The Maximum Hydration Method

This page contains links to posts where I’m documenting my experience with using The Maximum Hydration Method Regimen on my Type 4 Low Porosity Natural Hair.

I started using this method as part of my regimen on April 9th 2014 at 10 months post Big Chop.

Most answers to common questions should be found in these posts. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to email me @msdeekay2012 (at) gmail (dot) com and I will answer within an upcoming post.

Start Here:

The Maximum Hydration Method Regimen

1.Type 4 Hair Misconceptions | Nappy, Wash n Go No No, Unmanageable

2. What is the Maximum Hydration Method? 

3. The Maximum Hydration Method Foundations.

4. The Maximum Hydration Regimen.

5. Is Tresemme Naturals Drying your hair? The Importance of decoding Hair Product Ingredients for Type 4 hair.

6. What is The Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment? Pt 1

7. The Cherry Lola Carmel Treatment Demo & Results on Type 4 Low Porosity Hair

8. 1 month Maximum Hydration Method Progress Update 

9. Dandruff, Shampoo, ACV, Baking Soda, Clay & The Maximum Hydration Method FAQ

10. Is Giovanni Suitable for all hair types?  The Importance of decoding Hair Product Ingredients for Type 4 hair.

11. The Maximum Hydration Method Step 2 Co-Wash & Detangle

12. How to prevent knots & tangles on Type 4 Natural Hair

13. The Maximum Hydration Regimen Recommended Conditioner List

14. The Maximum Hydration Method Regimen on 4c Hair Before & After

15. The Maximum Hydration Regimen Recommended Gel List

16. The Maximum Hydration Regimen Recommended Clay List

17. Benefits Of using Clay On Natural Hair.

18. Update to The Maximum Hydration Method Regimen Conditioner Recommendation List

19. Update to The Maximum Hydration Method Regimen Gel List.

20. The Max Hydration Method - The 5 steps.

You can find the full regimen here on the site as copied from Pinkecube on Black Hair Media Forum at the link below.

This link also contains a list of the recommended conditioners, gels and clays to use in this method. The link is being updated regularly to include:

  • A wealth of information about Type 4 Hair from Pinkecube
  • Pictures on the progress of her hair since using this regimen
  • FAQs about The Maximum Hydration Method
  • Informational Videos on Type 4 Hair and Maximum Hydration and much more!!!

The Maximum Hydration Method Regimen

This method/regimen was created by a lady who goes by the username pinkecube on Black Hair Media Forum, specifically for Naturals with Type 4 Hair.

The method was designed to fit the special needs of Type 4 hair which is often associated with being dry, unmanageable, Nappy, not being able to maintain, do or keep styles like wash and gos, twist outs, bantu knot outs and styles using curlers due to frizz.

The method dispels the notion that Type 4 hair is Nappy Hair. Because Nappy is not a hair type but rather a condition of the hair. This condition is caused by the hair cuticles trying to reach out into the atmosphere for moisture hence creating a frizzy look that we call nappy. Type 4 hair tends to look frizzy aka Nappy 90% of the time because it has the lowest moisture and moisture retention levels, has a hard time absorbing moisture and is chronically dry, because of the tightness of the coils and it’s porosity.Because of this, type 4 hair benefits from techniques which involve regular, frequent and consistent introduction of moisture into the hair strands.

This type of hair suffers from chronic dryness, the inability to effectively introduce moisture into the hair shaft, cuticles not being open enough to receive moisture and resistance to moisture. This type of hair is also more susceptible to build up caused by greasy oils, protein, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, heavy butters and oils that will block the cuticles from receiving moisture and is sensitive to drying alcohols and sulfates.

When using the The Maximum Hydration Method you will be re-introducing moisture into your hair on a regular basis, using techniques within the regimen, consistently and frequently until you build up your moisture retention levels to a point where your hair will have Optimum Hydration Levels or Maximum Hydration.

Once you reach this level you will benefit from your hair being able to hold on to moisture for longer periods of time, because of this your hair won’t be dry, won’t frizz up as quickly or easily, your curls will clump up allowing them to become more apparent and noticeable, the clumping will aid in eliminating tangles and knots, you will be able to keep your hair styles for longer periods of time without your hair frizzing up, your hair will be healthy because it is sufficiently moisturized and of course you will be happier with the condition of your hair.

The Maximum Hydration Method is a method that comprises of a couple of techniques used together as part of a regimen in order to help you build/increase moisture levels in your hair overtime. It needs to be done frequently, consistently and correctly over a period of time.

For full details on the method see the links below.

Wash n Gos “Don’t Work” On Nappy Hair

The Maximum Hydration Method

The Maximum Hydration Method Website

Special thanks to:

Pinkecube for being so generous and forth coming with information. For your in depth research into this method and for always helping everyone with troubleshooting.

Youtubers who have successfully reached Maximum Hydration Levels with their Type 4 hair:

Aketafitgirl for sharing awesome tips on your journey to Maximum Hydration and experiences with the Curly Girl Method.

Danabnatural for sharing your journey and experiences from a chronically dry big chop with Low Porosity hair to Maximum Hydration using the Curly Girl Method and Hair Care Rehab.

Rachelcpr who is a Professional Cosmetologist who shares very wise advice and tips on how to Successfully care for Natural Hair using the Curly Girl Method.

All are very humble, giving and generous in sharing what has worked successfully on their hair with others.

If you try this method/regimen please help us spread the word by sharing your results. You can blur your face if you wish to remain anonymous. Here’s what you need to do:

Take the following pictures of your hair before you start the regimen on your hair:

1. wet no product

2. dry no product

3. wet conditioner

4. dry conditioner

5. wet wash and go

6. dry wash and go

Then after you have done the regimen process for 7 consecutive days or more, take the same pictures above again and email the pictures to msdeekay2012 (at) gmail (dot) com

If you plan to document your journey on instagram please use the hash tags #maximumhydrationmethod #journeytomaximumhydration and #teammaxhydration so you can connect with others who are also doing this regimen and receive support. You can also use these hashtags to receive support on twitter. Please also tag me on both instagram and twitter @msdeekay2012 so I can be notified :)

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