly, Giovanni, unsulphured molasses)
  • NaturalNigerian (Bentonite Clay, Flax seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar)
  • Sheamapo (Bentonite Clay: The most reasonable in Nigeria so far. 500g cost 2050 as opposed to 275g for 1500 naira)
  • buyam (unsulphured molasses)


Some of the companies below may deliver within East Africa.
  • Ciku beauty(affordable kinky curly products)
  • BuyUSA(sodium bentonite or rhassoul clay) 
  • HealthyU(flaxseeds-they are called linseeds) - (in store only)


  • Sheraton Mall, Sargeant street, Christ Church, High fashion hair store (Kinky Curly Products)  246-435-5441
  • No. 1 Beauty Supply Stores (Kinky Curly Products)
  1. St Michael’s Row Bridgetown Barbados  246-436-7370
  2. Rock Dundo Plaza St M 246-425-3573
  3. 48 Tudor St B’town 246-228-4605
  4. Oistins Ch Ch 246-271-8978
  1. Barbados  246-426-1276  246-228-0418
  2. Jenn Nutrition Market S’town  246-422-5589  246-422-3189
  3. The Lanterns Hastings Ch Ch 246-271-0337 246-271-0336
  • Massy stores (Liquid Aminos & Yogurt for the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment)
  1. General Store Barbados  246-435-7927 MASSY STORES SUPERMARKETS Worthing Ch Ch (Formerly Supercentre Big B )
  2. SARGEANT’S VLGE (Formerly Supercentre JB’s) General Store  246- 426-9830
  3. OISTINS General Store  246-428-1920
  4. SUNSET CREST General Store  246-432-1127
  5. SKY MALL General Store  246-434-1020
  6. MASSY STORES SUPERCENTRE Warrens St M General Store  246-417-5200


Beauty Wise (Kinky Curly) 31 Hanover Street Roseau, Dominica  +1 767-440-9093

Save A Lot (upstairs across from Beauty Wise) (Crece Pelo Conditioner) River Bank Roseau  767-448-2241


  1. Jasperji Palmer says:

    Hello, I live in Australia and many products you recommend, I am unable to purchase here. I am hoping you may know of stores and products I can purchase in
    Oz. I would also like to know how to tell the difference between 4a, 4b, or 4c hair. I don’t know what type mine
    would be classified as being. I currently wear a light texturiser, which is redone to new growth every 4 months.
    I follow with a colour some 2 to 4 weeks after, and colour
    my grey edges approximately every 2 months as needed.
    I always deep moisturise each 3 weeks, with a coconut oil/ argan oil treatment to my ends. My hairdresser feels my hair is extremely healthy, and we find very little if any
    breakage. I am also a healthful eater and drinker. While my hair is classified as fine because of it’s healthy condition, it seems much thicker than it really is. My only
    issue at this point is that my hairline around the front of
    of my hair is showing more signs of thinning. To this end we have decided that I will begin to use a henna colour from my next colour visit. My hairdresser feels this may
    be better for me, as we already know that it is not my hormones, or tight hairstyles that can often pull the hair,
    and she states that henna is gentler on the hair. I would like to try the Maximum Hydration Method on my hair if
    it is safe to do so. Like myself, this MHM is unheard of here. Any assistance you would give my would be greatly appreciated. JJ Palmer

  2. nessie says:

    I also live in australia and i look forward to a response because none of those conditioners or gels can be found here in Melbourne

    • That’s why the very first link is international. Many of these products are available on other sites too, you just need to do your own research. Googling ‘Kinky Curly Curling Custard Australia’ and the like should help.

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