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Be the Light…



















This past week I read an interesting devotional on our role as christian creators. As christians we often think that the only way we can honor God, and live out our calling here on earth is by doing ministry work.

However, our life is a ministry…every single day, the way we interact with others is an opportunity to be the light and be a representative of the Gospel…

The message behind the gospel is really simple, Love God and Love Others…so how are we doing that right where we are, in our families, in our workplaces, in our communities?

sometimes it’s those little acts of kindness that can plant a seed of love in other people’s lives…

Especially, right now where people seem to be so independent…there are a lot of “lonely” and isolated souls carrying heavy burdens…and all they need is for someone to be present physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually…

Most people think christians are judgemental because we preach a lot, but we have the power to make a lasting and positive impression on others, when we actually live what we preach…

ultimately, this is what God wants, for us to glorify him in all that we do…and for people to know us by our fruit i.e Galatians 5 : 22 – 23 (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control)

Colossians 3 : 23

23 Whatever you do [whatever your task may be], work from the soul [that is, put in your very best effort], as [something done] for the Lord and not for men,

When people interact with us on a daily basis can they see God’s spirit of Love within us?

That’s how we can be the light and overcome the darkness of this world…

Love always,

When God makes you wait….









We live in a fast paced world…everything moves at the speed of lightning, everything you want or need can be acquired at your fingertips…this has made us really impulsive and impatient…

One of the characteristics we need to develop as christians is PATIENCE, however, this is something that is really rare these days. In the bible, PATIENCE is one of the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), it’s something we bear when God’s spirit lives within us…

When God gives you a dream or a vision to fulfill for your life, he doesn’t simply grant it to you, he makes you go through a long process where he develops your character. God is not a genie who simply hands us things, but he makes sure that we have grown spiritually, that we have attained spiritual maturity and are ready to handle the responsibility that comes with the destiny he has for us.


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In the bible, there are many stories where God makes a covenant/promise, but it takes years and years before the person sees the promise come to manifestation.

It took about 25 Years from the time God promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a child to when they actually had Isaac. When God first made the promise to Abraham, he was 75 years old, he finally had Isaac when he was 100 years old Genesis 12 – 25

It took about 100 years from when God told Noah to build the ark, to the time when it started to rain and the flood destroyed humanity. Genesis 5:32-10:1

Joseph received God’s promise that he would be in a position of power and authority, through dreams. He had these dream when he was a young boy..however, he ended up being sold into slavery and had to wait 13 years, enduring many trials, before this dream came into fruition Genesis 37 -50

Moses was destined by God to deliver the Israelites from Egypt and to bring them to the promise land, it took about 80 years to prepare him for his role and 40 of those years were spent in the wilderness Exodus 2  to Deuteronomy 34

Jacob had to wait 7 years before Rachel was given to him as his wife Genesis 29:18-30

David had to wait about 15 years from the time he was chosen to become king until he was actually king 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel

The lesson to be learnt, God doesn’t just hand us our calling or blessing, he makes sure we develop a character worthy of our calling/blessing.

When we wait for God’s promise we usually go through a lot of trials and tests, these are often situations where our faith is tested, our endurance is built and the fruit of patience is being developed…during this time, we learn to have full dependence on God, we relinquish control of our lives and have intimacy with God…

trials produce

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James 1:2-4  (ESV)

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

Love Always,